How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website?

How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website

Are your pageviews going down and want to know how to increase pageviews of your website?.

You got some decent or hight traffic to your site but your pageviews aren’t that great?.

We will reveal how to get this issue addressed via this blog post.


How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website?. Why Its Required?

We will help you to analyze the reason for your website pageviews going down. Also provide you with useful tips on how to increase pageviews of your website in this section.

How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website

The reason for the failure of your Website in getting visitors engaged is content lacking stickiness or the ability to hook in your visitors.

What we’re going to discuss about today is how with the same number of clicks from search engines, same number of clicks from social media and same number of people on your website, how you could double your pageviews and your conversions which may be to an email list clicks or maybe to an affiliate links or purchases of info products by making your website more of a trap and simply keeping visitors on your website for longer.

Do you wanna trap people in your websites more, Then stick to the end to find out how.

So I want to share with you five different ways that Google Analytics measures the stickiness of your website and the reason why some of them are very super important to pay attention to and why others really aren’t that much of an important to pay attention to.


Five different ways that Google Analytics measures the stickiness of your website:

1) Bounce rate. 

2) Exit rate on your website.

3) Pages Per Session.

4) Time-dependent session duration.

5) Time on page.


1) Bounce Rate

If you are really serious on how to increase pageviews of your website, you need to try to reduce the bounce rate as much as possible.

Normally many of the people simply just focus on the bounce rate and I would actually shift your focus a little bit more toward the exit rate.

The bounce rate of your website is simply the percentage of one-page sessions on your website.

How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website

And Most people seriously consider the bounce to be a bad thing but here is the thing if you Google “what’s the weather in New York City” and they come to your page, see the results and they see exactly what they wanted and they simply just leave your site.

Because they just wanted a simple clear cut answer of the Weather in New York.
That isn’t a bad thing

It wasn’t a failure.
You deliver exactly what they wanted and they leave satisfied.
So a higher bounce rate isn’t always really a bad thing.

In fact, it’s common to see a bounce rate in eighty percent kind of numbers.

Now before we go crazy on numbers, just to be clear, I’m talking about once your website reaches like at least thirty thousand page views per month.
If you’re under that and you have pretty low traffic, then you’re simply gonna see some bad numbers.

Because you may have bot traffic, maybe your best buddies are on there and you impacted a lot if Google Analytics isn’t set to ignore you on your website, where you’ll spend two hours working on your site, then you are going to see some high bounce rate with low traffic. 

But once your website reaches some kind of volume, that’s it’s not weird at all to see that for a blog with that number.

2) Exit Rate.

It is different because it doesn’t matter how many pages somebody viewed, it’s from that page which percent of them the last page they saw, this is the end page on your website

So personally to me and also to some other industry experts said so, the exit rate is more important than the bounce rate.

Simply The best way to improve it coincidentally is to sort your pages by the exit rate and then just work on those pages that have a problem or have a higher exit rate and see why are they acting in that way.

3) Pages Per Session.

It’s really pretty self-explanatory again, once you reach significant volume and anything above 1.2 and better, then you’re doing fine.

If you get to 1.8 or two pages per session you’re doing a pretty darn good job.

But this number is really easily Gameable. 

For example, you may have seen those spammy articles like “Twenty Seven most Gorgeous Place in Japan” and when you go to the site, you have to click to a new page for every single one of the best cities in Japan.

Using this method shows a huge page per session but they had a cruddy experience, while the user was there.

So what this means is that it is an easily gameable number.

But as long as you’re not gaming it way too much, it can really be a valuable metric to just simply know how well you’re convincing people to click on to more than one page on your website will answer your query on how to increase pageviews of your website.

4) Time-dependent session duration

By the way, We’re gonna completely ignore session-duration because the way that Google Analytics tracks this really stinks and it’s not extremely helpful at all.


Because when you visit a website, you may stay there for maybe around 15 minutes on the page or even to an hour but then if you leave and you never click to another page on that site.

Google takes this as a 0 seconds site time that you were on the website because you never loaded the Google tracking code again and so it doesn’t know how long you were on that page.


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5) Time On Page

Time on the page just tracks it differently, it only takes the people that did go to other pages so it may be a little artificially long but it gives you a much better view of how long people are actually spending on each page of your site.

It is because the session duration is simply counting so many zeros that were actually there a lot longer and it looks artificially low.

I have tried a lot of things over the years to improve it – the stickiness of my website

I’ve done so many things, you know trying to put a row of reading more posts at right after the post to try to get them to click there and all kinds of variants and different things with the menu to try to interest people just to make them stay longer and it just didn’t move the needle.


Want To Know How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website? – Please Follow Below Tips:

Three things I am gonna share here to increase the pageviews. After reading this, I am sure you will be confident on how to increase pageviews of your website.

How To Increase Pageviews Of Your Website

A). First is simply learn to sell every link or convince your webpage visitors to click internal pagelinks or hyperlinks in that page

This is the first way to answer your question on how to increase pageviews of your website.

By sell every link, it doesn’t mean sell links for money, it means when somebody’s reading your article they want to stay there.

They’re happy where they are because they’re there where their solution to their Problem Lies and they don’t necessarily want to click a link to another page because they just want to finish where they are and so they’re not incentivized enough to leave or go to another webpage.

So if you want them to go to another page whether you want them to click an affiliate link or sign up for your email list, you gotta sell it and I found just a huge difference in the numbers simply when I learned to sell links.

So, I used to write something like this,

When you’re writing a dirt bike, it’s important to wear a safe dirt bike helmet and link would be put in the “a safe dirt bike helmet” and then would just go on with the blog post and  no one would click that link which may be the affiliate link to Amazon or to another recommended gear page.

I learned that I have to really convince that person to click on that page links with my words.

So I may say something like. 

Safety helmet is a must and I always wear it when I go dirt biking.

To me, I think it’s worth the investment and I learned that the dot specification on most helmets is not nearly as safe as the Snell certification, and the problem is they usually cost a lot more and that was until I found this dirt bike helmet that’s available here.

So it takes a little bit more time, but it was more interesting content right there and at the end of it I’m really interested in clicking that link.

For two reasons:

1) I sold it and
2) I told them exactly what’s gonna happen when they click that link, They are going to Amazon if that’s your affiliate links and it’s also true for just an internal link in your website.

You know if you just are writing about something you just mention maybe a keyword and you just link it to another page.

Trust me, people are very unlikely to click it but if you say something like you know “if you’re interested in this topic you really should go back and read this photography Beginner Guide 2.0, I spent 45 hours over the course of a month working on this 10 page series of giving you the perfect introduction to photography”

Well, they must be thinking, I wanna see that content. If somebody spends 4 to 5 hours on one blog post, it must be good” and that’s how you gotta sell every link and that’s how you get people to click in on your website.

B). Second method to make your website more sticky is contacting the website visitor back again.

If you think like, what are the best ways that I can contact somebody after they’ve already been on my website once.

You need to collect the email address of your website visitor on the very first time when they visit your site or get them subscribed to your mail list or youtube channel etc.

This is second effective method to answer your question on how to increase pageviews of your website.

Yes, mail is one great option, a podcast could be another one if you have a podcast for your website you can get them to subscribe and then they may listen to your podcast, another one is a YouTube channelRight now YouTube is an incredible opportunity

Another option is adding Browser Notification to your Website

If you don’t know what is a browser notification, just go to right.

Now you’re gonna see in the top left, it’ll say you to allow this website to send you notifications.

If you click yes, now every time we make a blog post it shows browser notification in your browser.

If you have some decent traffic on your website, I think browser notifications are a great way to be able to contact them again.


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C). Binge Content:

In other words to go on a binge is to do a lot of something with respect to content.

Binge content is the third way to really increase the stickiness of the website. This is the third way to solve your problem on how to increase pageviews of your website 

In a recipe for making a website, I would recommend adding some work on some smaller posts, medium, and then larger posts.

And in those larger posts create some content that’s just totally binged worthy.

So for example, if you go to a website that deals in the hobby and it says like, dude crabbing is the coolest thing ever, this is so much fun.

Well, what did most people do?.

When they learned that you can go crabbing in this area

They normally googled it and started reading websites and although they may be a couple of transactional things such as where to Crab on the Oregon coast, how to catch a crab, where do you buy a crab net and all these different things

But if one of those websites would have not only answered my question but in that post, if it say’s, “If you’re new to crabbing then, you’ve got to read my how to catch a crab for newbies post in which I put in all of my best tips and tricks  that I’ve learned and   it in five years of crabbing on the Oregon coast”

Everything’s in that one post, well I’d be so likely to click that but normally it didn’t have those type of content, so they just left and then go google something else and find one page and then leave.

That’s happening because the websites failed to give a binge content, something where I could just really sink my teeth in.

Your content should have an answer or solution to the question or problem your website visitor wants.

If the solution satisfies the page visitors by providing detailed solution  then many users are going to interact with your content and your question on how to increase pageviews of your website is answered.

It may be a 20 post series on all the ways to get into sky-diving maybe a 10 post series on how to restore a Broken vase, whatever it is.

You’re in to create some binge content and then go back to lots of your old pages that have good traffic and sell a great link your binge content and by the end of binge content you know when they’ve read five or six posts serious meaty content in a series from you and you’ve included pictures of you some personal anecdotes.

They kind of feel like they get to know you a little bit and there is an extremely high chance that you’re gonna be able to sell them in your product or get them on your email list.


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Hope you have learned by this time on how to increase pageviews of your website.

Focus on increasing pageviews of your website by following the above strategies. (Ofcourse it also do goodness in terms of SEO as well and you can expect increase in free organic traffic from Google if you start working on increasing pageviews)

Share this article with your friends/followers and help them succeed in their online business even more in an awesome way.

And if you have got anything you want to add and share it with us, let us know in the comments below.

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