Unbiased Grammarly Review 2019

Grammarly review

Are you looking for a free tool to correct your English grammatical errors when you write articles?.

if yes, we are going to introduce an awesome tool named Grammarly via this Grammarly review article.

Grammarly Review

English may be not your first language and you are having a hard time with writing your essay, blog post or maybe an email series, or whatever it may be. Or maybe you are just not that good at Grammar and as a result of it you normally end up making lots of grammatical errors and mistakes in your work.

This can appear and makes you unprofessional and may look down at your work by your teacher or audience.

Let’s face it, Typo and Grammatical mistakes and errors are and can be really depressing and embarrassing too.

It can for some case even potentially makes your reputation at stake and cost you even your job and your audience for being unprofessional.

So is there any way to stop this madness from happening and improve your writing?

Nobody is a master at writing and are a great writer from birth. Practice makes a man Perfect.
In modern times, it makes your work more easily with the availability of tools and resource for it.

That is the reason I recommend you to use the perfect online proofreading tool and grammar checker that is really amazing in its own and works simply just as fine without any hassle. It is called Grammarly.

I do a lot of writing for my work and I came across Grammarly just a few years ago.

After finding this tool, it really makes my life easier. No need to read and go through a line to line for any grammatical and typo errors and mistakes.

So, I decided to write this review to help you clear your mind and be thorough with Grammarly.


Overview of Grammarly

Basically, Grammarly is one of the world’s best online typo and grammar checker in the market right now. The best part is that for personal use, it is free of charge.

One great achievement of Grammarly is that they won the 2018 Great User Experience Award.

It is not only a Grammar checker but does a lot more than that such as fixing misspelled words and overlooking grammar mistakes. It checks whether the word is in the wrong context, even identifies words, albeit spelled correctly.

It is very easy to set it up. you just need to embed it in your Chrome or Firefox browser, and once it is done it will by default polish and correct automatically when you write anything on and programme on the Browser.

Not only it just clears your grammatical mistakes, but this tool also ensures that your words or message are produced error-free and in a compelling way and it does a great job in that since it is built by the world’s leading language authorities.

It is already amazing and good as of now but they are continuously developing and Updating new features each day to improve their online grammar-checking algorithms.

Its focus on both the technical and contextual side of it. Not only it correct hundreds and thousands of Punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes but simultaneously improves your vocabulary by pinpointing and fixing your contextual errors in your writings.

Another amazing feature is that it also suggest your topics and which will enhance your writing style thus making your messages become clearer, engaging and effective.

It doesn’t matter what reason for your writing is. Even if you are a student to write copy. You can leverage Grammarly to enhance your writing quality on reports, essays, dissertations, etc.

In terms of institution perspective, they use Grammarly to check the quality of the student-written materials. Ranging from journalism, Marketing, engineering, law, and academia, many Professionals in a variety of fields make use of the software to ensure credibility and accuracy.

If you are an English language learner or maybe you are non-native English-speaking professionals, job seeker, and foreign students, etc. Grammarly is a really handy tool to really help take your writing skill to the next level.

Not only on Laptop and computers, but Grammarly also has its own Keyboard for Android and iOS devices that will work as your personal proofreader and editor on-the-go.



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Benefits of Grammarly

There are many Grammar checker on the market. But what set Grammarly apart from other Spelling and grammar tools is that it not only corrects your mistakes and moves out of the way.

But the overall activity of Grammarly is that once it is embedded on your browser, it works and focuses on contextual issues too which in turn helps to improve your Vocabulary and your knowledge in usage of English language altogether.


Grammarly Helps To Correct Your Spelling Mistakes

Grammarly is one of the best because it ensures even the tiniest details are taken care of. When you type, Grammarly will pinpoint, catches and fixes even the smallest errors that other similar apps might not look into and ignore.

Grammarly was developed by a bunch of Passionate and linguists experts.

It also drills down and focus to find the event the tiniest details and fixes the misspelled words, repetitive words, comma splice, and comma usage too.

Even though your words may not be wrong in its usage but also suggest and replaces it by stronger suggestions for weak adjectives in order to help you write more confidently and makes your writing look professional and focus on what is genuinely important. Or in other words, the message you really want to convey through your writings.


Improvement of Writing Style

Instead of simply just correcting some common errors and mistakes and moving out of the way, this app will assists you in such a way that it will help you to understand and remember its suggestions and modifications to improve your writing style altogether.

In order for this to happen, Grammarly will take charge of the modifier placement and all the other aspects of the subject-verb agreement and even the complete change of the context. However, You can also integrate it just within any popular Word processor.

You can also use it to create the perfect social media post, ad copy, or the perfect email copy.


Grammarly Edu

It is no only used for Personal use, it can also be used for educational purposes too.
Grammarly has the features to check plagiarism too.

You can also do LMS integration which will perform a real-time grammar-checking on your MS Office and your web browser.

However, it is made for K-12, libraries and research facilities, higher education which will give the members or students the direct access to a bunch of grammar tutorials which will help them to prepare for their college-level writing.


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Grammarly Business

If you own a business and the writing materials of your company are poorly written, it will severely affect the credibility of your business.

Grammarly will help you to drill down in your team’s to improve efficiency, collaboration, and productivity by reducing time-consuming back-and-forths.

It also has an enterprise-grade level plan and system where Grammarly Business will provide you user and admin management tools to oversee your processes effectively.


Easy-to-use Platform

This tool isn’t complicated at all. It is rather easy, you just have to simply copy-paste your words into your personal Editor.

By default, it will then automatically show to you the mistakes and errors needed to edit and modify by providing the suggested words to replace it with, and also provide a clear explanation as to why it is errored. In that way, you know the reason for its error and how to solve it which really will help your overall English vocabulary too.

It also has a free browser extension for Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome and Safari that will automatically show you corrections to your error words just as you type. It is a real-time detection. If you wanna write in your MS Office, Grammarly may be downloaded too.


Free and Upgradable Software

What is the best part of anything with amazing features? Yes, of course, the word Free. And turns our Grammarly is a free tool which is available for free for anyone and with no limited timeframes.

The free version already has amazing features to really help you solve your critical grammar and spelling mistakes but if you are writing professionally and wanna unlock more awesome advanced tools and features. They have their Upgrade plan and you may do so too.

Some cool features included in the premium plan are genre-specific writing style checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, advanced checks for sentence structure, grammar, context and plagiarism detector.


Helpful Guide and Community

Apart from the tool, if you wanna learn more about how to improve your Grammar, context and all these Knowledge, Grammarly does have a ton of educational materials on these subjects as well.

If you don’t already know the Grammarly has their own guide where they provide info about English grammar and style while the vendor’s blog site provides readers with insights, daily tips, and fun commentary about grammar and writing called the Grammarly Handbook.

They also have their own community where they can discuss skills, tips, and tricks via their Facebook and Twitter pages, among others social media too.


How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

As you may already know that for all the basic features Grammarly is free. However, if you wanna get some advanced features such as Plagiarism Checker, Advanced checks for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and context.

They also have a Genre/niche-specific writing style checks too.

Provides enhancement suggestions for Vocabulary

There are Three premium plans-

Monthly – $29.95/month

Quarterly – $19.98/month (if it is paid as one payment of $59.95 upfront)

Annual – $11.66/month (Upfront one payment of $139.95)

If you are gonna be subscribing in the future, I recommend you go for the annual plan as that will help you save money.


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Refund Policy

Unlike other services on the market where they offer a minimum of 30 days or even 45-day money back guarantee. Grammarly is lacking a little bit on that part as they offer only 7 Day money back guarantee.

So, in case you wanna refund your money if you are not satisfied with their premium services or for any other reason, do so within. 7 days of starting your premium service.

You can email them or raise a support ticket to get your refund.



Pros And Cons

Every service, tool or product has its own pros and cons and turns out Grammarly is indifferent.


⦁ Being Able to correct most of the Spelling and Grammar errors.
⦁ It simply Works with almost any website.
⦁ The Plagiarism Checker is a very handy tool for essay, blog etc
⦁ Almost all of the needed basic features are already available for free.


⦁ For some, the Premium monthly plan is a bit pricey and may not afford to get it.
⦁ It has a problem with Google Docs
⦁ You cannot use it on MS Office on a MacBook
Sometimes some of the Irrelevant suggestions do tend to reappear after the page is refreshed.


Grammarly FAQ’s

1. Does Grammarly Work On Google Docs?
There is some case where it is usable but for the majority of the time, Grammarly is disabled while using Google Docs.

2. Is Grammarly compatible With Microsoft Word
Yes, Grammarly does Work With Microsoft Word.

3. Is the Grammarly Plagiarism Checker available With The Free Version?
No, Grammarly Plagiarism checker isn’t available in the Free version. You have to upgrade your plans for that.

4. Is The Free Version Of Grammarly Free For The Lifetime?
Yes, the free version of Grammarly is free and doesn’t have any timeframes.

5. Does Grammarly Work On The MAC?
Yes, Grammarly works on the MAC by the Grammarly Online Editor, and the Browser extensions.

6. Is Grammarly Available Mobile Phone?
Yes, Grammarly is available for both on the IOS and the Android. However, you need to download the Grammarly Android Keyboard App from the Play Store and Grammarly iOS Keyboard App for Android and IOS devices respectively

7. Does Grammarly Work Offline?
No, Unfortunately, Grammarly is an Online Tool. So, you cannot use it offline.


Grammarly Review – Conclusion

To be honest, I really can’t think of writing without Grammarly. It really saves so much time and effort.

It not only helps me to correct my hundred or even thousands of my spelling and grammar errors over the years but it also has helped me to improve my vocabulary and writing too.

In this Grammarly review, I recommend Grammarly to every Students, writer, blogger, who have the desires to write errorless and better for your academic/blog/business, etc

Now, let me know if you have used Grammarly in the past and how was your experience about it. Or if you are using other Grammarly alternative, do let us and others know about it too.


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