37 Easy And Awesome Ways To Get Free Backlinks

get free backlinks


Do you want to Get Free Backlinks?

I agree with you, it’s becoming more Dang harder to earn backlinks……

Well luckily for you  it turns out there are 37 Free ways to get some Free Backlinks 

….Absolutely Free!! Not even a dime

You may be wondering 37 ways. Priya That’s Crazy

Yeah, I Know!

….But here is the deal

Probably you may know most of the ways which I am gonna mentioned below

But nobody took it serious enough to do it……

Skip to Link #11 if you want to go directly for the easy ways where you can put your URL this instant


Backlinks are a crucial part of ranking a page in SERPs

……So you need it, 

Even if it’s a nofollow. it helps diversify your Link profile

So today, in this article we are gonna discuss some basic ways on how to earn free backlinks…….

But first, Let’s divide the Link type into 2 type for further smoothening in your navigation-

a) ……Link #1, 4, 11, 13-37 can be build right this Instant

b)Link #3, 5, 6-10, 12 Take some time to get the backlinks. It is a strategical Method…..

Link1 # Internal Backlinks

get free backlinks

This is the simplest way to build backlinks to your page…….

Internal backlinks connect one post or page to another on the same website.

It is helpful in establishing a site architecture and spreading the link equity of your website

….Internal linking helps your SEO by driving traffic to other pages

Internal linking helps users navigate throughout your website. So, by using proper and user-friendly links in your articles, you will ease your user’s navigation

So let’s say you have a new blog post about “How to grow your Instagram Followers“. From there you are linking to another blog post on “reasons for losing Instagram followers” in which both are related to Instagram

However do not to overload your pages with internal links, Link out only when necessary

Benefits Of Internal Linking-

  • …..Internal links pass the link juice
  • Internal links increase page views
  • Internal links help in increasing PageRank……
  • Internal links reduce the bounce rate
  • ………..Better crawling and indexing

Link2 # Blogger Outreach

get free backlinks

This is a great way to not only build links but also relationships with the other Bloggers, Helping each other, Exposure for your Brand and what not.

Here is a 7 Step Blogger Outreach Strategy to help you out…….

Depending on Your Goals, Blogger Outreach may have different aims such as

  • Guest Posting….
  • Social Shares
  • ….Build Relationship, etc

But since we are on the topic of link building, let’s focus mainly on Guest Blogging

It literally works like this, you are writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website

……Guest Blogging is a win-win situation strategy

It offers a strong opportunity to secure a link back from another website along with all the other marketing for your Brand or Yourself

You help another site build up their resources and generate more views for themselves, but also at the same time, it also benefits you too

Securing a backlink shouldn’t only be the main focus of Guest Blogging, It helps you in many ways such as-

  • ……Establishes a relationship with the blogger
  • Taps into their audience for additional exposure
  • Getting exposure (traffic) back to your website…..
  • increased online visibility
  • ………Establish authority among an audience
  • Builds your reputation

Here is a list of Blogs that allow Guest Posting

You can also use these queries to find Blogs that accept Guest Posting

  • Keyword  in title:”contribute to”
  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest author”
  • Keyword “guest article”
  • Keyword “guest column”

Link3 # Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

get free backlinks

If you don’t know what HARO is, don’t worry cause I am gonna explain to you right now

HARO is a website where journalists use to find Experts on a certain topic that can offer the content and contributors for their stories.

First of all, Go to HARO and register as a source…..

get free backlinks

For the Next step, choose a free or paid plan

get free backlinks

……After finishing signing up, keep an eye out for requests that you can contribute to

get free backlinks

If you find any request that you think you can contribute

Send the journalist a VERY brief and a valuable pitch which will be hard to ignore

…….Here is an article on How to effectively pitch your Content 

The journalist must be receiving tons of response and sometimes better article than yours

So, You’re not guaranteed a backlink from every single query you respond to

But if you did get one, then it will be a huge boost to your link profile…..

Link4 # Blog Comments

get free backlinks

Trends come and go……

So does Blog comment for Backlinks

But nowadays Blog Comment for backlinks is considered an old-school method

…..So you ask, is it still effective?

“Depends” on how you make use of it

It is very crucial to post a valuable comment

If you really want to Stand out of the crowd “Thanks..nice post!” won’t cut it……

  • Provide quality comments that will actually hook the eyes of either the visitors or the webmaster
  • Write detailed comments that are informative and valuable to the discussion
  • Make Sure your email address has an image in

Comment a very engaging excerpt that will make them feel like that could actually solve their problem and you can add the Link to your website for Read More

But Add your link for the comment only if you have a relevant article to that topic

……If it’s a Do-follow, Then Perfect.

Even if it’s a No-follow, That’s fine too. It still holds value such as

  • …..Increase Referral Traffic
  • Makes your Link Profile look natural
  • Increases DA, PA & other Metrics…..
  • ..Builds Authority

If People go through the link and find your content engaging and helpful.

Sometimes they may even share and link it back to you

……..In this way, It also acts as an indirect way of link building

How To Find Blogs To Comment?

Today I feel like I wanna share this tool which I absolutely recommend called  DropMyLink

It is a tool where users can easily find the right blog to comment on, be it a .edu blog, .gov blog, etc…..

get free backlinks

Type in the keyword and select the blog type. Click Search…..

DropMyLink will bring you a bunch of results that allow Blog Commenting.

Tips to Remember when writing a Comment

  • ….Get personal
  • Get your comments noticed by the right people
  • Comment something worthwhile and relevant……
  • Be conversational
  • …..Wait for the right moment to add your links

Take the time to read the whole blog post and leave a genuine response. Don’t just post junk comments.

Here is an Article on 5 Ways to find niche related Blogs for commenting

Link5 # Broken Links

get free backlinks

…….This tactics just work AMAZING!!

It is the most scalable link building tactics through finding broken links, recreating a version of that broken content, and helping the webmasters to replace the broken links with your corrected link.

You’re literally helping the webmaster, while also building links to your website.

It’s a Win-Win situation…..

A link is Broken When-

  • …The website is shut down or no longer available
  • The webpage was moved without a redirect
  • The URL structure of a website was changed….

get free backlinks

You just need to take advantage of that and use that window to add your links Instead

….The process is so simple-

STEP 1: Find Blogs or Pages with Broken links

STEP 2: Let them know about it and Ask for them to replace it with yours…..

…..Go to Ahrefs and Enter the Domain name you want to check

get free backlinks

Find the 404 Pages. Recreate content similar to the webpage the link is pointing to

Go to  Wayback Machine to get a quick look and an idea about that page

get free backlinks

Next, Contact the webmaster and let him know about it…..

Kindly ask if they could replace it with your link instead

……Here is an example of an Email Template to pitch

get free backlinks

Once they reply back to you and give you the green light or sometimes if you don’t receive a reply to your original outreach email…….

Don’t be too pushy, Send a follow-up email like this

get free backlinks

…..But don’t follow-up more than 1–2 times.

If so, then you are more likely to be marked as spam and blacklist your Email

Don’t receive a response? Move on to the Next candidate……

Here is an article from SearchEngineLand on Broken Link SEO Strategy

Link6 # Link Reclamation

get free backlinks

…….This Strategy is basically researching sites where they mention your Brand name or your site but doesn’t link back to your site

You leverage that to turn into backlinks

An example of a link reclamation opportunity is if there’s a page that mentions “NeilHosting” in the content but doesn’t link back to the site.

Since the site did, in fact, mention NeilHosting and didn’t link to it, then our job is to respectfully request a link back.

Chances are they are more likely to link back since they trust us enough to mention it in the first place……

You can use tools like BuzzSumo because it generates a content alert every time someone writes about you.

…..So check if they link back to you and in case they didn’t then, send them an email asking politely.

First Thank them for mentioning in their article + compliment them a little bit, and ask if they would consider adding a link to your site.

…..Here is an article from Moz on How to Speed up your link reclamation?

Link7 # Get Interviewed

get free backlinks

This is one of the most overlooked and underused natural link building strategies.

Online Interviews has become a trend lately and it’s booming…….

Interviews are also a great way to share your valuable and helpful practical knowledge with the audience (Targeted Audience)

This will not only help you build links but also interact with the audience, making aware of your Brand, etc

……Here is How You find Websites to get Interviewed

First Start with a query like: industry “interview with” or another similar one

get free backlinks

Once you’ve found a relevant site, contact them socially, especially if you’re dealing with influencers and busy people that don’t have much time to read a paragraph…..

Or send them a friendly email and let them know that you’d like to participate in their upcoming project.

Make sure your email has the following features:

  • …..The email should be personalized. This is very important and shows that you already know about the person you’re approaching for an interview.
  • The subject and the primary message of the email should be clear and easy to grasp
  • Provide stats and data to back your claims about your site and it’s achievement. If you are nobody, chances are they will likely reject your application…….
  • ………In case you have conducted similar interviews in past, include links to a few example ones in the email, in order to make you more legit and increases the chances of accepting your proposal

Interviews have proven to be a great way to acquire high-quality organic links.

So, If you feel like you’re creative enough to leverage this and grow your site and brand

Go For It…..

Link8 # Infographics

get free backlinks

…….Infographics are some of the most shared and liked content on the Web

People prefer to look at an infographic that describes the 3000-word article instead of reading it

Infographics have the ability to make complex data easy to understand and make boring and heavy topics data come to life through attractive color combinations, icons, charts, and graphs………

You can leverage this to grow your link profile

Things to consider:

  • …..Find the right information
  • Determine your Audience
  • Brainstorm on how to convert your data visually
  • Choose the Color themes carefully……
  • Create a visual that will create an emotional response
  • Elaborate a Compelling Narrative
  • ………Create a wireframe to carefully plan out where each element will be placed.
  • Creating a “shareable” chunks of info for easy tweeting and sharing
  • Find the most appropriate, eye hooking Media such as images and graphs
  • You can even add a Humour……..

Not to worry if you have 0% knowledge on making an Infographics

Reference: How To make an Infographic

You can also use sites like Fivver, Upwork, and Dribble to hire someone to do all the hard work for you

There are two ways to market your Infographics………

A) Post it on your own website

…….You post the infographic on your website and ask other’s to embed it onto their site

Like this,

get free backlinks

Yep! It’s that simple……

B) Guest Posting

Find established bloggers in your industry and offer your infographic as a guest post

Related: How to perfectly optimize your Infographic for SEO

Link9 # Offer Testimonials & Get Links

……..Seriously Who doesn’t like a good testimonial?

Let’s say you’re using an email marketing tool and you’ve found it useful, then, offer them a free testimonial that they can showcase on their website.

get free backlinks

In order to prove that the testimonial was legit and given by a real person with a real site

They mostly mention a link to your website……..

Example of an email template to pitch a testimonial

Hey Mike,

Long time no see! Glad your Blog is growing. You’ve really impressed me from time to time. Your posts are really inspiring and helpful. I’d be more than willing to write a testimonial you could publish on your site. If you are interested let me know.

Best wishes,
Priya Singh, Founder, NEILHosting

Benefits Of Testimonial Links:

  • …..100% editorial
  • Testimonials tend to reside on popular, important pages

But you shouldn’t be doing this manipulatively and if you go overboard, you might get into trouble……….

Link10 # Roundup Post

get free backlinks

If you don’t know what a link roundup post is, It’s basically a weekly (or sometimes daily) curations of your industry’s best content……

Link Roundup not only helps in your link Building but also in many ways such as-

  • …..Learning from Experts
  • Build Relationship
  • Traffics……
  • Social Shares, etc

Here’s how to do it

Step 1.Idea

This is the most important part

…….If your idea sucks, no one’s gonna contribute to it

Have a Unique Idea of yours and don’t copy others

Choose a Topic that solves other people problems

Or you can even run a poll or a survey to ask for your reader opinion for the roundup post…..

Random ideas-

  • …..Best articles from June
  • Bests tools of xxx years
  • Best Guide on the xxx topic……
  • Most popular articles by Guest Authors, etc

Step 2. Finding Blogs

……You can use Pitchbox to find authoritative publishers in a certain niche

Pitchbox allows you to find influencers in your niche in a matter of seconds.

……It Integrates with the top SEO providers, such as Moz, Majestic, SEMRush, and LRT to ensure that you only pull back the most authoritative publishers.

get free backlinks

Reference: How to use Pitchbox 

You can also search with the Query “weekly link roundup” + “YOUR KEYWORD”…..

Here is a list of Blogs that do Roundup Post ( Blogging, SEO, Marketing Niche)

  1. blog.ahrefs.com
  2. matthewwoodward.co.uk
  3. internetmarketingninjas.com
  4. agorapulse.com
  5. blog.crowdspring.com
  6. trafficgenerationcafe.com
  7. iblogzone.com
  8. upcity.com
  9. webmarketingtoday.com
  10. hallaminternet.com
  11. firepolemarketing.com
  12. kikolani.com
  13. cloudincome.com
  14. responsys.com
  15. verticalmeasures.com
  16. northcutt.com
  17. osiaffiliate.com
  18. keepupwiththeweb.com
  19. doseoyourself.com
  20. blogaid.net
  21. vizioninteractive.com
  22. visiblehq.com
  23. yourwriterplatform.com
  24. uklinkology.co.uk
  25. temi.co.uk
  26. techtoucan.com
  27. digivate.com
  28. techwyse.com
  29. productivesuperdad.com
  30. seo-e.com
  31. internetjetstream.com
  32. blog.roadsidemultimedia.com

Step 3. Outreaching the Influencer’s

Contact the Influencer and wait for at least some weeks because some of them are too busy and might not have the time to read your pitch yet…….

Once you’ve finished your epic roundup post, make sure to Quote them and send an email to all of the Influencer with the link of your Post

…….Some may share it while some others may link it back or maybe they may do both

Link11 # Google Plus

get free backlinks

Everything starts with Good content……..

If your post gets reposted, you earn multiple links to the same page

…….What’s even cooler is that the first link added to a Google+ page post is a DoFollow link

Just head over to your Google Plus personal or business profile and go to the about section and edit the content to insert your link.

Here’s How To Optimize Your Google+ Page

  • Make sure your Google+ personal profile or your Google+ page is fully complete.

Go to Home> Profile…….

Click on the About section

get free backlinks

……..Next, Add your URL

Write an introduction about your site or yourself and you can also link back to your website here.

get free backlinks

  • Grab your custom URL with your full name or business name
  • Stay active on Google+
  • Share your own blog posts, using the blog post title, immediately after they’re published
  • Keep building your circles

Next Step is to set up your profile for Google Plus Authorship

Two ways to set up Google+ authorship to “claim” your content:

  • …….The first one is simple. Just use your custom domain name email (i.e., Priya@yourURL.com),

Go to the Google+ Authorship page and simply enter your email address to complete the process.

  • Let’s say you don’t have a custom domain email address, then include a Google+ link to your profile in the author bio……

Make sure to use this this format: <a href=“[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>


……Facebook provides you ample places to put your website link.

As far as I know, there are 4 ways to get backlinks from FaceBook

Link12 # Personal Profile

Go to your personal profile> About Tab> Contact and Basic Info…..

get free backlinks

Link13 # Workplace

……Your personal profile> About Tab> Add a workplace

get free backlinks

In the Company Name choose your Website Page. You can also add your Links in the description area.

get free backlinks

Link14 # FaceBook Page

Open your FB Page> Go to About section

get free backlinks

Next, enter your website link…….

get free backlinks

Link15 # Description Of Post

Add a description linking back to your site.whenever you post

get free backlinks


There are 3 Ways to get backlinks from YouTube

Firstly, Verify your account to get the backlink……

Link16 # Go to Creator Studio>Channel>Advanced

get free backlinks

Scroll down for Associated website and add your website URL

get free backlinks

Link17 # Description Of Your Videos

……..Write the video description and include your link with http:// for a clickable link

get free backlinks

Link18 # Commenting

Find relevant videos in your niche and comment on it.

…….Add some value to the comment first and include your Link

get free backlinks


This is a no-brainer.

Link19 # Profile 

Just go to Your Profile and add your URL…..

get free backlinks

You have an area for the website field in the Twitter profile.

But you can also add another link in the 160-character bio, which gives you the opportunity to share your link twice!

Link20 # Post

Whenever you post on Twitter about something related to your Blog. Make sure to add a link back to your site

get free backlinks


……Create compelling visual content and upload it on Pinterest

By doing this you not only have the chances of generating more ROI  but also generate more Pinterest backlinks to your site.

There are 2 Ways to generate Backlinks to your site…….

Link21 # Website Field

Like all the other Social Media, Pinterest also allows you to add your website

Go to Settings> Claim Website to add your Website URL

…….To confirm the site you need to Verify first

get free backlinks

Link22 # Pin Description

I am pretty sure you would know how to edit a PIN……..

If you are a total newbie, Here is a guide on how to use Pinterest

…..Go to your Pin and Click Edit

get free backlinks

Next, add the link in the description area

get free backlinks

Link 23 # Instagram

This one has one drawback. Unlike other social media, you cannot add your link on every post and photos

You can add only one link in the Website Field……

get free backlinks

But How About the Description Area?

…..Well, you will be greeted like this

get free backlinks


Link24 # Profile

Same as everyone on the social media category, You can add links on the description area Only this time you can hyperlink it

get free backlinks

Link24 # Answer

Find something which you are able to answer and add a link back to your main blog about that topic

get free backlinks

Make sure you don’t spam it. Add Value to the Comments.

Link25 # Scoop It

It is a curation website that allows you to curate your favorite online articles into a magazine format.

Go to Scoop it and Create a free account

Next, enter your URL

get free backlinks

Click Suggest

get free backlinks

Once again Click Suggest

get free backlinks

Link26 # List.ly

List.ly is another site where you can list and share them with others

…..Create an account for Free

Next, Create your first list by clicking the “Make a List” button at the top

get free backlinks

Click On Text

get free backlinksAdd Yiu

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Add your Title, Description, Image and a link

get free backlinks

That’s Pretty much it

Link27 # Medium

…….Medium is an online publishing site where users can write, read and share their content

First Create your Account.

It’s Free……..

You can log in with your Gmail account or Your Facebook

get free backlinks

Go to Your profile>Stories>Write a Story

get free backlinks

However Medium is an excellent platform for your content marketing….

Treat it not only to build links but also use it as a platform to get your Brand name out there and generate referral traffic

From a strictly SEO standpoint, links from Medium have little to no value since they are “nofollow”.

……..However, Use it to grow your link profile

Here is an article from Moz on the benefits of NoFollow Links

Write a catchy title with a summary of your blog along with the image and then add a link to the source.

Link28 # Voat

Voat is a social networking platform where registered members are allowed to submit content in text and link formats.

Create an account…………

Next Click on Share a link

get free backlinks

However, your account must have at least 10 CC Points to submit.

Link29 # StumbleUpon

…..StumbleUpon can be used as a part of your Link Building Strategy

Posting your content on StumbleUpon doesn’t have a direct ranking factor because the link is gonna be probably NoFollow

However, on the other hand, promoting your content and driving more exposure means more users will notice it and if your content is worth linking to, people are gonna start linking to it.

StumbleUpon has recently moved to Mix………

Create your Account and Click on the Plus Sign

get free backlinks

Next, Add your Link

get free backlinks


MUST READ  How To Check Your Google Ranking Easily

It’s that Simple

get free backlinks

Link30 # HubPages

…….First Create an Account for free

Next Click on Start a new Article

get free backlinks

Follow the remaining  steps and Write your article

get free backlinks

Link31 # Blogarama

Blogarama has been around for quite some time

This one is also pretty simple……..

Just like all others, First Create an Account

……Next, Create a Blog

get free backlinks

Fill up the Essential Needs

get free backlinks

Choose Your Plan, But Free Plan should do

Wait for Approval and that’s it. But you can upgrade the plan to get approved faster

get free backlinks

Link32 #  Diigo

Diigo is a Social Bookmarking site where you can bookmark your own pages as well as other people’s.

Links can be added in your profile and in your Bookmarks…….

Choose A Free Plan, if you want you can upgrade. But for now, the free plan will do

Click on bookmark

get free backlinks

……Add your URL

Link33 # Disqus

Go to Settings>Profile

Add Your URL

get free backlinks

Link34 # About.me

About.me gives you a beautiful personal information page with a do-follow link to your website

Just Sign up and fill up all your Credentials……

get free backlinks

Link35 # Reddit

Reddit is one of the most active communities out there on the Web

……Scour the site for the right subreddit to submit your links.

But make sure you don’t Spam

Link35 # Hacker News

This platform looks somewhat like Reddit…….

Create an account and click on Submit

get free backlinks

Fill in the Title and the URL

……Click “Submit”

get free backlinks

Link36 # Fark

Submitting a link is easy but getting on the front page of Fark is not easy

Create your account first…….

Next Click on “Submit a Link”

get free backlinks

Fill up the details

get free backlinks

Click On Fark It

Link37 # Flickr

As Usual, Sign up and Click On Upload

get free backlinks

Add your link

get free backlinks

…That’s it

They are all pretty much the same

Here is a list of Photo Sharing sites…

  • fotolog
  • ..500px
  • photosig
  • phanfare..
  • ..fotki
  • flatpebble…
  • fotoflock
  • …picasa.google
  • photo
  • lomography
  • postimage..
  • imageevent
  • yogile
  • …dropshots


Follow some of these steps and get some free backlinks…….

However, If you want to attract links naturally make sure your site or content Is worth linking to

……So focus mainly on creating problem-solving, amazing content that will actually make people consider your content when they are looking for a reliable source to link to

Have you executed them all? Is there anything you like to share?

Either way, leave a comment below……..

Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter


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    1. Satya Thanks for the comment
      If we not only think about links but also focus on providing value and quality content by making a mark on each platform, it can definitely increase the refferal traffic, brand awareness, etc
      Once again Thanks for the comment!!

    2. Satya Thanks for the comment
      If we not only think about links but also focus on providing value and quality content by making a mark on each platform, it can definitely increase the refferal traffic, brand awareness, etc
      Once again Thanks for the comment!!

  2. Great Post. Backlink is a remarkable way to improve your search ranking but many struggle to create quality backlinks. The tips you presented here are great indeed. I took note of the fact that you said blog commenting is old fashion, but yet very incredible in creating backlinks. Commenting on other blogs still works pretty well. In fact, I use his strategy often and it works like magic. What’s important as you mentioned is to write quality comments, instead of the random “great post,” “nice post,” etc. Use your comments to add value.

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