7 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Today we’re going to talk about how to increase your email open rates.

Emails are an integral part of your online business.

But it wouldn’t mean anything if nobody was opening those emails right?

Let us see how to address this issue in this blog post.


Follow Below 7 Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rates

Here are 7 tips for you that will shed some light on how to increase your email open rates.


1. Resend the email to Unopened

Tip number one is to resend the emails that you send out to people who don’t open them after a few days.

It’s completely and totally okay to use whatever email service provider.

But you have to send to those people who didn’t open.

I mean everybody has busy lives, we don’t often see every single email that comes across our inbox

It’s okay to do this and there are many people after initially hearing this tip and are like I’m scared of sending the same email to somebody else.

But most email service providers like convertkit are now sophisticated enough to understand whether or not a person has opened that email.

And a quick tip for you just in case I would recommend you to change the subject line and maybe a little bit in the intro of that email just in case.

But you will get high your email open rates guaranteed. 

Follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.

So, if you were to leave this article this early, just take this one tip it will guarantee higher open rates for you.


2. Use relevant and attention Grabbing Headline

Tip number two is to make sure the subject line is something that is relevant and worth opening.

Obviously, your subject line is the first thing people see when they receive your email.

And all that great content that you have inside, well it doesn’t matter if nobody opens.

So, make sure that the subject line is worth opening. Kindly ensure you follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.

Here are a few Tips:

  • Making sure that it’s actually relevant to what it is that they might need help with.
  • Perhaps even sharing a little bit of what’s inside and
  • Making it short enough for a person to understand

I think this is the place where most of the people get it all wrong.

Email subject lines aren’t very long in terms of, it can get truncated especially on a mobile device.

So keeping it short and concise can encourage a person to open it up amongst all the other emails that they might be getting to now.

Quick sidenote about these subject lines is that you could be inclined to write something a little bit exaggerated or outrageous so that you can get a person to open it.

However, the most important thing is that you deliver on the promise or actually follow through with what the subject line says.

Don’t use clickbait because clickbait turns into click hate and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

Your subject line is seriously one of the most important sentences and lines in your email.

It’s pretty much the same as an Ad copy or the tagline of an ad.

The main job of your subject headline is to grab attention and draw people in and to get them interested in your email or in what you have to offer inside your email.

Some Generic headlines aren’t gonna cut it.

Rather I would suggest you Invest some of your extra time in crafting the subject line before hitting that send button.

To help you with that, Here are a quick 5 tips to jumpstart:

Ask a question: By simply using a question in your subject headline, it will make your email more personal and creates a connection with the users viewing your emails.

To Further help you with that, Switch Your “From” Name,

Rather than using your company name, go with your own name.

Order a command: Believe it or not, the best way to get your audience to do something is to be more direct with your users or audience and command them to take action.

Give a little bit of teaser: Sometimes, people love just love cliffhangers. Give them a little preview or a trailer and if done correctly, this teaser strategy will pique the user interest and will entice your subscribers to read on.

Create a list: Bulletin and Lists makes reading much easier and simpler to read and understand.

It naturally gives you the chance to showcase and demonstrate your points in a more compelling way.

Announcement Strategy: This strategy works and I mean really works. Using a Subject line don’t need to be complicated and especially if your main goal of the email is to announce something new products or services or updates.

Just be straightforward about what your email is about and people will accept it dearly.


3. Subscribe to your list

Number three subscribe to your own email list so that you can see how that email is received and can make improvements over time.

A lot of times you don’t even know how your email is read until you actually see it in person amongst all the other emails that you might be getting at the same time.

Does that subject lines stand out? Is it actually something that I would click on if I saw it in my inbox?

You can actually see for yourself when you make that happen now.

Another thing you could do is send yourself a test email before you send out the broadcast so that you can actually see it in your inbox in the context of how a person might actually receive that note from you.

Another great thing about sending a test email to yourself is that you can double check all the links, you can read it out loud to make sure it’s grammatically correct and all that good stuff.

By doing this you’re going to improve the quality of your emails and of course and thus encourage more people to open them when they receive them over time.

This tip helps you for sure to increase your email open rates.


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4. Choose the Right time to send the Email

Next number four is considering the time of the day where you schedule your emails to go out.

Whether there are autoresponder emails or especially broadcast emails, the time of the day you send them can help encourage people to open them.

Because if you were to send them at for example 1:00 a.m. in the morning a number of emails might come in between then and when that person wakes up where it might get lost in the mix.

Typically when I running promo emails or do really important broadcast emails, our team usually send them and schedule them for about 7 a.m. in the morning Pacific time.

That way I kind of get the west coast of the United States when everybody’s waking up and when they first check their emails not too many other emails may come out before.

They wake up and see that and also I get the people right before they go to lunch on the East Coast.

So, I’m able to get people in the morning when they are more likely to open those emails and of course, make sure you test on your own and you can change things over time to see what works best for you.

7 a.m. in the morning typically works best on the promotions that we do through our email list now.

Obviously, you might send out emails later in the day for specific reasons.

Try to follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.

For example “hey there’s only a few hours left for this promotion” or perhaps something that’s time-based that you don’t want to wait until the next day to send out, so you would send it the evening.

Again it’s up to you but just pay attention to the time that you send the emails because that does matter.


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5. Write Better and enticing emails

Kindly ensure you follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.

How about just write better emails, when you write better emails and there’s more value in there you share some wins people are actually getting some good advice from you.

Then naturally people are gonna be more likely to open the future emails that you send out.

One thing that I love to do is encourage people and hope you can do this too is one of the first emails that people get after they subscribe to your list have it to be something that includes a small quick win.

Something that they didn’t have before that, they can now do in a short time period to get a reward from you

That way they’re gonna be more encouraged to open your future emails.

You’re essentially training your audience to want to continue to open those emails in the future that they that come their way.

So whether it’s a value email or perhaps a promotional one they’re gonna be more likely to open it because you’ve proven that “hey these are actually worth opening”


6. Encourage People to Reply

I would suggest you to encourage people to reply back to you.

Follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.

This is especially helpful for you if you’re a brand new business and you’re just starting out because you actually have the time to read each of these emails.

But you also have the time to reply and this is gonna be something that blows people’s minds because they’re not going to be expecting that.

And so this is a quick way to start to build some fans to start communicating with your audience.

It enables you to understand better what their problems and pains are.

So you can help them out and it just has them realized that you are a real person on the other end of this Internet where most people hide behind their keyboard while you’re there encouraging them to communicate with you.

And this strategy definitely says a lot about you and why you’re doing what you’re doing.


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7. Get to know your audience

You need to and is a must to know and understand the need of your customers.

If you have multiple products and services, how do you know what topics or products they’re interested in? Do you even understand and know their mindset on why they joined your email list in the first place?

Can you understand their problems/question and help it address them?

You see, by understanding your email audience, it will be like a cheat code to getting the results you want from your email campaigns. It’s necessary to grow.

When you understand and earn more about what your audience is in your list, you really can start to offer to personalize offer or target your contacts with more relevant information to them rather than the general info.

Because the more specific it is the more you can help and the more you help, the more your business will benefit from it.

Here are three simple tips:

Survey: Simply send about 1-4 short survey questions your email to find out what products/services/ topics your readers are interested and wanting to learn more about

Poll: Poll is used my many huge brands and companies to get feedback from their customers and improve on the area that seems worth improving.

You can ask your readers to just take a quick and one question poll.

Reports: Data and analytics are a must to pay attention to if you want to succeed in your business. Check the CTR and utilize the reports and get a breakdown of who is clicking to read each piece of content.

Kindly ensure you follow this tip so that you able to increase your email open rates.


Final Words

Hope you learned by now about these seven tips to increase your email open rates.

But at the end of the day, these are all just hacks to test how the human brain really works and bending it to get the most response

And while it might be tricks and hacks just to capture the user’s attention in just a quick 3–4 seconds, but you are just still a human and they the recipients are too.

So, Your emails need to maintain that human quality which is personal, a warm, touch which can be felt by both the sender and recipient.

Be genuine and don’t fake it.

And good luck to you, let me know in the comment section below what tip of these seven tips is your favorite and which one you’re gonna implement.

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