25 Super Actionable SEO Tips


Do you wanna Rank In Google?

You probably are…..

I hate to break it to you.

But it’s really hard more than ever compared to 10 years before.

…..But not to worry.

Nobody is born all knowing.

In order to rank organically and grow your traffic.

There is something you need to do first called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)…..

It doesn’t matter…… whether you are an absolute newbie into the SEO world.

Just keep reading till the end and it will make some sense at the end.

Today, I am gonna show you timeless SEO tips that will still work even years from now.

…..So whether you are reading this article today or after 1 year.

It will still be relevant.

1) Fast Loading Speed

In the past, a person had to literally wait for about 5 minutes before a site loads.

…….But that time has passed.

Nowadays, consumers have short attention spans.

According to a recent study, statistics show that 40% of users abandon a site which takes over 3 seconds to load.

seo tips

What’s even mindblowing is that For an e-commerce site, every delay of the second result in losses of over $2.5 million each year.

……To check your Site speed, Just head over to Google Page Speed Test

seo tips

They will provide you with a bunch of recommendations. Implement these changes where practical.

Here are some tips to reduce load speed:

  • ….Just remove big images
  • Remove any unnecessary JavaScript files…..
  • Use sprites instead of small images to minimize HTTP redirects
  • ……If Possible Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service

SIDENOTE. GTmetrix and Pingdom are two other alternatives for checking your site current load speed.

2) Responsive Design

…..This one is no brainer.

Responsive Design can positively impact your SEO along with its conversion rates, user experience, and what not.

Even Google Officially stated that they are using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Nearly 52% of all global web traffic comes from mobile devices………

So if your site is not mobile friendly, you are gonna lose a lot of visitors.

3) Short URLs

…..Make sure that your URLs are short and simple.

Because Short URLs tend to rank Better than Long URLs.

In fact, Backlinko recently analyzed over 1 million Google search results and found out that Shorter URLs tend to Rank better than Long URLs.

seo tips
Image Credit: Backlinko

If you use WordPress, Just head over to Settings -> Permalinks -> Post name.

seo tips

3) Use The Keyword In The URL

…Using the exact keywords helps in better ranking.

Here is one of my article which talks …about Backlinks Indexer

It has the same targetted keyword in the URL

seo tips

..It’s that Simple

….Google’s Matt Cutts stated that Google algorithms weigh less after 5 words in your URL and just not give you as much credit.

Search engines put more weight on terms that appear towards the beginning of the Title tag

So make sure to put your keyword at the beginning of your page’s title tag…..

For example, If you are trying to rank for “Cheap gaming Laptop” which of the following URLs do you think Google will prefer to show up?

  • www.ExampleSite.com/324567-1-Laptops
  • www.ExamplesSite.com/Cheap-gaming-laptops

….Obviously the Second one Right?

4) Amazing Long Content

You might have come across every article on SEO tips to write amazing and long content

And it’s true…

….Just write the best Content

No matter what the circumstances may be “Content will be always the King”

When you write the article

Better make it sure, …it’s the best out there and stand out from the rest.

Don’t Just babble.

Make it Highly Actionable

…Also, make your content at least 1890 words

Again when Brian Dean from Backlinko analyzed over one million search result

Long-Form content tends to rank higher in…. Google’s Search Results compared  to short-Form Content

seo tips
Image Credit: Backlinko

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When your content is amazing, contains a lot of values and solves something

….No matter how long it is, People will want to read it

5) Grammatical Errors

Having grammatical Errors won’t affect your rankings, but it makes for a poor user experience.

….However, Bing has been crystally clear on how grammatical errors effects in their search rankings.

Even though Google has not said anything in that regard, …Most of the top-ranked sites tend to have error-free content.

You can use tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, 1Checker, to help with your Writings.

6) Include Awesome Infographics

….As they say “A picture say’s a thousand words”

Would you rather read a 3000-word article or look at an infographic…. that describes the 3000 word content in visual supported by data and charts

Obviously the second one right?

According to BuzzSumo …..infographics generate significantly more social shares than the average text-based content.

seo tips

….It is also another great way to Build Links too

After you have the infographics,

Go to Embed code generator and install the plugin to create HTML code…..

In that way, other people can embed it onto their site to display your Infographic

7) Optimize Your Title Tag For CTR

….No need to remind you that you should include your Target keyword in the Title.

But you should Optimize it for better CTR and higher rankings.

Google recently states that they… Use CTR as a Ranking Signal.

Here is an article from Moz Where Cyrus Shepard talks about 7 ways to revamp your title tags to increase your site traffic and rankings.

seo tips
Image credit: Moz

….For Example, let’s say you are ranking on the 3rd spot for a term.

But if more people click on your site than the one’s ranking on the first and the second.

This sends a message that people ….are liking your content more than the others.

And Since Google aims to deliver the best results and experience to the Users.

Eventually, Google will rank you higher…..

Bottomline: Optimize Your Title tag not just for keywords but also for CTR.

8) Title Tag Modifiers

….People are searching online using a very specific term

For Example, A person searching for “Cheap Laptop” might be searching like this …..”2018 1024×768 Size Best Cheap Laptop for College”

Most of the time,… these insanely long and super specific terms won’t show up in Keyword Research Tool

So, How do you Optimize around it?….

It’s simple 🙂

…….Just Add some Modifiers to your Title tag

Some of them are:

  • ..Best
  • Use Number
  • The current year…
  • ..Guide
  • Course
  • ….Free, etc

So you wanna make your Title tag something like this:

….”2018 Cheap Laptop For College”

By using this title tag, you will rank for your seed keyword and numbers of other long tail Keywords.

Cheap Laptop ####

#### Cheap Laptop ####

###### Cheap ### Laptop ###

9) Unique And Relevant Meta Descriptions

….A well crafted Meta Description is helpful for both SEO and CTR

Search engines show the meta description in search results basically when the searched-for phrase is within the description

…..So, it is very crucial to optimize the meta description for on-page SEO

Here are basic tips to write a meta-description:

  • ….Use action-oriented language
  • Provide a solution or benefit…
  • Keep it under 155 characters
  • ……Make it specific and relevant

10) Link To Other Websites With Relevant Content

Most People are scared to link out to other authority sites …because it Creates exit portals to other web pages.

But Rand Fishkin, the founder of Moz say’s

By Linking out  it sends a trackable traffic, making your site a more valuable and scalable resource.

Linking Out to other’s also Incentivizes Links Into your website

….But only Link out to other trustworthy sites, when appropriate.

And you link out only to authority sites and pages that offer tremendous value.

What’s more Interesting is that after you link out to them,…Let them know about it.

Who knows, if your content is amazing…

They may even share it or Link back to you.

11) Link to internal pages on your site.

…..Internal links are links that go from one web page to another webpage on the same domain/website.

Internal linking can boost your SEO in many ways:

  • …..It helps establish the site architecture and spread the link juice.
  • Internal links increase page views…
  • It also helps in increasing PageRank
  • …….Reduces bounce rate
  • Better crawling and indexing…

Cross-link but only when necessary

12) Don’t Over-optimize Your Anchor Text

…..Internal links should help the users and search engines understand what the page is about

But use both keyword and non-keyword when internal links within a page.

The same applies to external Links…

Mix your target keyword with LSI keywords

13) Keyword In The Name And Alt-tag Of The Image

If your Blog Post contains images, …There are 2 ways to cement your idea

  • …The image name
  • Image alt tag…

Make sure to add at least one image with an alt tag that contains your focus keyword

..Change the name of the image on your computer before uploading.

Instead of a file called “567902.jpg,” simply re-name it to something like “SEO logo.jpg.”

….The “alt tag” is something you designate after you upload the photo to your website.

seo tips

  • Good: img src="photo-of-a-dog.jpg" alt="photo of a dog"
  • Bad: img src="13574778.jpg" alt"">

14) Update Your Website Frequently

….We all know that your blog is the backbone of your online content marketing strategy.

Sites that are constantly updated often tend to rank higher than those with static content.

That’s why Wikipedia does so well on search engines…

Not only because it has tons of… Backlinks but also because it maintains it’s freshness.

……You also need to check whether your Site design needs to be improved.

Updating your blog is crucial if you want it to thrive.

15) Social Signals

….Social media marketing and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies

It is also an integral part of your SEO strategy

Google hasn’t added social signals into their ranking algorithm factors…

However, it is believed and also claimed by…… many marketers that links to your website from social media accounts do have a major impact on your rankings

Marketing Consultant Brian Honigman says:

Incoming Links from the social networks to your content helps the search engines to understand what websites are credible and should be ranked for what keyword terms.

Bing, on the other hand, has been crystal clear that their algorithm incorporates social signals into their ranking factors.

16) Optimize For Voice Search

….If you do not optimize for voice search.

In the future, you are gonna get really screwed.

When conducting your keyword research, ….make sure that you incorporate queries that are more relevant to voice search.

It’s not that hard,

Here is an article from Neil Patel on how to do voice search Optimization

17) Optimize for Rankbrain

…..Rankbrain is a machine learning artificial intelligence in Google that help sort through its search results.

As a matter of fact,…. Google says RankBrain is its third most important ranking factor.

Here are some factors Rankbrain took into consideration when sorting its results:

  • …CTR
  • Bounce Rate…
  • The freshness of the content
  • Content depth
  • …..Domain Authority, etc

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18) Set Up Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

….AMP makes your web pages load super fast on mobile.

Let’s be honest here most of the elements of a desktop website is unnecessary for a mobile site

So, It is basically the stripped down version of your original webpage

According to a research sponsored by Google, ….it shows that AMP leads to an average of a 2X increase in time spent on page

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19) Stop Black Hat Link Building

If you wanna play the long-term game

…..Just stop practicing it

Stop adding your links on every directory you came across.

Instead Stick to the one that is of higher quality (Google+, Yelp etc.)

And also don’t buy links or involve in any form of massive link building…..

Don’t try to manipulate…. a site’s ranking by Using other forms of Link Building

Any sudden changes to the number of incoming links may raise warnings signals in the Google algorithm

……If Google detects ..that your site is performing mass manipulation, it will devalue all of your links and maybe even penalize your site

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20) Register With Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

I am sure you all must have Submitted to Google webmaster tools

But What about Bing?…….

Bing is the second most important search engine after Google

…It has similar features and tools to Google Search Console, while some…. features and tools are only available in Bing

Here are Top 10 Reasons Why you should not Ignore Bing SEO

21) Migrate To HTTPS

….According to a blog post published by Chrome security product manager Emily Schechter.

Chrome is gonna start marking all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ starting in July

Here is an infographic from Bluecorona showing the benefits of HTTPS over HTTP….

HTTPS Infographic: 8 things to know about securing your website and website security
Image Credits: Bluecorona

22) Submit Sitemap

….Basically, A sitemap is a list of all posts/pages of your website.

Submit your sitemap to Search engines

When viewed in the browser it looks like this:

It’s pretty simple to set up…

Depending on your blogging platform you can use plugins to create and update your web site’s sitemap.

…..If you are using WordPress Yoast Plugin does that all for you

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23) Remove/Disavow All Harmful Links

….Do a Link audit of your website

And disavow all those low quality or suspicious links that could harm your site

Maintain a healthy link profile……

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24) Schema Markup

Schema markup ….helps search engines to better understand the information on the web pages and provide more accurate search results.

It also creates an enhanced description….. ( known as a rich snippet), which appears in the search results.

seo tips

Schema markup also plays a crucial role in improving your visibility in …..specific search results and increase your click-through rate… (CTR).

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25) BreadCrumbs

…Breadcrumbs look like this :

Home>>SEO>>Guest Blogging

It helps Google bots to better understand your website hierarchy, and also it helps the users to

BreadCrumbs will not only help in your…ON-Page SEO but also helps to easily navigate your site

….Thus, increase better user experience

Bonus Tips:

Don’t Change Your Domain Name: Don’t constantly change your domain name.

Instead, …Pick one and stick to it. Unless it’s inevitable

Your Domain Age is a factor in site’s search ranking

So let it age… and be Patient….


No matter how much you optimize the other factors, writing original content that provides value to your readers is the best way to grow

…..These above SEO tips are simple yet very important.

Improving your SEO takes time and SERP changes won’t happen overnight

However, If you pay attention and execute these SEO tips,….. Chances are you will grow over time at a much faster pace

if you like this article, make sure to share and let your friends know about it

If you got any cool SEO tips you would like us to add to the list? Leave a comment RIGHT NOW and I’ll get right back to it

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