What Is Affiliate Marketing In Digital Marketing.How To Make $50000 A Month

Are you interested to know what is Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing and want to know the secrets to earn US $50,000 every month via Affiliate Marketing?

Well. This article helps you to understand what is affiliate marketing is all about.

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What is Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing where you can earn money by promoting other people product(s) (or company’s products) to a group of target audience by highlighting that product features and convincing those target audience to buy the same product(s) so that you can earn commission from the product(s) actual seller or creator.

It is not mandatory to promote a product which you don’t like.

Definitely you might have come across several products, used some till date and among those few of them you liked the most due its outstanding features or performance.

You can easily find a product you like related to your blog niche, promote that product to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

There are many people already making tons of money via affiliate marketing.

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So learning the tricks of the trade directly from someone who is expert in the field of affiliate marketing is something really worth and helps you as well to achieve similar success to some extent.

Few More Definitions:

Let us see few definitions you must know to understand things clearly related to what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing.

Merchant Or Product Creator

Merchant is the one who creates the product. In other words, we can call a merchant as the product creator or seller.

Affiliate Marketer 

An affiliate marketer is the one who promotes one or multiple merchant products by convincing the potential customers or target audience so that they end up buying the product and became buyers.


Want To Become An Merchant Or An Affiliate Marketer Or Both?

it’s your wish to choose which role you want to play or comfortable with. But the fact is to earn 100% profit of the product you should become an Merchant. Not only you can set the profit margin as you prefer.

As as affiliate marketer it’s not possible for you to take home all the profits you make instead whatever percentage of the total profit of the product sold (we call it as a commission) the product creator or merchant agreed to pay you only that commission you are expected to get paid.

You can also become both an merchant for one product named A as well as affiliate marketer for other products named B , C , D and make money by selling products A, B, C, D

1). As A Merchant

You need to create your own product first of all and then get affiliate marketers under you to promote your product and give commission to your product affiliates for the sales they make.

2). As An Affiliate Marketer 

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You need to choose one or several products that you want to promote and sell it to your potential customers or target audience and make money in terms of commission for each products you are getting sold out.

3). As A Merchant And Affiliate Marketer

You need to create your own product. it can be one or many products. You can sell that product for example through your blog post by placing links to the product’s page which has buying option.

You can also promote other merchant products via the same blog post (or through some other blog post in the same blog or in different blog which you own) by placing affiliate links to the products page which you want to sell.

At the end, you are playing both role here as a merchant for your own product(100% profit of the product is yours) and a affiliate marketer by selling other merchant products(percentage of the profit comes to your pocket as a commission) at the same time and you are making money from both.

Mostly experienced bloggers fall in this category.

Hope by this time you would have learned everything to some extent regarding what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing and how things work.

Using below section let us see the blueprint to make huge money using affiliate marketing.what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing

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if you try with your own strategy it may or may not work. So it is better to always follow the working methodology or procedure for guaranteed results.

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Totally there are 6 modules with 30 lessons to understand things clearly,  several worksheets, bonuses, an exclusive Facebook group etc. to help you step by step with simple instructions so that your success with affiliate marketing is easily achievable even if you have zero knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.

You will learn in detail almost everything related to affiliate marketing in this course such as

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and many more useful information…


Testimonials from those who implemented strategies taught in this course:

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Conclusion about What is Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing :

In a nutshell, answer to the question what is affiliate marketing in digital marketing is nothing but finding a product you like related to your blog niche, promoting that product to others using your blog post or other promotional methods and getting paid with commissions for each sale that you make.

Hope this clarifies what is affiliate marketing is all about.

You can earn US $50,000 per month by implementing these genuine working strategies.

Feel free to leave your questions if any using below comment box.

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