41 Ways On How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral


…….You’re writing an amazing Problem-solving Blog post content

I mean, just think about it.

You spend hours of your time, energy and even money creating content

………But why aren’t they going viral?

No one is sharing your content

Who doesn’t want their content to spread like Wildfire………

…….But how do you make it happen?

Today In this in-depth article,

…………you’ll learn how to write a content that will help you on how to make your blog post go viral and also the promotions needed to achieve its virality

1)Google Trends

The first thing you need to do is

……..Go to Google.com/trends

Put in keywords related to your Industry

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

And they will show you what’s popular……..

Whether the trend is going up or down? Or is it in constant?

On the Google trends Homepage, you can also see what’s going viral right now

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

If you write content related to those topics or phrases

………You will notice that your content will get more social shares and eyeballs

Catch the trends right when something is going Viral

2) BuzzSumo

Trends come and go……

But if you want to remain an authority on a particular topic

…….Go to Buzzsumo

Type in Keywords related to your industry or niche

You will see all the article that is going viral in your space based on social shares……

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

If you know what type of content people in your space love

……..So why try to recreate the wheel?

Instead, take the top 4 or 5 article within the last 12 months

Study them, about why they are going viral, their content style, etc

I am not saying to entirely copy them……….

Just have a peek

And create a better version of them………..

Let’s say they write about 10 ways to Grow your Instagram Followers

………Why not create a more in-depth article on 20 Ways to grow your Instagram followers

Now that you have content that has emotion with the better version of the top article on your niche

The odds are more in your favor…….

3) Envoke Emotion

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Create content that people can’t ignore.

………It’s simple as that

See, the thing with Blog Post and Virality is that it’s all about Emotions

Just think about any viral post you have read or seen

They all have one thing in common…….

They have something to do with your emotion

They may be either humorous, sarcastic, Excitement and what not

………..So, If your Blog post has the potential to trigger someone emotion

Chances are it can go viral, if promote accordingly

But if there is little or no emotion at all in your article………….

There is a little chance that your content is gonna go viral

4) Create Content That Are Highly Actionable

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

…………Content that is practical and straight up actionable tends to have more social shares and go viral

Just provide the actionable steps they can implement to solve the problem

5) Made the Post Super Readable

What I mean by this is that you need to have proper

  • ……..Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Use short sentences…….
  • …….Add formatting like bolding and italics

6) Be Original And Be The First

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

If someone has already written about it……

Then, it’s harder to go viral compared to something done first

But Unfortunately, the Internet is stuffed with valuable content on literally every subject under the sun

………Even this post is far from unique.

It’s very difficult and can take a long time to find an open question which has no answer yet, but it can be done. 

You can also invent a new Technique to solve something or make it better

Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean is one of them…….

7) Include An Awesome Infographic

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

As they Say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”

……..It doesn’t matter whether you can create an infographic or not

You can go to sites like Fivver, Dribble to hire an infographic designer 

……..Embed it on your Blog post

If they are Promote according to the right audience, Infographics do really, really, well

Given the circumstances that it has a fine design, good information……….

It not only helps in virality of your Blog Post but also can generate a ton of Backlinks

……..You can also Submit Your Infographics to these Sites:

  • Visual.ly
  • Daily Infographic….
  • Cool Infographics
  • …….Infographics Archive
  • Infographic Journal
  • Infographics Showcase…..
  • Visual Loop
  • ………Flickr

8) Include A Video( If Possible)

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

…….Just find and Embed a relevant video which will help convey your message better to your audience

People instead of reading an endless stream of written content, a video is a welcome relief and sometimes helps to better understand and clear the doubts

9) Ask A Blogger Friend To Share

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

………Sometimes you just have to Ask

Ask them for a share of your Blog Post…….

If they have a Huge following, Then Bingo

But even though, they don’t have a huge following

…….It doesn’t matter

They can really help you get some sort of traction and get the ball rolling…..

10) Re-Publish On Medium And LinkedIn

…….By re-posting your content you also run the risk of being penalized by Google

However, with a few adjustments, you will be fine

Don’t re-post the same content immediately after the original article is published.

You should wait for at least two weeks for that article to be indexed by Google……….

Don’t Publish the Entire Article

………..Include a small portion of the article, and put your original article link for continue reading the article on your blog.

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

11) Headline

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

……..8 out of 10 will read your headline

And only 2 out of 10 Will Actually click on the article

That means headlines aren’t gonna become your last minute priority before publishing

You need to spend time on your Headline too as much as you spend on your article

Even if your content is Amazing……

If your headline isn’t appealing or catchy

……..People aren’t gonna click much

If you want to generate more social shares

Headline plays a very important part to it

Your headlines must be in such a way that it’s so appealing that people not only click through it but also read the rest of your Blog post……

Here’s How to Write An Amazing Headline For Best CTR And Social Shares

A) Your headline must be between 5-7 Words

……….Headlines with roughly 5-7 words tend to do better than Blog post titles with 3 words or 15 words

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

If your headline is too long, it’s just overwhelming and people aren’t gonna share much

And also at the same time, if it’s too short

People don’t really know what your content is about……..

Since it’s too short it doesn’t explain to the reader what they are gonna get when they read the article

And they are not gonna really share it

……….You get the Point!

B) Use Adjectives in Your Headline

When you use Adjectives within your Headline, it has higher CTR than headlines without Adjectives

………Examples: Easy; Effortlessly, Actionable, Fast etc

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Which one do you think will have more CTR

10 ways to create backlinks

Or ……..37 easy ways to create backlinks effortlessly

Obviously the second one right?…………

C) Envoke some mystery or Curiosity into it

For Example, “10 Ways Exercising effects your heart | Number 7 will Shock you”

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

…….People are gonna be like “what’s number 7”

“9 Photography Hacks that actually work”

They are automatically triggered with curiosity

………..And they are likely to Click through it

But don’t be super clickbaity

If your Number 7 is just a normal plain statement

They aren’t gonna trust you the next time you publish a new article

So don’t dupe or cheat them………

So, when you are using these tactics make sure you have amazing points to back up your headline

D) Use The Year

…….Consider using the Year in your Blog Post Headline

But this won’t work for all types of Blog Post

But if you have a detailed guide on like the “Beginner’s Guide For Photography”

You could put it on your headline as “Updated 2018” or whatever the year is…….

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

…………Since people know it’s fresh, they are more likely to click through it

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12) Paid Traffic

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

Boost your Post On FaceBook to fuel the fire

You can also use StumbleUpon,…Twitter, Reddit,… LinkedIn Paid Ads

Drive some traffic with Paid Ad

………It helps spur things and get things going

13) Leverages The Power Of An Established Platform

……It doesn’t necessarily have to go viral from your blog

Sometimes it’s just easier to write a guest post on a high authority blog and let it organically go viral

14) Share the Post (Tag The Relevant Brand)

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

……Here is how it Works:

  • Write the Blog Post
  • ……..Mention some of the brands in the blog concerning the blog topic
  • Once you have published the blog,….. share it on your social media ( Especially Facebook and Twitter)
  • Now, Tag the respective brand or company in your Social Media post ………

Tagging the brand in the social media post helps you by showing your Blog post on the social media accounts of the Brand

15) Incorporate Great Design

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

…….Your readers probably won’t stay if your website design is cluttered

It doesn’t have to super fancy or anything like that

Just make sure that it is responsive, minimal and simple

No need to put super crazy colors ……….

Also, your website should be easy to navigate

16) Give A Clear Call To Action

How To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

……The perfect call to action that will generate the desired responses

Also, Give a reason why they should take the desired action.

What do you want them to do?

Maybe Leave a comment? or Share on their social media?……….

Use Words that will urge the reader to take an immediate action

………..You Can Also Do the Following Steps:

17)…. Post to Google +

18) Post to LinkedIn

19) Submit to Reddit……..

20) Submit to Digg

21) Submit to Yahoo Buzz

22)………… Submit to StumbleUpon (Now Called Mix)

23) Post on Forums in niche

24) Submit to Technorati

25) Submit to Delicious……

26) Submit to Scoop It

27) Submit to paper.li

28) Pin Your Blog Featured Image on Pinterest

29) ……Request bloggers to mention or Share your post

30)Post to YouTube….. (if applicable)

31) Directory submissions

32) Social bookmarking…

33) Add to your next newsletter

34) Add to your email signature

35) Answer Question On Quora and Link to the Original Blog post

36) RSS directory submits

37)……. Relevant blog comments

38) Press releases

39) Refer to posts on LinkedIn

40.) Add to your signature in forums……..

41) Forum comments


…..To be honest It’s just a number Game

You can’t really predict what’s gonna go viral or not

Make it distinctive…… Unique, engaging and….. impossible to resist

If you can’t find anything new which no one has Wrote about……

Stand out from the crowd by doing the same thing as everybody else

……….Follow all of those tips and you’ll be one step ahead of your competitor in Producing Viral Content

Have you produced any viral article from your blog? Or Are you currently working on it? Either way, Leave a comment right now and I’ll respond

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  1. As of my opinion highly actionable content tends to go viral than normal article
    Another great article
    Anyway have a great weekend!

    1. Mikey first of all thanks for taking the time to comment
      You are absolutely right
      Actionable step by step content tends to rank better and go viral too
      Have a great day

    1. Hi Nikita thanks for the comment
      Yes,Headline are that important
      No matter how amazing the content is
      If the headline sucks, not many people are gonna click on it

  2. Hi
    Great post you have here. The tips are great and if one should apply them correctly, no doubt his content will go viral. I like the fact that you mentioned the use if tools like BuzzSumo. It reminded me of Neil Patel”s Linked IN video that I watch sometime ago. I’m the video Neil said that to go viral, he look at his competitors viral content and create his on version. How does he do it? Neil’s points out that if his competitor had written 10 ways to go viral, for example, he will write 20 terrific ways to go viral. This strategy works incredibly well. All other tips are phenomenal.

    1. Hi Moss thanks for the comment
      Spying on competitor not in a bad way but just to see their content and creating a better version of it is a strategy that works incredibly well
      Anyway have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for this awesome post. As a newbie it really helps a lot.Same as Nikita, i never knew headline were that important

    1. Headline is the preview of what’s insid.So, if your headline isn’t appealing enough You wouldn’t get much clicks. So spend your time on Headline as much as you spend onyour content

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