9 Smart Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking

In this article, we will put forth about 9 Smart Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking so that you can implement the same and improve your site traffic to a greater extent.

Let us see one by one in the below section.

What Are Those 9 Smart Ways to Improve Search Engine Ranking?

smart ways to improve search engine ranking

1. Know Google Ranking Algorithms

The main aim of Google is to organize all the information and make it universally accessible to people around the world.

This major search engine is constantly changing its algorithms. As per Moz, there are near about 500 to 600 changes every year.

When Google announces any major update, it is important that you know the inner functioning of it so that you know where to focus more.

And if you do not know the working, it becomes a big obstacle in your SEO success. So, let check out the algorithm updates:

a) Mobile-friendly Update (April 2015)
It gives an extra boost to the rankings for mobile-friendly sites in mobile search results. If you want to identify whether you are mobile friendly or not, read mobile guidelines of Google here because it’s never too late to reap benefits from this algorithm.

b) Pigeon (July 2014)
Pigeon affects those searches in which the location of the user plays a vital role.

c) Humming Bird (August 2013)
This update will understand the intention of the different searches that user make instead of looking to the typed query.

d) Penguin (April 2012)
This major update spots websites and spammers that purchase unnatural links to improve search engine ranking.

2. Identify Your Existing Search Ranking

if you want a boost in your ranking, you need to know where exactly you stand. For this, you can take the help of resources and tools available online.

SERP help you get your rankings quickly. You just need to type the keyword or URL. There are also other options such as you can select between mobile, desktop, or Yahoo results, or filter your rankings by zip code or city.

What you will get?
-The first page of your website that comes high in search results for the particular topic
-Your average monthly searches
-Where does your site stand in search engine
-Average cost-per-click for keywords

Do Check Your Website Speed

Site speed is a major factor that can increase or decrease your ranking. If your site is fast, then you will have high chances of getting top position on Google, it also boosts your sales and turns new visitors into customers.

For this you can use tools like:
-Google PageSpeed Insights
-YSlow browser extension
-Pingdom Website Speed Test

Check the Health of Your Website

Before you do optimization of your site, check your site’s health. If you experience a sudden decrease in the organic traffic of your website, it is possible that Google has banned your site.

For this, you can use MxToolBox Domain Health Report tool to identify the critical problems in your website, web server, blacklist, web server, and DNS in five categories.

Just click on the box for each category and then fix them one by one. If you want to identify that you have been penalized by an algorithm update or not, just go to WebSite Penalty Indicator tool of FE international.

The graph shows you the site traffic and shows whether an update is affecting your site directly or not. Another factor that you need to note is the age of your site domain.

Search algorithm will see it and recognize seniority. Just remember that as your domain ages and links to your website will hike, the more likely you will improve search engine ranking.

3. Track and Measure Metrics

The next step is to track some vital metrics on your website to know which other parameters you need to improve. These metrics include:

a) Organic Traffic

It is vital to know how many visitors come to your website via Google searches. For this, you can use Google Analytics video tutorial.

b) Organic Traffic Conversions

It is vital to focus on the keyword that brings traffic to your website. The simple way to find them is via SERP Scan. It will display you the keyword that has driven organic traffic in the previous twelve months.

c) Install an SEO Dashboard to Track these Metrics

Set up an SEO dashboard in Google Analytics to track your important metrics at any time as you want. Besides this, you can even link Google webmaster tools to Google Analytics.

d) Ranking of your Commercial Keywords

Not giving sufficient time to your commercial keywords is the first mistake that you make while your keyword research.

It is because they are those that help to earn money. If you want to improve search engine ranking, know the difference between informational and commercial keywords.

4. Check if Your Site is Mobile-Friendly or Not

or this, you can perform Google’s mobile-friendly test. It will list you the specific problems in your site. You will also see page loading problems like redirection flaws and those web pages where a robots.txt file has blocked Googlebot from the crawling page.

How to make your site Mobile-Friendly?
-Use responsive Web design (RWD)
-If your site has been built on the popular CMS platforms, install mobile plugins such as a ThemeKey (for Drupal), WPtouch (for WordPress), or a Responsivizer (for Joomla).
-Get services like Mobify, BMobilized, or Duda Mobile.

5. Determine and Fix Your Existing Penalty

Check out whether your site is penalized or not. It is vital because there is a total waste of time if you are promoting or building links for a spammy site.

6. Improve your On-page SEO

Improving your On-page issues will surely maximize your performance and boost your site ranking.

7. Enhance Your SEO with Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important element of marketing strategy. When you got any unnatural links in your content, enhance your On-page SEO.

8. Create Meaningful Content

Use essential keywords to create readable and engaging content. This will lure your fans on social media and also help you to get high authority and relevant links.

9. Link Correctly

There are many different types which we need to take care like anchor texts, inbound links, outbound links, image links, editorial links, etc. Therefore, its vital to link correctly.

If the link is not working and land up in 404 error page means then it won’t look good.

We do have broken links checker plugins that will track all the links in our site post installation and notify us if there is any broken link so that we able to get it addressed as soon as possible. This would be of great help especially to sites that deal with multiple links.

Also, it is advisable not to pass link juice to an external site using do-follow backlink.


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Final Words :

Follow these 9 Smart ways to improve Search Engine Ranking and see your site traffic growing to the next level.

Kindly leave your thoughts about this article via the comment box below.

Incase if you have any questions about this subject feel free to ask.

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