How to Sell Ad Space on Your Website

how to sell ad space on your website


….If you Own A Website chances are you might have already searched or Googled on how to monetize your site

And while you are on that quest, you must have come across on this topic below …..

How to Sell Ad Space on Your Website

Before we further proceed I just wanna make sure that your site is self-hosted 

……and you are blogging on instead of

Click here in case you wanna learn on how to start your blog in details

Now that is cleared out of the way lets continue 

First of all, let’s break down this question down into two parts…….

  • What are the requirements to get started?
  • Selling through ad Network or sellling Directly?

Requirements to get started –

  • …..You must have a website.
  • Your website should have minimum 5–6 pages and must offer rich enough content………
  •  For best result, your site must be one niche dedicated.
  • ……….Your site or blog must be active for at least six months and generate (even though not much) but a loyal, dedicated sufficient amount of traffic

Some of the Sites in the category of selling through Ad network-

  • Google Adsense
  • Propeller ads
  • Ayboll
  • Adspact
  • Buysellads
  • Clicksor
  • Adroll, etc

…..They work more or less the same 

Its just some of them deal in Content Marketing, some in Pop up Ads, etc.

The list goes on and on……

Different forms of Ads –

  • ….Pop up Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Static display Ads…….
  • Animated Ads
  • …….Interactive Ads, etc

Types of Ads You can sell on your Blog or Website

1.Cost-per-click or CPC ads 

how to sell ad space on your website

In CPC Ads are sold on a per-click basis

It means you are paid when a user clicks on the ad…….

The CPC value of an ad is calculated by the formula given below 


….And for calculating your Ad earnings

how to sell ad space on your website

One Con of this Ad types is that For example, if you have low traffic, and your ads are not placed at strategic locations,

Then you may get a very low CTR for ads on your website……

Top highest paying PPC ad networks

Google Adsense




……And the list goes on and on

2. Cost per mille or CPM ads

how to sell ad space on your website

This type of ad ads is sold based on how many times they are displayed.

Irrespective of whether the users click them or not……..

This type of Ad works better if you have a high traffic website

……..Most CPM networks pay around $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (it depends upon various factors)

3. Affiliate Ads

.how to sell ad space on your website

Basically, affiliate ads work like this ……

You send traffic to an advertiser’s website, through your affiliate link or banner ads

And you get paid when the user completes a task or performs something through your link

…….Whether it may be purchasing something, creating an account, downloading an app/ebook/software, etc.

Each affiliate network has their own cookie duration

How Display, Banner and Pop-Up ad work?

Display advertising is bought and sold on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis or CPM basis

Banner advertising works by selling space on your website within which to serve ads.

PopAds earns money through impressions but it comes with an annoyance factor


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Find an ad network that suits your needs……

They will then connect your website to the marketplace 

……Advertisers will be able to buy your ad inventory.

Here is how it works 

1. You make your ad spaces available

how to sell ad space on your website

Place your ad code on your site, make your website ad spaces available……

You can choose where you want the ads to appear by pasting the ad code in the area you wish to appear

2. The highest paying ads appear on your site

how to sell ad space on your website

……..Advertisers in real-time auctions will bid to show in your ad spaces.

The highest paying Ad will show on your site.

3. You get paid

how to sell ad space on your website

The Ad network will handle all the process of billing the advertisers and networks for the ads on your site

Making sure that you receive your payments……

That’s pretty much it

…..Your only Part is to paste the code and drive traffic to your site

Tools to track your Visitor Activities 

You need to track your visitor’s activities, which post-receive the most traffic, etc (data)

……Now on the part of using tools, You might be already using tools such as Google Analytics and Monster Insights, etc

But I would suggest you to use Clicky too. 

how to sell ad space on your website

Because it provides Real-time information about all your visitors

The stats in Google Analytics are all delayed by at least 24 hours …….

Clicky, on the other hand, has a massive amount of live stats so you can see exactly what is going on with your post

…….That way it gives you more insight information faster and gives you much more chance to implement it 

It will help you big time in case you are running some advertising campaign.

Click here in case you wanna compare Clicky vs Google Analytics……….

Poll your Readers-

This is a great way to delve further into your visitor’s area of interests

That way you can choose what to offer and what not to offer…….

Just put together a list of a questionnaire to sheds  light on where your advertising should focus

Its easy as 123…

Just use some tools to take care of that

YOP Poll plugin

Wp-Polls plugin

Survey Monkey


Selling Ad Space Directly

how to sell ad space on your website

……Another interesting way on how to sell ad space on your website is to sell it directly 

Selling Ad space directly to the advertisers cuts out the middleman(ad networks, ad exchanges, affiliate networks) 

This allows the publishers to make a direct contact with the media buyers, which can make your increase your earning…….

You get to keep all 100% of the advertising revenue that you earn.

You can set your own pricing  and you are in major control of the deal

………By Selling ads directly to the advertisers it develops a relationships 

That way  you can ensure a long-term future with a number of advertisers 

But the downside here is that you have to manually find the advertisers 

Negotiate the terms with them personally.

This process is not so easy, especially if you are small and medium websites with not so much of traffic.

Since its profitable doesn’t mean you should try direct ad sales……..

There are some Question to ask before you jump into it

Question #1: Do You Have  Traffic?

Question #2: Do You Have A Valuable (Targeted) Audience?

Question #3: Do You Have Direct Relationships?


When you present your website to the advertisers pitch them the idea of the potential audience within your website niche, visitors, conversion rate, etc

…….The best way to pitch is to tell a compelling story about your site

Create a problem, tell them about a problem

And be the solution for it, how your site can solve it…….

Use stats to show and prove your points

…….Keep it simple

Follow up your presentation with more information.

Question to ask before running any types of Ads-

  • …..Does this particular ad fit with the content of your website?
  • Would the ad offend or annoy my visitors? (Eg. like pop-up ads )……
  • Would this Ad distract my visitors from the content?


  • …..Don’t click on ads by yourself. This kind of activities will close your account.
  • Encourage other to click on your website ads
  • Make sure your site is free from content that is adult, shocking, or advocates racial intolerance……
  • In case you are using Adsense, Google doesn’t support all the languages to qualify for Adsense program. Click Here to find a list of AdSense supported language
  • …………You are not allowed to change Adsense code or any Ad network codes
  • Buying Traffic is strictly Prohibited

Bottom Line

Now, I guess you might have understood a bit on how to sell ad space on your website.

These methods are some of the proven ways to monetize your site through advertising…….

It depends on many factors such as

  • …Traffic
  • Visitors Country
  • Blog Niche….
  • Ads Placement
  • …….Ads Unit Size
  • CPC/CPM Rates

 There are many ways to get paid to advertise

……We hope this article helped you on learning how to sell ad space on your website.

If you liked this article, then please feel free to share

Comment down below on your current Monetization Strategy…..

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