33 Super Actionable Ways On How To Promote Your Blog

how to promote your blog


Why is that every time you write a Blog Post

No one is reading it…..

It’s normally because you are not or do not know how to promote your blog.

Sure, If you have already build a following on your Social Media, Email list, etc.

…..It’s not that hard to get few hundreds or thousands of readers

But if you have 0 following

….What should you do?

Continue reading until the end to find out how to promote your blog

1) Stand Out

…You must have heard this enough but it’s the fact

Just write absolutely amazing and super actionable content

That is the only way to stand out…

Nowadays, …the internet is filled with all sorts of information basically under the sun

And everybody is writing over and over the same thing regurgitating with some angle twist

Unless it is something anything new, it may be technique or methods, etc

Heck…This post might not even be unique

Just ask yourself  “Is this really helpful?”…

Add value to your content and Produce that will be beneficial to your target audience

….Whether it may be showing how to cook, cut’s dog hair or whatever your niche maybe

Just Add value to your content

2) Link Out To Relevant Sites

Next step is the linking part…

This is a strategy which all newbie bloggers are scared to do

Yes,… sometimes they may act as an exit portal from your website

But it benefits outweigh the cons…

When someone has amazing content that will help out your readers

Just link out to them….

This shows that you trust them enough to link out to them

…After you link out to them, just send a simple friendly email similar like this one:

how to promote your blog

It’s that simple…

If they like your content they may even link it back to you or Share it

There Are 2 Main Benefits Of Linking Out:

A) …..You are giving your readers more information right in front of their nose. And for that, they will love you

B) The People you link out will also love you because you are driving free traffic to them and will trust you more…..

3) Internal Linking

…This is a great way to get exposure and promote your other post

Crosslinking between your posts or pages on your site and vice versa.

It also helps in On-Page SEO and increases dwell time which is a major ranking factor

Try using LSI keywords along with the main term as Anchor Text….

..Go to your older most popular blog posts or pages that have already rank or get a lot of consistent traffic and link to your new Post

4) Guest Blogging

…This is one of the best Promotion methods

Simply Write your best article and contribute to a “targeted” blog that is within your Industry

Guest Blogging comes along with many several other benefits

….According to me I absolutely love the referral traffic

Because they are super targetted that their dwell time increase

Here is a metrics from Neilhosting….

how to promote your blog
NeilHosting Analytics

Sidenote: Try to only Guest Post on blogs that are more popular than Yours.

5) Invite Others To Guest Post

…This is just the Opposite of Guest posting

Invite others to post on your blog

Doing This will bring in some benefits:

  • ….Referral traffic back and forth
  • …Builds relationships
  • You can relax by having others fill your content calendar…

6) Develop a Blogger Outreach Plan

…The dictum of “Write and they will come” does not work on a web

Just imagine you are literally competing with hundreds of millions of websites on the web

FunFact: In the old days —i.e. the 1990s — bloggers went by another name: Diarists

…2 billion internet users still don’t know you exist

That’s hard to hear but it’s the truth

Everytime you publish a new blog post, make sure that you develop a solid blogger outreach Strategy

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7) Do Expert Roundups

..A blog post that is contributed by a series of multiple experts on a topic is called Expert Roundups

Ask them for their opinions on a question or a topic for discussion and reach out to various experts to share their insights.

After your article is published Send them a link and ask if they could share it…..

A good example of Expert roundups is this 127 Experts who reveal their favorite Keyword Research Tool

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2018 how to promote your blog
Image Credit: Robbierichards

8) Build Relationship

Build a relationship with influential Bloggers in your niche

Link and Share their content and also regularly engage them on their blog

Building a relationship with your audience is the most important thing to take care of

Do reply to their comments and engage with them…

…Be human to them

If someone asks you a question and you just sit there without answering anything

Chances are that person isn’t gonna try to start a conversation with you

It’s the same here too…

9)  Syndicate Your Content to Top Blogs

…If your content is Super-Super amazing

Then, try Pitching your content to the top Websites or blogs and networks to republish your content on their site with credit back to you

Huffington Post is one site to pitch to

This is somewhat similar to Guest posting but Once you write a guest post for a popular blog in your niche, the post just sits there, you cannot republish anywhere else

On the other hand with content syndication, you just take your most amazing blog post and republish it on several other blogs…

…However, there are also some downsides to it too:

  • ..Duplicate content issues
  • Outranking your own content…

Here is an article from Neil Patel on content syndication

10) Comment On Other Blogs

…Just handpick few blogs and comment on it regularly whenever they publish an article

Aim for your comment to be included in the top 3 and add your link to it

However, Blog comments do not have much impact in search engine juice for your blog….

..But Hey we are talking about promoting your blog here, not to rank

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11) Cross-Promotion with Fellow Bloggers

Ask your Blogger friend to do a Shoutout or mention your Blog on their Social Media, Emai, and Blog  while you also do the same for him/her

….It’s that simple

12) Publish an Ultimate Link/List Roundup

Link roundups are basically weekly/monthly/daily curations of the industry’s best content.

Do some research and Compile a list and publish an ultimate list of resources/articles on a particular topic in your niche…

After you published the article,.. email all the bloggers you mentioned and featured on your list and ask them if they could share your article.

13) Click to Tweet

…If you don’t force or remind them, they probably aren’t gonna Tweet your article

So, to encourage your reader to tweet or share your content by using tools like Tweetdis, Click to Tweet, Coschedule CTT, etc

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14) Share Button

…Adding social sharing buttons is a must

It provides your visitors with an opportunity to share your article on their social media followers

However don’t add, all the social media sites…

Just add some of the few common sites which most people are using such as Facebook, Twitter,… Google Plus,… LinkedIn, ..Pinterest, etc

14) Facebook

..I don’t need to even tell you this

I mean this is so obvious

Post not only in your personal account but also join Facebook Groups in your industry and engage with the members…

This is another great way to get a good source of referral traffic and exposure for your blog

….However, when you post, make it engaging, don’t just post a link

Ask a question or some sort of activity for more engagement…

Sidenote: Don’t be Spammy

14) Take Advantage Of Twitter

Twitter allows you to post multiple times and it is the only sites where your followers won’t be annoyed

….Schedule about 3 tweets about the post- one for each day

You can use social media management tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer, etc

Must Read: 20 Hacks To Drive Traffic From Twitter

15) Google+

…Share it on your Personal account and your Business account

Add as many relevant users to your friend’s list which will lead to more people seeing your content and  increasing the engagement

If you don’t follow anyone, no one will follow you too…

16) Pinterest

…Just Pin all the images from your Blog post.

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17) LinkedIn

Create as many connections on… LinkedIn and Join groups that are active.

Engage with the audience there and share your best content from time to time.

You can also set up a campaign on LinkedIn…

Apparently, they are not as expensive as Adwords and FB Ads

18) Reddit

Research says that users cast nearly 40,000,000 votes on the site every month.

….That Crazy right?

Look for subreddits that are in your niche and join them.

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19) Scoop it

..This is a content curation site

Add your link and publish it there…

20) Mix

By the way, ..Stumbleupon has moved over to Mix

This one is also just the same as Scoop it

…Check out the NeilHosting Mix

Here is a list of few handpicked Content Curation Sites

21) Tribber

…This site is another great way to promote your newest article on and get a ton of eyeballs and social shares

Related Post: How to use Tribber to Increase your traffic

22) SlideShare

On SlideShare, you can upload and share (publicly or privately) presentations, videos, music files and more.

…It has a monthly visit of over 60 million visitors and is one of the 100 most visited websites in the world.

Simply Create a proper well-designed slideshow based on the article you wanna promote and link to it in the description and also in the slideshow…

23) Run A Blogging Contest

The easiest way to get exposure is to choose a decent prize and run a contest

….The more appealing the prize, the more they are likely to share and promote it.

Related post: How to Run a Successful Blog Contest

24) Submit Your Post To RSS Directories

…There are literally many RSS Blog directories

Simply Submit your Blog’s RSS feed to the top RSS directories

And It also provides another way for your blog content to get syndicated and distribute your backlinks…

Related Post: Top RSS – Blog Directories

25) H.A.R.O

Use HARO to build your authority, grow your traffic, and cultivate your online presence.

….It is an online service for journalists to obtain feedback from the public.

Related Post: How to Use HARO to Build Consistent Backlinks

26) Influencer Outreach

According to Nielsen, 68 percent trust online opinions from other consumers

…Work with them to get immediate exposure

27) Solo Ads

Find a site which has an audience in your niche and buys an ad from them to display either on their website or in their email newsletter

28) Leverage Email Signatures

As a webmaster or a marketer, we all send and receive emails all the time

…How about putting a signature in your email

It may be your website link or even just a mention to let others aware of it

29) Create An Infographics

As they say: An image says a thousand words”

Create an infographic at Canva or hire a professional designer at Fivver, Dribble, 99Design

Share it on image sharing sites…

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30) Submit The Article toTPDF Submitting Sites

…Create a PDF Version of your article 

Optimized your Title for SEO to rank it in the Search engine

Also, Optimize your images with Alt tag…

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31) Hire People To Write For You

Have some money to Spare?

…How about just list your site as a paying site for writers

This way, you will get more visits, pitch and increase your Exposure

…However, this is an optional

Related post: 110 Websites that Pay Writers

32) Get Your Blog Listed in Google News

…Holy Molly!!

If your site get’s listed on Google news and especially if you are the first one to cover a topic

Your site will get instant exposure and traffic too…

Sidenote: Submit Your Site To Google News

33) Make Your Site Multi-Lingual

You can boost your traffic exponentially just by making your site multi-lingual…

…There are several ways to make your site multi-lingual

Here is an article form WPBeginner on that matter


I didn’t include email marketing because everybody knows it, No need to regurgitate again and again…

No matter how amazing the content may be

If there is no promotion, no one gonna really knows about it

So you need to take your Blog Promotion Seriously

….After you hit the publish button, it’s not the end

Your job is just getting started…

Which techniques have you been using to promote your Blog? What other secret techniques do you have for promoting a blog?

Look forward to your insights and feedback in the comments below!!!

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