KWFinder Review (2019) – KWFinder Is Best Keyword Research Tool Or Not ?


This Article is an Unbiased KWFinder Reviews

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et’s say you wanna write a new Blog Post or do a Product research for your E-commerce Store and what not

What you will come to find is that Keyword Research is the first important step in any digital war/competition 

Keyword Research Is the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing and an important part of creating content

It gives you greater insight into the competition and understanding the level of difficulty to rank for that specific keyword.

And determine a popular/profitable niche, find related markets, rank well in search engines for targetted topics and drive traffic to your site to  promote your products or services

Now here is the thing, there are a lot of Keyword Research Tool Out there

Sure there are Keyword Research Tool like Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool, LongTailPro, Etc

Even though KW Finder doesn’t offer the same breadth of SEO functionality as SpyFu, Moz Pro, Etc

It offers one of the best standalone keyword-driven SEO value of the bunch

KWFinder is also very useful if you want to find long tail keywords which are not competitive

I think KWFinder is hands down the best keyword research tool out there and a must-have tool for every blogger

KW Finder is a tool run by Mangools, a Slovakian-based company




KWFinder Review

Today we are gonna deal about KWFinder and its Pros and Cons, Uses, Etc

Let’s get into it in order to get a better understanding of the Product


KWFinder Review

Sometimes Price just seems to be the main Problem while looking at any Product

Luckily, KWFinder is very cheap compared to other keyword research tools in the market

As a matter of Fact, It is One of the cheapest premium keyword research tools on the market right now

Free KWFinder Plan

They do offer a free plan that gives you three keyword lookups and 50 related keywords per search every 24 hours.

You can just test the tool for free though it’s very limited:

  • 3 keyword lookups per 24 hours
  • 5 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 5 backlink lookups per 24 hours


It has a simple and most intuitive User Interface of any keyword research tool on the market

KWFinder Review

You just basically put the keywords you wanna research

Keep the location to the United States Cause you wanna know the details and possibly rank in and not only on or, Etc

And Change the Language to English Unless you wanna research for a particular area

You can choose from 40+ languages to get precisely localized results

KWFinder Review

It gives you some of the following metrics –

  • Search Volume Trend – It gives you search volume trend in the last 12 months.
  • Monthly Search Volume – Provides average monthly search volume in the last 12 months
  • Average CPC – Average cost per click in Google Adwords
  • PPC Competition –The level of competition in PPC in Google Adwords
  • Keyword SEO Difficulty – Calculated as the average Link Profile Strength (LPS) of URLs ranking in the 1st Google SERP

It shows the search trend over the past 1months of that Particular Keyword or term

Gives you the Exact Number of Searches and its related Keywords or LSI Keywords

Ranking Difficulty rate / Keyword SEO Difficulty metrics

Location & language setting to find search volume for local keywords

Low competition long tail keywords

KWFinder makes it easy for you to find new long tail keywords for any niche.


KWFinder gives you the option to put filters on your search for a more accurate Data according to your needs.

You can filter your Searches according to Searches, CPC, PPC, Keywords, Ranking Difficulty

KWFinder Review


Google has an Autocomplete feature where you just basically type in any keyword and it gives you more ideas for your main keyword.

It is very useful in case you want to understand what and how your audience is currently searching

Example, let’s say you try to search “Best Seo Tools” in Google search box, it will give you some results like this.

KWFinder Review

KWFinder used this Google API and integrated this service into the tool itself.

You just put your main keyword and click on Autocomplete

KWFinder Review

There you have it, a list of Terms related to your main Keywords


KWFinder Review

This will help you in understanding and know the common questions people ask about that topic which you wanna research or have the answer to their Problems

You can use this feature as an alternative to tools like Quora, Reddit, and Other Forum sites on your quest in search for trending topics

1 FOR 4 –

KWFinder Review

KWFinder offers Extra Three tools in the Mangools suite alongside the Keyword Research Tool


KWFinder Review

This tool is for your  keyword analysis in Google search engine results pages (SERP)

Here I used an example of Best SEO Tools where it shows you the list of Websites ranking for that Keyword

SERP checker also provides the following metrics for the top ranking URLs:

  1. Domain Authority (DA)
  2. Page Authority (PA)
  3. MozTrust (MT)
  4. MozRank (MR)
  5. SEO difficulty rank
  6. Links
  7. Facebook shares
  8. Estimated monthly visits


Now since you know that is ranking NO.1 for the term Best SEO Tools

Since Backlinks form one of the most important factors in Google determining the rank a page

You might be curious and wanna know a little insight of it Right?

Let’s dig a little bit

KWFinder Review

Just Put in the URL and click Find Backlinks

That’s pretty much it

KWFinder Review

You get all the info you want of that particular page right in front of you

And that’s all on one screen


KWFinder Review

SERPWATCHER tools track and let you know of your ranking

It tracks your progress daily

It provides you the report whether the keyword on your blog/Post is moving upward or downwards in SERP rankings

In this way, you can take appropriate actions if needed and retain your rank for that keyword 

You can even check your rankings in different Location and ranking position of your keywords on various dates and months

Keyword SEO Difficulty –

One among the many cool features of KWFinder is that they provide the Keyword Ranking Difficulty of the keyword you search

This saves a lot of time and research

But you should not rely fully on the SEO difficulty score of a particular keyword when you are choosing the keywords to rank.

You need to analyze and match it up with how much traffic a keyword is attracting per month.

For Example, Let’s use the “Best Seo Tools” as an example and see how difficult is it to rank for that keyword

KWFinder Review

This feature shows how competitive the keywords are

It scores 49/100 and is possible to rank if given some effort

They have scores defined as per their algorithm

KWFinder Review

O-9 being the Lowest and easiest to rank while 90-100 the hardest to rank


KWFinder Review

Let’s say you want to import and analyze a bunch of keywords at once

 KWFinder gives you a very quick and straightforward way to do that.

You can either type them in manually, drag & drop them into the box, or you can import a text file of your chosen keywords

For this Example, we have used ( Best SEO tools, Seo tools, SEO blogs, etc)

I don’t know why I put etc to the research 

But anyways

KWFinder Review


  • It is Super Fast and Easy to Use
  • Pricing is Affordable
  • Check Social Shares
  • It has Amazing User Interface
  • You can check your current Rank and Track its Progress
  • Provides Backlinks Checker
  • Auto Suggestion Keywords
  • All data and information on one page, etc


KWFinder Review- Even though KW Finder is not as detail and thorough as other Keyword Research Tool out there such as  SEMRUSH, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool, LongTailPro

I love the fact that the user-interface is so easy, newbie-friendly, organized and simple at presenting large amounts of data in a relatively small space.

It has a lot of potentials and will work best if you have a small or medium Blog/ website

You’ll find yourself relying on it more and more once you start exploring KWFinder’s various features to help you with all aspects of your research.

I personally think it is reasonably priced compared to its features 

KWFinder is a tool you need to have on your Blogging Journey or whatever the reason you may need to do a keyword research

We hope this article helped you to clear your doubts on KWFinder

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KWFinder Review


When it comes to competitor-based keyword research, I think it only makes sense in combination or use other tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc
But if you are a small or Medium Blogger and website owner I think KWFinder will work and do magic for you
With KWFinder it gives you a bunch of keyword ideas, grasps a keyword difficulty at a glance
You can even analyze your competitor pages with their readily available metrics.
KWFinder is a tool every website owner should consider in order to develop their site and Blogging Journey

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11 Comments on “KWFinder Review (2019) – KWFinder Is Best Keyword Research Tool Or Not ?”

  1. I have been using KWFinder for some time and i think its a great tool
    and i especially like the Backlinks checker
    recommend it to everyone

  2. I always use this for my keyword research and even the free paln is enough for me since my blog is small right now.3 keyword lookups per 24 hours is enough and i first do all the reaearch with Spyfu, later on i just use it for the final touch of analyzing the keywords seo difficulty which is one of the coolest part about this tool.

  3. I always used Google Keyword Planner but recently found this tool and absolutely love using it. Its so simple to use

  4. I absolutely love the linkminer, It helps me check the backlinks of the top sites ranking for my keyword.Funny story, i once emulate the backlinks of one of the top sites and in 3 weeks my ranking shot up to the first page from nowhere.But the keyword was not competitive though.

  5. KWFinder is one of the resource that we use. The best thing we like about the tool is the ability to check the keyword difficulty and you can also check if someone is paying for the position.
    If you are serious about keyword research this tool can help you rank among the competitive environment.
    Many big companies and Digital Marketers use this tool.
    Great review Priya.

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