12 Super Actionable Ways To Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Use Quora To Drive Traffic To Your Blog


…Disappointing, isn’t it?

You literally work tirelessly on your content – but turns out no one reads it.

Do you wanna know the most Untapped Traffic Source?

Ever heard of Quora?…

Quora is a social question and answer website

It is the best site to ask questions when you can’t find any good answer out there

…Quora is recognized even more beneficial than Yahoo Answers

According to Alexa, It is the 90 most popular website in the world and 45th in the US

Alexa rank og Quora

…It gets a 100 million unique monthly visitors

There’s a great potential to leverage that and drive traffic to your Blog or Site

To drives referral traffic to your site, you just need to Go find the most popular question in your niche, provide a detail, value response and link to relevant articles on your website

It’s that simple…

There are no rocket science methods

It is also a great site to build up your personal brand.

…Let’s briefly highlight some of the benefits of using Quora along with increase blog traffic

  • …Quora brings long-term traffic to your site.
  • Build up a personal brand by polishing your expertise…
  • Sometimes Big publications can notice from Quora
  • …Helps to connect readers to your blog.

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Now, we got that out of the way, let’s get into it

Today, let’s discuss on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog.

…Just stick to the end to get a process with a proven strategy.

1) Optimize Your Profile

Quora Profile

Here are some ways on how you can Optimize your profile to stand out and start popping up in the search section:

  • …Add a Relevant Profile Pic
  • Use Links in Your Description
  • Create an appealing Headline (50 Words)…
  • Ask For Reviews for your site
  • Mention your social Accounts
  • …Creating Multiple Bios (Optional)

Now after correctly setting up your Profile, you can now start focusing on driving traffic to your site.

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2) Start The Hunt For Big Topics/ Questions

…This one is pretty simple

Go look for all the questions related to your Industry

Sort them out based on Popularity…

Here are some methods you can use to locate queries to answer at Quora:

A) Quora Search Bar: Simply enter the terms or the phrase related to your Space

use quora to drive traffic to your blog

B) Asked To Answer: “Answer requests” are requests from other users for you to answer a specific question.

C) Questions For You: “Questions For You” are questions collected by the Quora algorithms in topics you’ve upvoted, commented on, answered or in any way significantly interacted with in the last few days.

3) Craft Your Answer For More Eyeball

…When you provide your Answer, Use certain tactics to help you grow your chances of success.

Here are some ways on how to answer questions on Quora:

  • …Make sure your answer is Ease to Read
  • Fill your answer with value and helpful
  • …Write step-by-step answers.
  • Link to other helpful information…
  • Use images where possible.
  • Write in a conversational tone.
  • …Use Famous Person or Brand Quotes to gain attention
  • Tell a story packed with some sort of emotion
  • Make it to The Point…
  • Use small paragraphs.
  • Never make Grammatical and punctuation errors
  • …Use Bulleted Points
  • Include at least one Image
  • Don’t use too much bold…

…When you find questions that you have answers on your Blog Post

Simply, take the snippet and excerpts of the blog post which are very relevant and then link back to your article.

…But Don’t just shove it in, link out only when relevant and necessary

Provide a  call to action at the end like ” If you enjoy this post, Check out my blog”

By doing this consistently, you will grow your traffic over time

If you don’t want your answer to get lost among all the other answers…

You need to stand out from the crowd, spend time writing a long, thoughtful answers

…However, be careful

Because the point of Quora is for not link building or driving referral traffic.

The point for existing of Quora is to learn from one another by providing answers for others.

…Your number one goal is to give value.

If you do spam or over promotional, sometimes they may ban you.

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4) How Often To Link To Your Blog

Here are my recommendation:

  • …Once per answer
  • Link Only when necessary
  • …Make it natural and contextual within your answer

5) Get more Upvotes

You could try asking people to upvote your content through social media, email, etc

But I don’t necessarily recommend trying to game the system

To get more upvotes on Quora, You just have to prove that your answer is the best

Step #1. Go find the most Popular Question or a new Question that seems to be getting an attraction

Step #2. Find the Best answer already answered

Step #3. Create a better version of it and more in-depth

…Answers are ranked according to their upvotes.

So the more upvotes you get, the more your answer will be visible

…The people who provide the most viewed answers are also featured on the top.

By doing this, you will naturally get more upvotes and you will climb to the top…

5) Upvote On Others’ Valued Answers With Comment

Be generous and unbiased to upvote to the outstanding replies

…Try adding a comment and upvoting as well to some helpful answers

This will, in turn, helps you to develop a relationship with the user,

As they say “If you do good, the good comes back to you”…

6) Always Stay Active

Respond, Answer, upvote and create your existence

…Just be active and get your account out there.

7) Tag Your Competitor Answer

If someone had answered a question before, then tag him along with his answer and add some ideas of your too

…When you tag them Quora will notify them letting them know that you have mentioned them

By doing this they are, most likely to visit your work and build up the relationship…

8) Ask Questions

…How about you also ask some questions related to your space instead of answering questions around

You can even add a question and write an answer by yourself.

9) Share Answers T0 Social Media

There are social share buttons on social media sites at the bottom of the answer

use quora to drive traffic to your blog

This is a great way to let your followers know about your recent activity.

10)  Create A Quora Blog

…Most people normally skip this step

One major advantage to Quora blogs is that they help reach more people.

Just think of it as an added boost.

Leverage this to help build up your audience…

…However, the content you publish on Quora is no longer yours and becomes theirs

How Often To Post On Quora Blog?

Like any blog, consistency is the key.

To amass a consistent following, I would recommend to blog or update your Quora blog once a week.

…Try to push them off of Quora with teasers to visit your site.

11) List URL

List some of your Blog post URLs on your Quora blog as the source for your answer.

12) Network With Others In Your Field

Find people in your industry who are on Quora and build a relationship with them.

…This will be helpful in long-term of your Brand.

Sometimes they may even mention you in one of their articles or answers on Quora

Quick Recap: How to Stand Out On Quora?

A) Complete your Profile ( photo, Bio, Website, etc)

B) Answer questions with stories and Visuals

C) Make sure your answer is the best of  the best


There you go 12 ways on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog

The fact is that every blogger is hungry for more traffic

But not many are leveraging Quora to drive traffic to their Blog

So, if you haven’t started leveraging it, it is high time to start thinking about it

By doing it rightly, it will be the source for consistent referral traffic

If you do this consistently, You will surely reap the benefits of Quora over time.

If you are already on Quora, you can connect with me Here, Add me so that I can also add you back.

Isn’t quora website worth trying?

Or if you have been leveraging it, What’s your experience? Either way, let me know in the comments RIGHT NOW

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  1. A wonderful article! I’ve been reading Quora articles for a couple of months
    You really opened my eyes on how Quora can help me reach more people and help them.
    Great post and a ton of valuable information, thorough and usable article.
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Jennifer, thanks for the comment. Yes, Quora can definitely help you grow and reach to more people if done properly. Thanks for the kind words. Have a great day

  2. What a great post. Quora is a remarkable platform with the potential to increase your site traffic if used correctly. But unfortunately, I haven’t been consistent on the platform for a long time now, can’t ven remember my profile details. Your article will inspire many like me to ignite the Quora fire and get back on track.

    Thanks for sharing.

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