11 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018


You have written you 20-30 blog post but your traffic hasn’t increased.

 And your hard work is not paying off.

Does this sound familiar?

Then this guide is especially for you

To be honest It’s tough……

The competition is really tough

And getting traffic is really dang Hard more than ever

You’ve tried every “method” out there but it’s not working

That is the reason why you came here Right!

Well, then, first of all, there are two broad ways to increase website traffic 

  • Free traffic &
  • Paid traffic.

But let’s talk about Free traffic today

You want the free traffic, right?

Everybody wants free.

And there is nothing wrong about that

You may have read many articles on how to increase your  web traffic

But you are not seeing any result


Cause none of them are highly actionable

When you have the right strategy and system it’s really not that hard to increase your website traffic.

Here is an infographic showing breakdown of traffic sources


increase website traffic


The first Thing you need to do is

1. Optimize your website for Google

Before you click off saying this is one of those clickbait articles again

I Just wanna say that even though you tried as much as you can to increase your traffic

Without optimizing your website

Truth hurts but your site  will never do well, You will never  get much traffic

And will be always  low on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Rankings

and unfortunately, Search engines have always been a major way to get traffic for free.

Then what is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is a process of refining websites for better user experience, boosting search engine traffic, content and improving the page speed.

In other words small or big changes made to your website for incremental improvements,

But when combined with other optimizations, they could have a noticeable impact on your site’s user experience and increase performance in organic search results.

Like I said before even it is a  small change or improvement but it will have a huge impact on your site overall experience

Some of the tips to optimize your website are-

– Improve your URLs  structure (Go to Settings<< Permalinks<<Post name)

– Make your site navigation simple and easier

-Use keyword rich HTML  heading tags

-Optimize your page titles

– Check your Page title length

– Use appropraiate Keywords you want to rank for

– Making your page title look good in the search results

-Optimize your descriptions for a better CTR

-Optimize your content (Constantly update it with new info)

– Put Keywords within content

– Maintain Keyword variance

– Good Content length ( I would recoomend 500-800 words)

– Optimize your images ( Use tools like WP Smush )

– Outbound links

– increase your Page load speed (check on pingdom, Google Page insights, Gmetrix)

– Ad placement (Dont compensate your readers comfort for some few bucks, Always think for long term)

– Page layout

– Readability

2. Create Quality Viral Content

increase website traffic

What is Viral content?

An image, video, piece of information, etc circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another.

Create Quality content 

Bill Gates Said “Content is King ” which he mentioned in his essay in 1996

Do a lot of research before you publish your article

Include Data to show or support  your statement

Analyse your competitor 

A viral article will contribute significantly to your customer acquisition, engagement, and brand image.

After publishing start promoting your content on different social media sites, forums which are related to your niche

3. Keep your content fresh

increase website traffic

Why is keeping fresh content even important?

increase website traffic

Because you don’t want people to find information on your website that is outdated or isn’t valid anymore

Update your blog post which got the most traffic

 Re-promote any of the old content you just updated.

Review or analyze the keywords you have used in the past for that particular post

Cause at times the value keyword too changes

If your ranking drop you might wanna consider researching new keywords for that post

And if some of your blog posts is becoming really old and outdated and isn’t much of a trend anymore

and nobody reads it 

Then I would suggest you  delete it 

Some posts are evergreen and some aren’t.

4. Crush it with social media

increase website traffic

You have published a very good post

Now just sit back and relax

People will come pouring in to read your article

NO that’s not gonna work

You think hitting the  increase website traffic  button is the end

That’s just the beginning 

You have to promote your content 

without promoting you won’t get much traffic

A data recently provided by  Internet World Stats shows that 78 percent of the population in the U.S is online 

increase website traffic

Engage with Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc

Google rank website based on many factors and social sharing is one of the vital parts 

Share your content on your official page 

Remember to use a catchy description for your social media postings. 

Share the post again this time with your personal account and ask your friends or followers to do the same

Repeat this process on all of the social media sites

Don’t be spammy (Don’t Repost  too much)

Mix blog post with videos too or create an infographic for the thumbnail

Add sharing buttons to your website

Building a network of targetted followers on social media sites takes time 

But at the end, the result is worth it

and if you are in the B2C niche they are more likely to convert.

5. Interlink your blog post

increase website traffic

What is Interlinking?

Linking to your other blog post is called interlinking

Interlinking is a good strategy to revive your old blog post

You mention about you a particular topic you have written in the past which co-relates with the current topic you are writing about

And say like click here to find out more about it

For example, I have a blog post on How to increase your Instagram followers and also another article on why you are losing your Instagram followers.

Interlink them as they are related to the same subject of Social Media

You get the point right and that strategy drives traffic to your least seen post

By the way in case you already don’t know how to set up your custom domain email you can check it out too

Usefulness of Interlinking 

  • It certainly drive more traffic from search engine
  •  The pages which are linked more often will get a high PR
  • Bring more page views 
  • Make search engine crawl each page, This way you can bring more search traffic in the long run.
  • Interlinking helps in On-page SEO
  • Low Bounce rate since this helps in keeping visitors for a longer time

Tips on interlinking

  • Interlink towards the beginning of your content that way it passes more juice.
  • Your linking should be relevant according to the topic and are related by keyword.
  • Don’t spam with keyword oriented links

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6. Guest post on high traffic websites

increase website traffic

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, it simply means writing and publishing a blog or an  article on someone else’s website or blog.

Really its so hard to find websites that accept guest posting

You may find here and there for some small sites but its very hard to find  authority websites offering guest post unless you have a connection

Use This Guest Posting Tool

Disclaimer: This is not an affiliate 

Go to Guest Post Tracker

It is software built to help you manage your guest post submissions

It supplies you with a list and has the most up to date list of blogs that you can submit guest posts

and the software lets you track all of your submissions.

Of course like all software It cost some bucks to use that tool 

But since I told you that today we are gonna talk about free 

Here is a list of the blogs that allow guest posting

Benefits of Guest Posting-

  • More people will see your work
  • Generate Quality referral traffic
  • Get exposure back to your website
  • Build backlinks to your website
  • Build Relationships


  • Dont be spammy
  • Deliver Quality content (Content is King)
  • Dont take it as  strategy to build links
  • Dont spun artices 

7. Dominate with Quora

increase website traffic

I know what you are thinking

But it can be put into the category of Social media marketing

This is like a forum site where you can meet endless potential clients or customers 

Literally, this is like a goldmine for traffic, customers, sales, etc

People ask questions, and you post answers.

Simply visit the site, enter a keyword in your niche to find questions you want to answer for

And if you post good relevant answers that help them

They might wanna check your site out and if you put relevant links back to your site,

You can receive a big boost in traffic.

We are already halfway through

Anyway let’s continue

The next thing you need to do is

8. Target Low Keywords

increase website traffic

What are Low Keywords?

Low competition Keywords are those keywords that have a good monthly search volume but relatively low competition. 

If your niche is too broad and highly competitive 

My suggestion is you start slow

Go for low competitive keywords

This can drive an awesome amount of traffic to your website.

You can work up from that

Let’s say you have 10 articles on your blog ranked for low competitive Keywords 

The traffic even though it’s not much, Ummm let’s take a minimum guess of 300 per day on each article or blog post

It will amount to something like … Let’s do the math 

10 articles × 300 =3000 per/day

Not pretty bad right!

Imagine over 50 articles ranking for low volume searches

You will get a good amount of traffic

9. Wikipedia Editor

increase website traffic


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What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free, open content online encyclopedia created through the collaborative effort of a community of users known as Wikipedians.

I know

it seems strange 

But they are an online traffic source just waiting to be taken advantage of

But boy oh boy it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Your website can be added to a spam list if links to your website keep continually getting added to Wikipedia articles

Like this one below

increase website traffic

It is one of the biggest, oldest and most authoritative websites on the internet 

Wikipedia isn’t only a backlink, it’s a traffic generating, natural backlink generating mechanism

You can write your entry on the topic you are most actionable about 

Just put your mindset only about adding relevant quality content, not links.

 If your account is brand new. You might want to build up your credibility by editing multiple pages, marketing yourself

And links will come in automatically once you prove your credibility

This one is really a long-term plan and it’s really worth the wait  if you play well

10. Offline Marketing

increase website traffic

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing is any promotion or advertisement that is published and released outside the Internet.

In simple terms it means marketing that is done without the use of Internet.

With the rapid  rise in popularity of online marketing, many proven offline methods are beginning to fade away

Some tactics are

  • Engage in offline guerrilla marketing

      Leave sticky notes in random places like your school, club etc

     Use chalk to advertise promotions on a sidewalk.

     Accidentally leave a branded pen 

     Use sticky notes to create temporary images on buildings, cars, etc.


  • Distribute Business cards Whenever Possible
  • Donate gift certificates or products as prizes
  • Speak at events
  • Sponsor a community event

 Even though it doesn’t have much impact on your site

It can create brand awareness and they can impact your bottom line and mix up your marketing efforts.

11. Do a Giveaway

increase website traffic

One powerful strategy to boost page views, increase email subscribers, and drive traffic to the like button on your blog’s Facebook Page is to host a giveaway

You want to attract quality subscribers who would eventually turn to customers. Right?

That’s the ultimate goal for any business.

Some tips for your Giveaway

1. Choose your Product for the Giveaway Carefully

You can give products related to your niche Or you can run a survey or a poll and you can literally choose the most voted products of services instead of you researching on what to provide.

2. Do Guest Posts giveaway

In case you don’t have anything to give, Do a Guest Posts giveaway, Let’s say For example 5 lucky winners will be given a chance for guest posts if your blog has a considerable amount of traffic

3. Offer free Advertising on Your Blog
4. Promote your Giveaway


So there you go, 11 Ways  to increase website traffic

Normally if you do some of these tactics You will be in no time getting traffic

I really hope it helps 

If you got any problem leave a comment and let’s sort it out together

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