SiteGround Review – Is it Worth Of Moving To SiteGround Hosting?

siteground review

Let’s talk about SiteGround review and see if its really one of the best website hosting companies or not. You able to decide whether SiteGround is the suitable wordPress hosting company for your webhosting needs or not via this post.

To get started with this review I’m going to show you what hosting with site ground is all about and help you decide if it’s right for you


SiteGround Review :

Here are it’s our mission to help you find the best and easiest ways of building websites.

If you’re reading this SiteGround review its probably because you’re the type of person who is looking to get something done.

You’re there looking to build your first website or you’re looking to move your current website to a different hosting company You just want to know what works and what’s good.

I recommend and focus on making reviews of products that I personally like and things that I try and like.

And I wouldn’t recommend the things we don’t like, why bother telling you about what doesn’t work when I can just help you focus on what’s good.

It’s that right ground for everyone to know.

In this review, I’m going to help you find out if SiteGround is the right one for you and your situation.

I mean SiteGround has around 800,000 websites hosting on their server worldwide which include data centers across the United States, Europe, and even Asia.

I mean that number couldn’t be wrong, Right?

Don’t wanna read the whole Article?



  • SiteGround is one of the most rated and popular hosting provider in the WordPress community.
  • They use CPanel and has One click WordPress install
  • Has unique in-house WordPress security (24/7 tech support)
  • They have one of the best support system in the industry
  • Their FREE Add-ons includes automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching and CDN.
  • Free transfer support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free daily backup

Simply just click on this link to purchase SiteGround at great discounts

Without further ado, let’s dive in detail and find out if SiteGround is the right one for you and your project.


SiteGround Review – PROS & CONS Of SiteGround :

SiteGround Review PROS – 1). Support

First off let’s look at site-ground support in my experience with site ground I have found that their support is amazingly helpful and surprisingly fast to get a hold of.

I almost always use chat support and every time I’ve tried getting a hold of one of their support agents, I only had to wait a few minutes and when I do get a hold of one of their agents, they’re very polite and helpful.

It’s really good in the support department

SiteGround also provide some decent online tutorials on how to use their service.


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SiteGround Review PROS – 2). Low Cost (On-Par with Other Web Hosts)

Secondly, they are one of the low cost hosting companies out there.

Even though they may not be the cheapest, they are one of the cheapest when compared with the value and the features they are providing at that price point

They start out with solid server hardware That is all solid state drive base so that’s fast, to begin with

They also use some of the fastest available server software and protocols to take advantage of their server hardware.

As of now, their rates are price matching with some of the cheapest in the industry (to $3.95 per month, down from $9.99 monthly).

siteground review

SiteGround Review PROS – 3). Free Add-Ons

When you use their WordPress installer they include their own website caching plug-in designed to take advantage of their server configuration and make sure that your site can run as fast as possible

With their configuration, they also offer the free Jetpack plugin from “automatic” which are the developers behind WordPress

Jetpack offers the free version which is of the image content and the delivery network so this helps your images on your website load faster for your viewers and all these are being designed in order to help your site as fast as possible.

They really focus on your site speed

Of all the tests that I’ve done and other tests that I’ve seen on the internet, it shows that the site ground is one of the fastest and the low-cost shared hosting space

And you also want to have an email at your domain with all the basic hosting accounts which are offered by site ground

You also get an email at your domain with an unlimited limit of set up Also you get an unlimited amount of disk space for email storage and it’s pretty easy to set up your first email address or to add new ones

All you have to do is

1) Sign into your account go to the cPanel

2) Go down to email accounts create a new account name

3) select the domain that you want the create the Email for

4) Add a password for your email address and then set how much space you want to allow for that mailbox

Its really easy to set up and manage

and I like that the v-mail account is pretty basic but it works and it’s a great way to get started with email at your domain quickly and easily.


SiteGround Review PROS – 4). Security

So what about website security? We all know that WordPress is one of the easiest ways to build a website but since WordPress is so popular there are some security issues that you need to be prepared for

Luckily for all of us, SiteGround takes the security of your website seriously

It includes some basic security measures for your website as soon as you install WordPress

They also have a system/feature to limit the login attempts and this keeps away the hackers from using BOTS computers to try brute force guessing what the password is on your website It’s basic protection but it’s necessary so it’s a good thing that they have this installed for you by default

Second they also install the free jetpack basic plug-in which I’ve already mentioned above and that offers brute force protection and you can also upgrade the free version to add additional protection for your website for things like spam filtering and that’s something that I would definitely recommend

Remember that spam comments would be a major issue You will get a bunch of them even with your website up for just a few months to start getting a bunch of spam comments and it’s just really frustrating to get rid of them

So i would recommend upgrading your jetpack to the next level up It is really a good idea to get that spam-filtering protection second


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SiteGround Review PROS – 5). FREE SSL Certificate

They also offer free SSL security certificates which is something that everyone should enable on their website

Right when they get started it’s one of those things that Google looks for when analyzing your website for security But now its more of a must for all website to have an SSL certificate installed

Its also a Factor for determining the ranking in search engine Results Page (SERPs) alongside all the other factors such as Backlinks, CTR, bounce rate, etc


SiteGround Review PROS – 6). Step By Step Tutorial

You want help setting up hosting with SiteGround, they have a free really simple step-by-step tutorial which will walk you through setting up and configuring your hosting account

I think SiteGround is a great choice and it’s one of the best website hosting companies and one of the best WordPress hosting companies to get started with

I think it’s an overall solid choice and they offer great introductory pricing

The great thing about building a website on an open-source platform like WordPress is that you can always move your website to another hosting company.

SiteGround Review PROS – 7). SiteGround Speed Test Results

Site Speed is one of the most crucial things to look at the metrics The faster your website is, the more it offers a good user experience and at the same time also boosts your site overall SEO

As a matter of fact, a single second delay can cause 11% fewer page views, 7% decrease in conversions, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

We tested one of our sites and, here is the result.

siteground review

SiteGround Review PROS – 8). FREE Transfers for Existing Websites

If you have to host somewhere else and you aren’t satisfied with it or wanna move to other hosting companies, the guys at SiteGround can move your website to their servers for FREE and that was the deal that they were offering at the time that I started writing this article.

if you’ve been using other web hosting for a while and you’ve decided that for some reason that you don’t like it then you can always move your website to SiteGround

I think that SiteGround is a great way to get started building your first website You can learn more about SiteGround by clicking on the link below

Simply just click on this link to purchase SiteGround at great discounts


SiteGround Review PROS – 9). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Nobody wanna enter their credit card number or buy a Product without surety. You need something that’ll give you a peace of mind. That is why SiteGround does offer a 30-day money back guarantee in compensation for not having a free trial which is exactly the kind of security you need if you’re looking for a web host.

However, here are the conditions for the MONEY BACK:

1) Post a service termination request through the User Area.

2) Initial orders for hosting services are covered only within thirty days from the day that SiteGround activated the service(s). Renewal orders are not covered.

3) Domain name and domain privacy (ID Protect) fees are not refundable. These fees might even be due upon cancellation, even if they are waived as part of a promotion.

4) Dedicated and cloud hosting services, paid support, and third-party services are not covered by the money back guarantee.

5) Reseller packages are only covered if the entire reseller package is canceled. However, This guarantee doesn’t apply to the termination of single accounts in a reseller package, either.

I really don’t have many complaints to say about SiteGround


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SiteGround Review CONS:

I think my biggest complaint is about the controls for managing the server and adjusting the server settings

It’s a bit confusing and I find myself clicking around a lot to get to the settings that I want

Unfortunately this is normal for hosting companies, almost all of the hosting companies that I’ve tested give you this confusing interface

SiteGround like all other web host uses cPanel for managing the server configuration which is the industry standard.

Sometimes for a newbie, it’s not the most appealing user interface

Fortunately, you don’t need to log in to your cpanel everyday it’s not something that you need to be managing at all the time it’s something, that you need to set up once and then you might want to set up an email or add an email account

So you really just need to manage your hosting account maybe once or twice a year


Backup Policy

Yes, they offer free Backup daily. That’s great But there comes with with a fee for restoring it. There are Basic and Premium options, but the terms are complex.

However when the WordPress or Joomla updates are auto-applied, The Restore points are automatically created.

Here is a recap of the SiteGround Hosting

  • Great uptime (99.99%)
  • Friendly and knowledgeable customer support
  • Top 12 load time (~714ms)
  • WordPress hosting comes with all plans
  • Free site transfer but comes with a fee when tried to restore
  • Additional Free security add-ons
  • 100% Free website transfers
  • Low pricing
  • 30-day money back guarantee (Conditions apply)


Conclusion: Is SiteGround the Right Choice for You?

Even after going through this SiteGround review and you can’t make up the decision, wondering whether SiteGround is the right choice for your website?

Here let me put in this way, If you want a reliable and fast web hosting service which has a proven record of Great, excellent customer support, with many free add-ons in terms of security and other features, then SiteGround is perfect for you.

If you are a beginner or wanted to move your Hosting to other companies I would recommend trying out SiteGround.

Get ready to start building your website on SiteGround after reading this SiteGround review.


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