How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing ?

how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing

Today we are going to discuss how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing or how long is it going to take for you to start making money online with affiliate marketing?

Let us get into the topic without wasting any more time.


How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

In simple terms i will tell what affiliate marketing is all about.

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but you  promote a product or service and send traffic(visitors) to that particular product or service details page and you get a commission everytime when someone buys that product or service through your affiliate link.

How fast can you money online with affiliate marketing? – This is really a great question and really an important one because most people that get into affiliate marketing have that wrong mindset and going into it with the wrong expectations of making money overnight.

Anyhow here is the blueprint to earn money online using Affiliate Marketing.

This, of course, leads to failure and since because people aren’t succeeding as quickly as they thought they would and so they eventually give up thinking they’re doing something wrong and never ever make a dollar online.

That’s the story of the vast majority of people that get into affiliate marketing.

Seriously, they really don’t ever make any money at all, not even a dime because they never even make it to that point so I’m going to give you the no BS answer

I will try my best to make this article the honest and no BS place to learn about affiliate marketing and that the no BS answer really is that it’s gonna take about six to twelve months minimum to start seeing your first dime or dollar if you ask how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing.

It could even take a little bit more but seldom happen once in a great while that there is somebody that just gets lucky and they happen to fall into the right niche at the right time and they might start making money a little bit sooner than the others.

But just to give you an idea that many of the super affiliates have a dozen of different affiliate marketing websites out there.


Plan Well First, Then Execute:

Anytime you launch a new site I recommend you to plan on it to take around at least a year before it makes any money, so when you’re first starting out it’s gonna be really overwhelming .

You’re gonna have to just learn how to use WordPress or some other website building platform, you’re gonna have to learn about keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO).

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed as long as you get started and you start learning and you do a little bit every day to grow your business you will end up succeeding in the long run .

Now it’s not gonna be this week, definitely it’s not gonna be this month, it’s not going to be in a few months and it’s gonna be in like six to twelve months. Probably more like twelve months so when you don’t see any dime coming in don’t be discouraged, Just keep looking towards your goal and work hard.


Focus On Quality:

So, when you’re first starting out, focus on building a great website and get as many pages as you can to index and rank in search engine results (SERPs) .

Also really just try to learn as much as possible and as you start progressing things are gonna get easier for you and after about a year hopefully you have maybe you’re on 200 pages up, hopefully, more than that if you can add just one page of content every day after a year you’ll have a website with more than 350 pages and that’s pretty great.

Now most of us can’t create that much content especially if you’re doing this on a part-time basis because you’re also going to be learning and doing research and things like that as well but if you can have at least 100 pages up within about a year then you can really start thinking about making money.

Hope with this, your doubts to the question how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing should have got clarified.


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Google Takes Time To Rank Your Pages:

Even if you have that many pages up in a month or two it’s not really gonna matter because it takes time for websites to rank well on search engines which is really where the vast majority of your traffic is gonna come from .

Maybe you could also focus on social media and YouTube and some other sources as well but really search engine traffic will be your number one source of traffic and income in the long run.

Google and other search engines have what’s called the sandbox, if you have a new website they’re not gonna rank you well right away it’s gonna take time to build trust with the search engines to know that you’re not trying to game their algorithm, that you’re not giving people viruses or doing anything unethical.

And very slowly over time Google will start letting you get out of that sandbox and they’ll start ranking your pages pretty well and that’ll rank to more pages being ranked well.


After A Year, What To Expect ?


After about a year then you’re gonna kind of be out of that sandbox and you can play with everybody else you know on the big boy playground but until that point you’re not gonna get a whole lot of traffic even if you have a great website.

So the quick answer to your question how long is this going to take if you’re working on this may be an hour or two a day or maybe between like 7 to 10 hours a week I think the realistic expectation is about one year you can start making money at affiliate marketing.

Now to answer your query how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing at that 1-year mark, it might not be a full-time income that point but it might be several hundred dollars a month or a thousand dollars a month and you can build on that and the income really generally tends to snowball at that point.


Scale It Up:

Once your sites start making money you know that the first full year that they make money and usually with the right work done you able to double that the next year and then doubled again the year after that.

And this has been replicated several times so you’ve really got to get to the point where most people have already quit if you can get past that point which really isn’t that long I mean think about where you were a year ago you know next year your life could be changed.


Start Today Without Any More Delay

This is a business that doesn’t take a whole lot of capital to get involved in, you can do it part-time you don’t need an office you don’t have to quit your personal job so while a year seems like a long time to be putting in all this effort creating a website for nothing until a year or maybe even longer.

That sounds really harsh but it’s the no BS answer, it’s the truth and it’s really not that long when you consider the lack of risk and financial capital that you have to put into it.

So if you start today, try to focus on making it one year.

Just do something on your business every day even if it’s just five or ten minutes, maybe just learning something or reading an article or writing just a paragraph of content for your site just d something every day and in about a year you can probably be bringing in some money.

This is the no BS answer to how long it’ll take to succeed at affiliate marketing.


How To Start With Affiliate Marketing – Step By Step:

Here are few practical tips on exactly how you can get started with affiliate marketing.

This is gonna be very helpful to some of you out there who are looking to make money online or to those with the question how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing.

I’m gonna share with you how you guys can do that and not pay a dime and actually start to make money alright.

And I’m gonna give you a couple different options and it’s 100% free to do it this way.


Before you think of how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing, you need to choose the right niche. Ofcourse this is like building a foundation for your affiliate marketing business.

First and foremost you need something to sell right and you need a product or service but before we get into that I want to explain something to you that’s very very important and that is to pick a niche.

Some people underestimate the power of picking a niche because they don’t understand how powerful it is right and it’s it’s so important to pick something that you are actually interested in and that you can be passionate about

Its simply because when it comes time to promote this product and create content around this product you have to have a vision and understand that you’re going to be creating content or creating ads whatever way to do it.

In this case it’s going to be creating content because it’s for free you’re gonna be doing this for years to come so I want you to anticipate building a successful business online in a specific niche so if you understand the thought process behind this you’re going to be creating a ton of content in this niche.

So it’s very important to understand the the the process of choosing something you’re passionate about and that’s because at some point if you aren’t seeing the results you aren’t anticipating for you’re gonna want to quit.

Trust me you will, you’re gonna want to quit and so if you pick something that your interested in, you’re gonna be able to push through those hurdles and when the doubts come up and when you think that you don’t want to do this anymore, if you’re actually interested in the content you’re producing then you’ll be able hang on it.

So that’s the first thing is to pick a niche now.


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Let’s talk about how you’re gonna pick a product to start selling.

Now understand that in this article I’m sharing with you guys how to do it for free.

That means no money zero upfront cost for you guys to go out there start making money with affiliate marketing (Ofcourse this is one nice method to start with to answer your question how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing) but also understand that this is not the number one recommended way to do it all.

I do recommend investing a little bit of money okay that’s what entrepreneurs do, to scale business but for this case, it’s gonna be free so the first thing we need to do is find a product.

So, go to either Clickbank or Amazon Associates.

Both of these programs are the most common ones too

Everyone knows Amazon and shop from it but they have something called Amazon Associates where you can sign up for 100% free and then you can start promoting products.

You’re simply going to pick a product that you want to promote. So that’s the first place you can do it now the second place you can do it is Clickbank

Clickbank is an affiliate network with a ton of different affiliate products that you can choose from and most of these products come in the form of digital.

Most of the products are in the digital format but I do believe they actually have some physical products but what you’re.

Gonna do is you’re gonna go sign up at Clickbank and again this is 100% free and this cost you zero money to do

Go find a product that you are interested in that you want to start promoting.



And now once you’ve done that and have already picked a product, now we have to promote it

So the best way to do this for free is through content marketing.

so understand there’s there’s social media marketing and even in social media it’s still content marketing but then there’s also organic content marketing which is also can be social media now

what do I mean by content marketing in a different sense?

So think of two types of platforms..

1) A platform where you have a feed where it’s a social media network now this can be Facebook, this can be Instagram this can be Twitter and all of these types of platforms have a feed that disappears so your content will go out but it may not be seen for a year you know a year to come, two years down the road once it goes out of people’s newsfeed.

It’s gone forever, they’re never gonna see it again that’s one type of marketing that you can do which some super successful entrepreneurs can do that and they build up an audience.

So that way you can sell a product.

2) The second way and this is more long-term this is what I recommend and I’m going to share with you how to do in this article is through content marketing such as blogging even something like a question and answers website like Quora.

And what you’re gonna do is you’re going to create content around a specific niche which has to do with your product and you’re gonna start creating content in that niche indirect people

You’re gonna get a link from either one of those websites Amazon Associates or a Clickbank they’re gonna give you a link.

You’re gonna go in there click promote and you’re gonna get a specific link which you should take that link and you can shorten it in bitly

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Now you can take that link you’re gonna plug it in there and you should shorten the affiliate link because this just means that it’s gonna make it smaller.

So it’s not big and ugly and nasty and now you have a link that you want to promote

To Start creating content and making money is 100% free and just so you guys know as I said before you can do is on Quora which is question and answers website and then another way is blogging

Now just understand that these strategies that I’m sharing with you take some time but they give you a huge ROI on your time.

Because when you post on these types of platforms, your content stays there and can get ranked in search engines and so when you do that now you can have people and drive targeted traffic to your website or to your product and sell it for years down the road by creating the content one time that’s powerful and make income forever.



Once you attain this stage of getting huge traffic to your blog, you won’t worry about how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing because every month money will be flowing to you almost on a daily basis even when you are in deep sleep.

Add affiliate links in almost all your blog posts related to the solution for the issue you are discussing in the article.

Here is the blueprint to make money online via Affiliate Marketing.

There are people who are making $1,00,000 per month just by following the same strategy we discussed here.

Just understand that on these platforms it may take some time to build up your account so that way you drive more traffic on all of these accounts on all these platforms

Yes, it may take some time but it’s worth and again we’re talking about free.

It cost you nothing to do this except for your time.


Final Words:

I hope this article helps you out in starting your affiliate business and understand clearly how fast can you money online with affiliate marketing so that you able to scale it up.

It takes time but it’s worth in the long run if you keep trying without giving up.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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