8 Reasons For Losing Your Instagram Followers

reason for losing your instagram followers


You open your analytics to see that your follower growth is in the negative…

And you are scratching your head wondering what is wrong,

So you Google and search for the reasons for losing your Instagram followers

Well then,

No need to look further…

Because we have just the right article for you


Losing followers is not always a bad thing

Sometimes it may be a great way to signal you that something is wrong with your account

Instagram popularity has reached its Peak in just a few short years…

With 1 billion monthly active Users

Reasons for losing your instagram followers

..Meaning that the competition is very high

So if you are doing One of these actions which we are gonna discussed below

You will be left behind and even the few dedicated followers might start considering whether they should Follow you or not…

Here is an Infographic Showing The- 


Reasons for losing your instagram followers


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

…This one is straightforward and one of the main reasons for losing your Instagram followers

Your Followers are fake in case you buy them.

They are gonna be either bots or inactive accounts.

Instagram is continually cleansing the spam accounts, and who knows maybe your followers too

…Who remembers the Instagram Purge of 2014?

Here is a funny tweet from Nicki Minaj

Reasons for losing your instagram followers

In case you don’t know, many celebrities Celebrities including Justin Bieber lost a whopping 3.5 million followers, and  Akon lost almost 56% of his Instagram Followers, including many others

So who knows they might be cleansing in silent


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

Obviously, there are many advantages of allowing bots to automate your account for engagement.

They will do all the hard work of leaving comments,…liking posts and following accounts.

While you enjoy refreshing your account over and over again to check out your follower’s count

But according to the statements in their Platform Policy, automating interaction violate their terms and can adversely affect your following

…Let’s say you are lucky to not get ban till now, But Bots aren’t completely perfect

They will not leave a proper comment when compared to a real person

They follow according to specific hashtags and sometimes they may leave some tragic comments on an Inappropriate post.

You can’t blame the bots for that, they are just doing their job following a specific protocol

…The auto-follow and auto-like system will pose an issue if you do too many things at once or beyond what normal person would do.

Normally you’ll get a temporary ban from being able to follow or like (1-3 days usually or maybe even a week)


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

The fact that you have grown to an extent that you are able to hook the eyes of Advertisers is amazing…

Congrats to you!!

…But don’t overdo it and bombard your followers with weekly sponsored posts, Shout out, etc

a) ..Maintain a Schedule and disperse your sponsored post proportionally with your non-Sponsored regular post

b) Promote only what will…provide value to your audience


This method is a common method of gaining followers on Instagram

If you for some reason don’t know how this technique works

Basically, you follow someone with the hope that they’ll follow you back.

…And when they do, you simply unfollow them

It’s kinda mean and icky but let’s be honest here, most of us practice this in the early days of gathering your first Hundred or maybe a thousand followers


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

Providing and feeding your followers with great quality content is the key to retain your Audience

Who wants a Boring dull Content?

If your content isn’t suitably interesting, they will be confused and liable to themselves wondering why they followed you in the first place

Instagram is a very visual Platform so post only quality photos or likewise

There must be a reason why they follow you?…

For example, if they follow you for your sense of Humour

…Give them a taste of it, Make them laugh and keep them wanting for more of your Content


…Everything Too much is not good, There needs to be a limit

One of the cardinal sins of most social networks including Instagram is Posting too much

It seems like only Twitter is the one resilient to posting too much…

Follow a time frame if you are gonna post more than once or twice a day

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the right number of posts per day

Try out your own experiment and gradually get to maintain your own schedule

….You can also follow this Schedule –

Reasons for losing your instagram followers


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

People grow up, move on and gradually their mindset, interest, beliefs, passion changes

For Example, let’s say you post about Goku, Naruto, and other animations stuff.

…As time goes by Some people may gradually move away from the animation world into the real world and follow whats more relevant to them.

Or in another scenario, there are some types of people who go all in and are 100% hardcore obsessed with it and all of a sudden after some time, they lost all in a blink

….They might like one thing at one point in their life and absolutely hate it at some point


Reasons for losing your instagram followers

…This one is imminent if you consistently post inappropriate content

Posting such stuff will greatly affect your Account

Some might find offensive and doesn’t want to show up in their feed…

They may be offensive language, nudity, and discriminatory comments

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Reasons for losing your instagram followers

A) …Do not Buy Fake Followers, You may act cool showing off your follower’s count for the time being.

But in the end, it’s not  worth it for long-term

B) I don’t recommend Using Bots, But if you really want to use it.

Then go ahead but make sure you target your hashtag and filter properly in order to avoid any unwanted…circumstances

C) …Maintain a schedule and mix it up with your normal regular post with the sponsored post.

Make it seem natural and not over promotional

D) In Instagram “Good photos = More Engagement and more eyeballs.”

So make sure your Content is top-notch.

E) Have your own time frame to post and let your fans be aware of it

..Engage with your followers and take their ideas and advice.

Poll or ask them about what kind of content ……they would like to see more.


As your number drops, the level of engagement goes up.

If you are really planning to make money on Instagram, you have to make sure that your Engagement rate is good


because it is One of the main key factors to catch an advertiser’s eyes…

Brands are not only looking at the number of followers count when they look at an influencer for brand deals but at its engagement rate

It’s better to have only 5000 real genuine followers than having half a million mute followers


Now that you know the reasons for ..losing your Instagram followers

Stop letting your followers leave by following these tips.

But Now I want to hear from you

…What are you doing wrong that leads to your decrease in follower count?

Either way, let me know by Leaving a comment below RIGHT NOW…

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    1. Hi Ashiv, thanks for taking the time to comment
      Posting at the right time is important unless you don’t wanna see your post burried, Because some follow aroundlike 200-500 and your post might get lost in between them

  1. Over promotional is a big factor to lost followers. I agee with that and also inconsistent posting schedule.
    Anyway awesome post.

  2. Awesome Article. You explain it in detail. Funny story about me, i also used to buy followers but let me tell you. They are so…. dead to engage. 0% engagement

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