11 Timeless Keyword Research Tips


Keyword research is a vital part of your SEO strategy.

…However, it isn’t as easy as it used to be in the early 2010s

You need to know which words to focus on to optimize your website and its content for search engines

And Its easy back in the days, but now it’s different

So what should you do?


We have just the right solution for you

We all know and agree that it’s way more difficult to get rankings in Google compared to back in the good old days

…You see,

In the past, People be like oh my God! I just open this website and am No.1 for this keyword and earning this much ..blah.. blah. blah…

That’s not the case anymore and doesn’t work now in this era

I really wish it did work like it used to

…But sadly it doesn’t

So Here are 5 powerful keyword research tips to rank in Google

1) Find BuzzWord

keyword research tips

Nowadays things are constantly changing at a very fast pace

..Here is what I mean,

Why not go after new and interesting things

Whether it may be cryptocurrency, new iPhone or products which hasn’t become much of a trend yet and has less competition

Go after new and upcoming terms and phrases

..Here is how to find that,

Just use Google Trends

There is no secret future predicting software or stuff like that

Google Trends will break down and show what’s hot and what’s cold

keyword research tips

..Is the trend going up or down?

Go after all the ones which are new and steadily climbing


Because these are the ones which people haven’t been trying to rank for and the competition is less

So what do you expect if you create a through content around that term?

You will boost and skyrocketed to the top

And the best part is that you will skyrocket way faster

2) Find Questions Through Quora

keyword research tips

Quora is another great site to find ideas to create content for

…You see,

People are asking in Quora because there is not a single site which answers the user question

..Imagine if you are the only one creating content on that topic

All the people searching for that term are eventually gonna swarm in your site because there is no other site talking about it

….Here’s how you do it,

Just simply go to Quora and type in keywords which are related to your Space or niche

Next, you will see all the popular question that people are asking in your industry

..But the cool part is that,

Quora is based on user feedback, you will see their answers and upvotes

Now this will give you more idea of what type of content people are actually searching for in your niche

…If a question has a lot of engagement such as upvotes and responses

That means a lot of people are actually curious and interested to learn on that particular topic

So by creating content which is more thorough and detailed about it

You are not only gonna rank higher but increase your traffic too

3) Focus On What Consumers Are Looking For

keyword research tips

When you focus only on the nitty-gritty of SEO you may lose sight of the bigger picture

Understand what your customers are looking for and optimize your content around the core needs and problems of your target audience

Build an SEO strategy by understanding what your customers are actually looking for.

…..Create content that will serve a purpose for your audience

This will not only help you to create relevant content that your customers want to read but also your content will rank higher in Google.

4) Determine The Number Of Clicks

keyword research tips

There are just some keyword, even if you rank in the top No. 1 Spot

….You just won’t get many clicks

For Example: Let’s take a keyword, “Barack Obama age,” that has a search volume of 6,600 searches per month

keyword research tips

Considering the massive number of searches if you rank at the top for that keyword, you might have the hope of generating tons of traffics

…But that’s not the case

In reality, A fair share of Google’s real estate is taken by an instant answer to that search query: 56 years.

keyword research tips

…Does it even make sense to click anything at this point?

The motive behind this keyword is just to know the age of Barack Obama

So if Google gives an instant result, Chances of users actually clicking around is less

So at this point is it really worth the effort in putting out the content


5) SEMrush

Go to SEMrush.com

Type in your main competitor

keyword research tips

Scroll down and you will see all the Top Paid keywords

That’s the list of all the top keywords that advertisers are paying money for

keyword research tips

If the advertisers are continually paying money for that keyword, that means it’s continually driving them traffic and sales

6) Spy On Your Competitors

keyword research tips

There is nothing wrong with spying over your competitor

Research the keywords that they already rank for and cherry-pick the best ones.

…..In case you don’t know who is your competitor

Type in your seed keywords into Google and the page ranking on the front page can be considered as your competitor

Let’s say you wanna target the term “gifts for music lovers”

..Go ahead and type in Google search

The first spot is taken by uncommongoods.com.

keyword research tips

Now, go to Ahrefs and enter the website

Go to Organic Search>Organic Keyword…..

It will show you all the keyword the website is currently ranking for Organically

keyword research tips

7) Google Analytics

People are typing keywords into your site search bar because they can’t find what they’re looking for.

…..They’re interested in the content which is somewhere on your site But couldn’t find it.

By gathering these specific ideas and keywords, you have more insights on what people are actually interested for

This one is pretty Simple…..

Start by clicking the “Admin” link at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar in your Google Analytics:

keyword research tips

Next, Click on the “View” column on the right:

keyword research tips

Scroll down to the bottom and enable the “Site Search Tracking” option:

keyword research tips

Search queries won’t show up automatically but will start pouring in over the next few weeks.

8)  Google Suggest

This one is no brainer

……We all know it

But funny enough, not many take advantage of it

I mean if you are not necessarily in a competitive industry, Google Suggest is more than enough for your keyword research……

You start typing a search query and allows Google to autocomplete or suggest to complete the phrase:

keyword research tips

But for us as a marketer, you have to make a twist on how you allow Google to autocomplete your search

…..Underscore the character anywhere in your search query to get suggestions for searches

Some Examples :

keyword research tips


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keyword research tips

keyword research tips

These simple tweaks here and there will help you uncover more keyword ideas

9) UberSuggest

I couldn’t recommend more about the awesomeness of this tool

Thanks, Neil for providing this amazing tool for free  😉…..

If you don’t know what UberSuggest is, Simply It’s a Keyword research tool

First of all, Go to UberSuggest

…..Type in your Keyword

keyword research tips

It will show  it’s search volume, CPC, and its Competition

keyword research tips

Along with other ideas related to the seed keyword or LSI Keyword

keyword research tips

10) Searches Related To

Google search results are another source to find related phrases as suggested by Google Itself

Type in any keyword that you want to target for an article or product page:

keyword research tips

Scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the “Searches related to…” for that keyword:

keyword research tips

This little area is a gold mine for long tail keywords.

11) Don’t Focus Always On Keyword

keyword research tips

…..Focus on a Theme

What I mean by this is that, focus on one specific niche

If your site is about Food, then you wanna have a website that is all about Food like Delish.com

Or you wanna have a website about SEO and Online Marketing, make sure to maintain a theme where you write only about Marketing and SEO. Examples like Backlinko and Moz

Create Detailed content about specific detail topics…..

When I say specifically I mean really detailed specifics

I am not talking about “how to increase your traffic“…

I am talking about “how to grow your traffic through Guest Blogging”

…..You see how specific that was

By creating content on “growing your traffic through Guest Blogging

And also at the same time having a super detail article on how to grow your traffic everything from A-Z  not only through guest blogging but also with other sources

You are gonna dominate anyone who is trying to create content on the term “how to grow your website traffic”

…..This will helps you more in ranking for long-tail keywords

When Google released the Hummingbird update,

They are not just trying to rank the most popular site or the one with the most backlinks and social shares

But the ones with the most thorough and detailed page…

By Creating super through and detail content which are high in quality, you will notice that your site will start ranking for all the keywords related to your Industry


……You shouldn’t Keyword research as a box to tick off mindlessly before hitting Publish.

Remember that keyword research starts with understanding the website’s audience mindset first

If you want to sell a Nike shoe, you need buyer intent visitors but your keyword is “Nike shoes”, the visitors have not been filtered out yet and are not targetted

But on the flip side if you use the keyword “Buy Nike shoes”, now that’s where your customers are

Keyword varies according to business…..

Don’t just use the keyword because it has a high search volume but optimize your keyword to drive qualified traffic.

…..There’s obviously more to keyword research than that.

So I would like to pass down the mic to you and Share some of your favorite tips and tricks that you didn’t see me mention in this guide

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8 Comments on “11 Timeless Keyword Research Tips”

  1. These are really worthy tips for keywords research. If you are on a niche blogging then it’s required even on multi-niche but still content production is main factor for both case though.

    Since you have listed 11 tips here but one of my favorite is Quora, where you get the people’s respect what they are exactly looking for and you also get the other’s opinion;

    Really helpful for bloggers


    1. Hi Satya Thanks for taking the time to comment
      I also agree with you, Quora is a goldmine to get blog ideas,and their thoughts and opinion on a particular subject

  2. Great post. Keyword research is relevant and plays a crucial role in content optimization – both email and website. Your tips are good. However, I believe that keyword research has to start from your site. What I’m saying is that, as a website owner you already rank for some keywords. So it s best that you find those keywords, make a list of them and use them in your content. But if your blog or website is new, certainly you are not yet ranking for any keywords. That’s where spying on your competitors comes in. Find keywords they’re ranking for and add them to your list of keywords. Remember, you will make a list of both seed keywords and LSI keywords – related keywords.

    1. Hi Moss thanks so much for the comment!
      You are 100% right. Finding keywords that are already ranking and adding LSI keywords will help more in ranking for related terms to the seed keyword

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