14 Highly Actionable Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable


Have you ever visited a webpage and you are like meh! this is so hard to read.

And you bounce right back off!

There are many reasons why people bounce off but one of the most common being the readability of the content.

It may be because there is no heading and subheading which makes it really confusing as to differentiate which one is the bodies and the headings, Font size, colors, excessive bolding and much more.

Recently Nielsen Norman Group does a study and they found out that the average person spends less than a minute on a webpage.

That means you have only around 10-20 seconds to make the user decide whether they wanted to stay on the site or leave.

What this shows is that you have very limited time to hook or capture the attention of your reader.

So, in order to help you with that,

Here are some quick tips to make your blog posts more readable:

1) Use Heading

The heading is a must on every of your Blog Post.

Keep ’em short and make it around 1-5 words but it also depends.

Use the header tag, or the <h1> tag in HTML.

Also, make sure to type out the headings in bold.

2) Sub-Headings

Sub-Headings are also as important as Headings.

Subheadings lead the reader through the chapter, and also simultaneously keeps the reader engaged.

By adding subheadings, it makes the user skim throughout your content and it helps readers to identify the main points of each section.

3) Shorter Sentences And Paragraphs

What is more off-putting than you clicking on a blog post and seeing a big chunk block of text?

That is why I would recommend you to keep your sentence short and paragraphs to not more than 5 line.

If anything more than 5 line, it would overwhelm your reader.

Don’t make them feel like they are reading a book but instead like a storybook or a comic.

Most of the comics tend to have short lines and paragraphs.

That is why most people like to read comic books .

Bottomline: Write Your Article at a sixth-grade reading level.

4) Fonts

Have you ever visited a webpage and the fonts are so small that it’s not that comfortable to read.

Don’t get me wrong here, The default font size of WordPress posts are quite readable.

But if you would just increase the size or change the font.

That would make your blog posts even more readable than it already is.

I am currently using Helvetica font with size 14.

Some of the most popular fonts for a Blog post are sans-serif, Arial, Verdana, and Futura.

Many webmaster and designers claim that 16pt is an ideal font size for a Blog Post.

But if you still feel like your font size is small, try increasing it to like 18pt.

However, it all depends.

Bottomline: Choose the right Fonts and size For your Blog

5) Text alignment

make your blog posts more readable
Image Credits: Silocreativo

If you are using Text alignment on your Blog post.

Chances are your Blog post will not look that neat and tidy.

Also, Our eye always read from left to right so if you align from left to right, it will feel uncomfortable to read.

But for some cases where you want to emphasize the titles or phrases, then there can be an exception.

If not I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

6) Write-In First Person

By writing in a first person, it makes the reader feel like you are reciting the article to him/her instead of they actually reading it.

That is the reason why you need to use the word “You” and “I” In your articles.

In that way, it makes them feel connected and removes the thought that they are reading a complete stranger article.

By using the word “You” and “I”, it also makes the article is written just for him or her.

The reader will not only engage with your article, they may even comment, share your article and keep coming for more in the future.

7) Lists And Bullet Points

Bullet points help users to understand what you’re saying more clearly.

It also helps break up blocks of the text into tidy chunks so that the reader can take in faster of what you’re explaining.

  • Here are some importance of Bullet Points
  • They make it simple to read what you’ve written
  • They make finding important information a breeze.
  • They also make your content easier to digest
  • Bullet Points also help you rank higher in the search results or pop up in the Preview Section for any term

8) Take Liberty With An Image

Use pictures, graphs, and infographics.

Make sure to add at least One image per post.

As they say “Images speak a thousand words”.

But don’t just add unnecessary images.

Add the ones which will help you to back up your points on your content in the form of data or graphs, etc.

Just by adding an image, you can make your post more memorable.

However, make sure you’re not using any copyright images.

9) Color

Most people just stick to the normal black and white color.

I mean that’s fine, keeping it minimalistic and simple.

But you should also add some colors but not more than 1-3.

Remember “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

Neil Patel explains clearly on the function of color on his Blog,

Here is a snippet of his article,

make your blog posts more readable
Image Credits: NeilPatel

10) Excessive Widgets

By adding excessive widgets on the sidebar, it can distract your visitors from reading your blog posts.

Also, excess widgets can slow the load time of your website.

Keep the necessity and remove the other’s if it is not that crucial.

11) Pop-Ups

Have you ever visited a website and instantly greeted by a pop-up to subscribe to their newsletter

Isn’t that annoying?

Did you really think that they will put in their email, the first time they visit your Blog?

Chill dude!

Give them time to know more about your content.

Set the schedule for the pop-up tat around halfway of the Post.

If they really read your article through halfway, that means they sort of like your Article.

And if the pop-up shows up, chances are they are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter.

12) Site Design

Your website design is also an important part of keeping your readers.

If your website is ugly, they have very less chance of coming back.

So, you need to keep your Blog tidy and professional.

Premium themes help with that but you can also go for the free themes too.

Reference Post: 35 Best SEO Optimized Free WordPress Blog Themes

13) Easy Navigation

After a reader is done reading your blog post and is looking for additional posts on your blog,

Where do they go? Mostly categories, tags, etc.

But if you don’t have a good navigation system in your blog, and if the reader couldn’t find a relevant post of what he’s looking.

They are just gonna leave.

And you don’t want that to happen, Do you?

14) Light Background

Recently due to the recommendation of my friend, I visited a website to read an article.

As soon as I enter their website, I was just dying to go back.

No offense but Who in the world sets their website background to Pink.

Not trying to hate on them but if they could change it into white or light grey

That would look much cooler.

Remember the psychological effects each color have on readers.


Writing amazing content isn’t the only way to make people wanna read your content.

It’s very easy to get caught up in writing for Keywords, word counts, etc and completely forget about the user experience.

You should also make your blog posts more readable, easy and fun to read.

What can you add to this list? How do you make your blog posts readable? Do you think this Blog Post is readable? Let me know in the Comments Section RIGHT NOW!

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5 Comments on “14 Highly Actionable Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Readable”

  1. Thank you for sharing this precious advice. I really got what i wanted as i started blogging i was looking for something that will make my blogging posts more readable
    Use bullets to describe some important points. I think these simple tweaks can make the content more readable. Glad i found your blog

    1. Jammi Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, using bulletin points can help in many ways as mentioned above.There’s a good reason why you see them everywhere. It’s because They work! It also make a blog post look more interesting.

    1. Yoast tool on determining how readable your post is.extremely useful. Just by by following their advice, you can make your text easier to read and understand. Thanks for the comment Irena.

    2. Yoast tool on determining how readable your post is.extremely useful. Just by by following their advice, you can make your text easier to read and understand. Thanks for the comment Irena.

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