How To Set Up Zoho Mail with a Custom Domain  for your Website/Business

how to create create Zoho mail


By the end of this tutorial,

You will have know from A-Z on how to set up your own Professional Business email with Zoho.

But First why Business email??

How to set up Zoho mail

Benefits of a professional email address

  • …….Increase Professional Perception
  •  Build Your Business Credibility
  • Builds trust……
  • Backup and contingency strategies service in case the server goes down gets hacked or simply closes its doors
  • ………….It keeps you out of spam filters
  • Wins Customer Trust

An Example is that When you send an email to someone with a Gmail account ( and another one with your own custom domain email (,

The email sent with your custom domain name looks more professional and will have more impact on it than the one sent with a Gmail account.

Now that we know some of the importance of having your own Custom domain professional email……

……Let’s get started

So how do you set up your own professional email with your domain name?

I am gonna walk you through from A-Z on how to set up Zoho mail

Its easy as 123……

There are some ways to get a professional email with your custom domain name, But I personally use and recommend Zoho mail 

Why is Zoho Mail The Preferred One?

Cause mail services for custom domains typically come with a fee, but Zoho offers a free mail service for up to 10 users on a single custom domain.


You should own the domain name that you want to use as your mail domain.

You should have access to the Cpanel of your Hosting Account

Let’s get into it

Just follow these steps and you should be good to go-

Step 1 – Go to (Click Here

How to set up Zoho mail

Make sure you select Business email and click Sign up now

Step 2- You will be taken to the Zoho pricing page 

Just scroll down until you see the Free plan 

Select Get Started

How to set up Zoho mail

Step 3- Input your Domain and click Add 

How to set up Zoho mail

Step 4 Add you Information

How to set up Zoho mail

Note: In the administrator input the title/name you want to use. Example- / /

Step 5-  They will ask you about your details like phone number and verification code and all those stuff.

I hope you can manage that

Step 6- It will bring you to the Domain set up / verification Dashboard

How to set up Zoho mail

Now you have to verify that you own the Domain name

So just click on the choose button and select your Hosting provider

How to set up Zoho mail

Note: If your Hosting provider is Hostgator use Cpanel. Choose Your respective Hosting Provider 

If you buy your Domain name from Godaddy and host your site on another hosting provider, you have to select the Hosting Provider  and not the Domain name registrar site 

Example- If you Buy from Godaddy but you host your website on Hostgator choose Cpanel 

At the same time if you buy your Domain name from Godaddy and also Host on Godaddy just choose Godaddy from the drop-down menu.

Basically, it’s just choosing your hosting site.

It works Just the same for all of them

Now that is cleared out of the way let continue

In my case, I will go with Godaddy

How to set up Zoho mail

Step 7- Now the next step is for you to add these codes to your Hosting provider

If for some reason you don’t know to add CNAME records here is a Tutorial ( CLICK HERE )

Step 8- After you add the CNAME  just click Proceed to CNAME verification and click VERIFY NOW

How to set up Zoho mail

Sometimes it takes around 1 hr to show Success 

Don’t panic it’s perfectly fine

Your TTL is long for some by default 

Step 9- It will bring you to this page for one last chance to make sure 

How to set up Zoho mail

or if you want to change the administrator name as we have discussed in Step 4.

Click Create Account

Step 10- Next is the Add users tab 

If you want to add users then just click add users 

It pretty simple but if you are one man just click Skip

How to set up Zoho mail

Step 11- Its the same as the step 9 

If you want to create a group 

Just click Skip if you don’t want.

Step 12-  In the email configure tab, You have to add the MX records to your hosting provider 

Mx records allow us to send and receive email on your professional website

It’s just the same as before when you add the CNAME Record 

Go ahead and input the MX records

How to set up Zoho mail

Like before it takes some to show the MX records according to your Hosting Provider and TTL you set. So don’t panic 

 Wait for some time

OK next  Click MX lookup

How to set up Zoho mail

If it looks like this that means you are still on the track

Step 13- Add the TXT records to your Hosting provider

How to set up Zoho mail

Because if you don’t the email you sent to others will look like this

It will have a Red question mark 

So make sure you add the TXT record

How to set up Zoho mail

Like before this also may take some time

Step 14- If you want to migrate your email list you can select other than that just click Skip

Step 15- In the Mobile access tab they will show you about Zoho app for mobile devices 

You can just click Skip Or If you want mobile access, you can  just go to app store and download it

How to set up Zoho mail

Step 16- Go to Zoho workplaceHow to set up Zoho mail

You will be directed to your professional email inbox where they will show you some tutorials and that’s pretty much it.

Now you Have your professional business email

Next, go to your CPanel

Under the tab Email << Go to Registered email IDs

How to set up Zoho mail

Next, Enter your Email id from Zoho you just get and enter submit

How to set up Zoho mail

You are all set and done  

Oh, wait!

In case you are wondering how will my display name be when I sent someone an email 

Will it be your name or XYZ or whatever

We got you 


You will be greeted with a page like 

How to set up Zoho mail

Click on the Send mail as and Hover down your Primary email where you will see the edit pen icon

How to set up Zoho mail

And there you go 

Now You have your own professional business email.


Thanks for reading till the end, It means a lot to me

I really hope this helps

if you have some problems Leave a comment  and let’s sort out together

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