19 Awesome Free Tool To Generate Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for Blog post title ideas Generator?. 

Have you ever had that situation where you basically run out of Blog topic ideas to write?

I think everyone goes through…

Not to worry, it’s not just you.

To be honest, There’s no such thing as running out of blog content ideas.

You just need the right tools to help you with that.

That is why these lists of free blog content ideas generator are here to help you solve the problem.


Free Blog Post Content Ideas or Title Generator Tools:

FREE blog post title or content ideas generators will help you to discover unique topics which will help you to continue creating the sickest amazing content. 

Most of the tools which we are gonna discussed here are free tools.

So without further ado. Below are some of the best list of blog post topic generator



1)  Portent’s Content Idea Generator 

This is the first in our list of blog post topic generator

The way how Portent’s Content Idea Generator works is that you just enter your main seed keyword and click enter

Portent’s Content Idea Generator will basically just spin out a bunch of random Topics

Most of the blog topic suggestions will come out a little bit irrelevant and silly

However, be patient and Continue to click the little reload button to refresh for new topics and keep repeating until you found the topic which suits your blog post ideas.

list of blog post topic generator

2) Ubersuggest 

Ubersuguesst is a Keyword Research Tool which can generate hundreds of keywords at a time

Go to UberSuggest, enter your seed keyword and click Look Up

It will show the search volume, CPC, and Competition of the Keyword

Along with that, it will also provide a list of all the related keywords which obviously become the potential topics for your Blog Post

Data from UberSuggest
Data from UberSuggest

3) Tweak Your Biz Title Generator (Freemium)

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is another great tool to generate great titles for your articles and Blog Post.

It is absolutely free, simple to use, and can generate lots of possible titles based on your keywords.

Visit their website and just enter your topic and click on Submit.

The results will be shown in many Sub-types

  • Lists (Eg. Master The Art Of Seo With These 9 Tips)
  • Best (Eg.Best 40 SEO Tips)
  • How To  (Eg. How To Improve At Seo In 60 Minutes)
  • Questions (Eg. Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Seo?)
  • Love (Eg. Fall In Love With Seo)
  • Secrets (Eg. The Hidden Mystery Behind Seo) and much more

list of blog post topic generator

Believe me, when I say, this tool is pretty amazing.

4) Link Bait Generator

Link Bait Generator does the job very well in suggesting catchy headlines to get more eyeballs on your content and help you grow your Content strategy.

Go to their site and Just enter your phrase or term to generate a variety of compelling headlines.

It’s that simple!

list of blog post topic generator

What I really like about this tool is that most of the headlines that are suggested are optimized for clickability.

5) Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator

This tool is somewhat different than the other’s we have discussed here before

Basically unlike the other tool where we have to enter a term to generate headlines on that space

With this tool, there is no area to input any term

You just have to refresh by click on the “Generate Blog Post ideas Button” and the tool will show you headlines like this

  • Things that nobody told me about ____
  • Top X Must Haves For __________
  • How To __________ Like A Boss
  • Do this one thing to find success with…

list of blog post topic generator

And you have to fill it out and customize it

6) HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

For me personally, this topic generator is one of the most straightforward blog topic titles generators

The way this hubspot blog topic generator tool work is that you basically just enter three phrases or term

list of blog post topic generator

Next, click on “Give Me Blog Ideas”

list of blog post topic generator

It’s that simple. Isn’t cool?

7) Content Strategy Generator Tool

Content Strategy Generator Tool will help you to find inspiration for your content marketing topics quickly and easily

This tool is actually a Google Doc tool that will generate a blog topic and ideas right into your Google spreadsheet.

It gathers information from sites such as Google News, Google Insights, Social Media, Reddit, etc and shows the stories that are currently trendy,

Wanna know the coolest part?

It offers outreach contacts for relative topics, you will need them in case you wanna contact and it is always handy.

8) Blog Title Idea Generator

This tool is developed by David who is Founder of Inbound Now

Blog Title Idea Generator is also pretty much the same as Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator

They did not give you the option to add your keyword

When you click “Click To generate Another Title Idea” it will suggest random topics ideas

Some examples are:

  • [Number] quick solution (or way) to [something]
  • 10 Ways to [insert common industry problem]
  • [Number] Proven Strategies to [Desirable Outcome Keyword]

list of blog post topic generator

9) Answer The Public

Like all the others mentioned above, you just have to Enter your keyword & it’ll suggest content ideas in seconds for your Blog

You can also choose the language, but to change the location you have to upgrade to the pro version

But the free version just work’s fine, unless you wanna target specific countries

It will suggest the best headline for your article from many angles such as Question, Comparison, Related and much more.

10) Upworthy Generator

There is no keyword input system here

It will automatically show a headline with a visual and at the bottom  click on the “Generate Another” Button to refresh the headline

11) BlogAbout Title Generator

Refresh the button on the Blog about section and choose your ideal type

Click on Next

It will suggest a headline where you can customize it by filling up the Blanks

list of blog post topic generator

12) SEO’s Pressor Blog Post Title Generator

By using this tool you can get an endless suggestion, catchy titles, and other creative blogging topics and ideas

Enter the keyword and you can choose whether the keyword is a generic term or brand, skill, event, industry, location, etc

Next, click on “Generate Titles”

It will show you a list of some of the most catchy titles in your industry

list of blog post topic generator

You can also click on “Generate More Titles” for more headlines

13) Fatjoe Title Generator

Find your remarkable ideas Quickly and easily for your next killer blog post.

After you land on their website, there is an area where you can enter your seed term

Enter the term and click on “Generate Blog Title Ideas”

It will suggest you some of the sexiest Blog Title Ideas

list of blog post topic generator

These titles may not always be perfect. so, Tweak them as you see fit for your need.

14) Webfx Headline Generator

Enter your keyword and click on  “Give me an idea”

Unlike other which will show you a list of topics at once, Webfx will show only one headline but you can click on the “Keep ’em coming” button for more

list of blog post topic generator

15) Kiss Pr Title Generator

Create your next killer headline with Kiss Pr Headline and Topic Generator.

Enter your keyword and click on “Generate”.

list of blog post topic generator

16) Ahrefs Content Explorer

This one is a paid version.

With Ahrefs content explorer, you can discover the most popular content for any topic and get an insight on that Top webpage topics and headlines.

list of blog post topic generator

17) BuzzSumo

Go to Buzzsumo and enter the keyword for which you wanna see the top article

Buzzsumo will show you a list of sites and web pages of the most popular article on that topic.

From this too, you can get an idea for your next Blog post.

list of blog post topic generator

18) Title Generator

This tool can deliver you some of the best Awesome Titles and blog ideas.

Like all others, as usual, enter your keyword and click “Get Headlines”

It will compile you a list of headlines or blog ideas for that keyword but it is not always the best.

Just keep refreshing or go to page 2,3…to check out more.

list of blog post topic generator

19) Your Competition (Bonus Tip)

This is not a tool but it’s one of the most effective methods that have proven to work over time.

Spy on your competitor.

I am not recommending to exactly copy them but try to get an insight of them and create a better version of it.


If you leverage these wonderful resources, you will not find it that hard anymore to come up with great new ideas for your free blog posts content ideas generator.

This is not a complete list of blog post topic generator, However, for now, this list should suffice.

Anyway, what has been your favorite tool? If you got any cool tools, let me know in the comments RIGHT NOW?

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17 Comments on “19 Awesome Free Tool To Generate Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Hi
    This is a great post. These are not only blog title generator, it is also a fountain to get good idea for their postAwesome! Thanks!
    Best Regards

  2. Great Post
    Absolutely a great piece of content! <3
    Thanks for writing such lovely Post about blog title generator and ideas
    ~ Jennnnifer D🙂

  3. Wow ! Thanks, this is amazing.mostly beginners face many failures just cause of wrong title, iam also a beginner and learnt a lot from you post and have bookmark these tools for the future use.. thanks once again

  4. Wow ! Thanks, this is amazing.mostly beginners face many failures just cause of wrong title, iam also a beginner and learnt a lot from you post and have bookmark these tools for the future use.. thanks once again

  5. Awesome title generator tools.
    I tried hubspot blog title generator tool.
    Never heard the other. But glad you list them.

  6. Hi
    Here’s a great collection of tools you have here. I’ve used the HubSpot tool, Tweak Your Biz, and many others. However, there are some that are new to me, but the fact remains the same. These amazing tools will help you generate blog topic ideas that will last you for as long as you can remember. With these tools, you can confidently say, bye to writers block. So, for bloggers who’re having a hard time coming up with blog topics, use any of these tools, it’s worth your effort.

    1. Moss thanks for the comment!
      HubSpot Tool is a great tool to generate ideas and headline as well.It is also the most common among them,Yes. you are right these tools can help bloggers who’re having a hard time coming up with blog topic. Have a great day.

  7. For me, Hub Spot is always on top. I like the their whole system to create a unique headline and can be used to get the great post ideas as well.

    I have used many of them in past, and stayed with hubspot right now, although few are new ones, will put my hands on.
    Thanks !

    1. Navin Thanks for the comment!
      HubSpot Title generator is a very common and most popular tool. Also try out the other tools too.They are amazing in their own way. Anyway, Have a great day.

    1. Portent Content Idea Generator is a great tool to find amazing headlines and also blog post ideas at the same time.
      But sometimes the suggested ideas can come as little bit irrelevant and silly.
      I usually try around like 30 times and pick some thing from there.
      Anyway thanks for the comment and have an awesome day

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