Aware Of Pros And Cons Before You Learn On How To Launch An Online Course

Are you interested to know Pros and Cons before you learn on How to Launch an Online Course?.

In this article, I want to help you figure out whether or not you should sell an online course.

It’s pros and cons. Let’s talk about it right now in the below section.


Want To Know Pros And Cons Before You Learn On How To Launch An Online Course?

If you have any sized audience, then helping them and serving them through an offering of some kind can be a great way to build your business.

And sometimes that offer can be an online course but sometimes it can and should be something else.

So we’re gonna talk about the pros and cons, whether or not it’s the right time for you to get started with an online course.

There are many things to know and understand before jumping into the online course thing.

So let’s do this

Now you know your audience or you are going to know your future audience better than me.

So just take all this with a grain of salt but I will say that online courses are a fantastic way to serve your audience.

But like I said it’s not right for everybody so let’s start with the cons.

How To Launch An Online Course

CONS You Should Know Before Starting With on How to Launch an Online Course

  1. Lots of time and effort

Number one building an online course does not happen overnight.

It is something that takes a lot of time and effort especially if you put videos into it and worksheets and other things

Literally like that, it’s not gonna happen overnight, so in order to create something of value something worth people’s money that they would pay for.

You’re gonna have to take some time and effort to put something great together

Now that being said although it might take some time, there are ways to make sure that you’re putting your time in the right place.

Meaning that you can pre-sell your product or your online course beforehand to ensure that it is actually something that people want before you build it.

The other benefit of that is you can actually have a cohort of initial students that can help you actually build the course to the way it needs to be without you actually creating stuff.

That doesn’t necessarily need to be in there, this is how many online courses have been launched.

Knowing and surveying them about what they wanna see inside the course.

It’s been launched with a pre-sale and validation process so that you know it’s something you should continue to move forward with.

But also so that you have students in there initially who you can communicate with to help understand like okay! what needs to be in here and what needs to be in here.

Plus by the end of that, you also have cool testimonials.

So that when your course goes public, it’s that much stronger in your sales.


  1. People Buying and not Finishing

Another thing you have to realize about only courses is that you are not going to get a hundred percent completion rate as much as you want to try and help encourage people to go through those lessons and actually complete the course.

It is just not going to happen in most cases.

Now there are things you can do to help a person along such as:

You can create emails that go out if a person doesn’t complete a course in a certain time or other things like that

Helpful FAQs on certain lessons that may be more difficult than others.

But generally speaking, more people will buy your course than people who will finish it and to many people including myself that can be a hard thing to grasp.

But on the other hand, if you have all the information there how much is it your responsibility to actually do the work for them.

Well, it’s obviously going to be something that they’re gonna have to do on their own which is why other kinds of work and offerings can be a little bit better for you.

For example, coaching which you can have the one-on-one accountability there to help a person along.

Books which are a little bit easier to consume on the go.

Those kinds of things can be different offerings that can help a person through the same process but I will say teaching an online course has been great because although I haven’t had a hundred percent completion rate and hardly anybody has

You are going to see results because of the way that that content is structured as opposed to something that you might offer for free on a blog post series.

Having a person pay for a course has them have some skin in the game.

So they will be actually more likely to complete it.

So even though the completion rate of your course won’t be a hundred percent, it’s definitely going to be higher than all the free stuff that you are promoting.

Because people get it for free they’re likely not going to take any action at all, at least for most people.


  1. Keep the Course Up to date and relevant

Finally, the other thing to realize with online courses is that you want to make sure that they stay relevant.

So, things change over time, for instance, I once bought a course for Video Marketing where it teaches people how to get your video rank number 1 on Youtube and all those Video SEO Stuff.

It was relevant for some time but as time passes by after a few months, youtube started changing its algorithm and since the course is still not updated from the old techniques.

Many started leaving including me.

It’s the course creator job to make sure that things are up to date in the course or else people go in there and they see that something is out of date.

Well, they’re gonna ask for a refund and we definitely don’t want that to happen.

So although an online course when you create it, it is something that you can put out there and it can become evergreen.

It can become part of a natural automatic sales process but well you still have to keep the content in there up-to-date or else people are gonna leave and potentially ask for the money back

The final thing I’ll say about this is I don’t want you to learn on how to Launch an Online Course because people are saying create an online course right.

At one time, membership website was a thing and many are creating their own version but many failed because that was the main reason why it failed.

You want to do an online course because you know it is something that helps serve your audience because it is something that you could put together that you know is gonna be a value and that will help you with all these pros that I’m about to share with you right now.


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PROS You Should Know Before Starting With on How to Launch an Online Course

1. Gives you something to sell

The first pro about learning on how to launch an Online Course and creating an online course obviously becomes something that you could sell an offer to people.

Now you might want to even create or think about creating a free course which can help bring people in and build your email list to give them a little bit of value.

Small wins that thus then leads them into a bigger course or premium program or a coaching program or other products that you might have.

So whether it’s a paid course or a free course it can still help you in your bottom line.

But there are obviously many more benefits than just the money and again the money should just be a byproduct of how well you serve your audience.


2. Build Authority in your Niche/Space

But another cool byproduct of serving your audience with something like an online course is that you’re gonna build Authority in the space that you’re in.

Not everybody in the same space you’re in has an online course.

So by you having one, it shows that while you’re actually teaching this stuff, you have something sort of value that even if a person doesn’t buy from you.

They’re gonna be more likely to pay attention to what you have to offer

Whether it’s free or paid because you have something like that for sale.

Very similar to why a lot of people create books and write books because it actually adds to their authority and the trust that they can have with their audience.

Online courses do the very same thing.


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3. Serve a lot of People at one time

Now one of the major benefits of learning on how to launch an Online Course and creating an online course is that unlike coaching and unlike even group coaching, you can serve a lot more people in a short period of time.

Yes you’re gonna have to devote some time upfront to create the thing and then sell it but once you have that course created, it could be something that you can sell over and over again to an unlimited amount of people essentially.

It becomes a very scalable offer, a lot of people like to take their coaching services and take them and turn them into an online course for people who can’t afford their one-on-one coaching services.

It becomes a great solution for those who can’t afford those higher-level programs but you’re still able to teach them and give a taste of what it might be like to work with you with something like an online course.


4. Earn Passive Income

In addition to serving more people in that way which is great and the more people, you serve the more rewards you’ll get.

You can also automate the process.

You can turn it into something that can be sold in an evergreen manner and obviously the way that you teaches through the lessons that you’ve already pre-recorded in there.

So again it can be automated and add to the passive income that you have in your overall business model.


5. Earn through Affiliates

In addition to that, there might be opportunities for you to also include affiliates in those programs as well.

For example, you have a video editing course and you can mention editing products and tools and other pieces of software and other programs that can help take a person’s editing to the next level.

Those things aren’t your products, those are other people’s products.

Therefore you can earn a commission through affiliate marketing

But not everything that you mentioned in there needs to be an affiliate offer but many of the things are and because it also just completely aligns with what they’re for in the first place.

It is something that you can just make additional income on beyond the course cost itself.

This is also by the way how a lot of courses that are free also generating income is through the affiliate offers that they offering them to you.


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6. Host a Workshop

Now having online courses is also a great way to see okay, well who in your audience is a customer or a buyer and who of those people are your online course customers.

Some of them might want some additional help.

So, it’s very common to have additional offerings beyond just the online course itself.

The online course is essentially a stepping stone toward a higher level coaching program or a mastermind program or a group coaching program of some kind and in-person workshop which many course creators have done.

A great way to frame is-  hey here’s an online course and if you’re somebody who’s like me who’s also very busy and you just don’t have time to go through all these things on your own.

Well, why don’t you come to Seattle for a weekend and go through the course yourself in a weekend?

We can get it all done in a shorter period of time.

There’s a lot of value in that to get all that content in a short period of time.

So having a workshop on top of your online course for people who just want all the things in a shorter period of time, it could be a higher level offering that you could offer that wouldn’t be too hard to do because all that content is already there.

You’re just helping people in person in a shorter time period.


Final Words

These are some pros and cons you should aware of before learning on how to Launch an Online Course about whether or not you should create an online course but either way, make sure that no matter what you do,

You’re serving your audience because your earnings are the by-product of how well you serve them and online courses can be a great way to do that.

So let me know below in the comments section, I would love to know whether or not you have or are going to create an online course.

Let us know what it’s gonna be about and some of the things that are gonna be in there.

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