Effective Blogger Outreach Strategy


If you only write-content no matter how good they are

Hoping that people will suddenly come and read your Blog……..

Its Gonna take a long time


The best way to get more exposure, sales, traffic is by building relationships with other relevant bloggers in your Industry.

So that is where Blogger Outreach comes in…….

Mark Schaefer, author, and a marketing guru explains that out of all your followers only a mere two percent of your followers will share your content.

Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics, wrote that  81 percent of People trust the information they read on Blog and around 61% of those people have even made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.

So, how do you get bloggers to mention or cover your website without being spammy?

In this detailed article,

We are gonna discuss in Step by Step for an Effective Blogger Outreach Strategy that is gonna work ……..

So Grab Yourself a coffee or a drink cause this is gonna be a long one

…….Here is a basic Infographic that describes the steps you need to take to achieve this goal:

Blogger Outreach Strategy

First of all, let’s discuss the meaning of Blogger Outreach

What is Blogger Outreach?

In simple terms, Blogger outreach is a program where you basically send an email requesting the individual or different bloggers for exposure leveraging the influencers who have already established a substantial following, in exchange for free access to a product or service ( Sometimes Money are Exachnaged Too)

Why is Blogger Outreach Important?

There are many benefits of Blogger Outreach. But some of the Major Benefits are-

  1. …..It is a critical component of a link building campaign
  2. Build brand recognition
  3. Situate Yourself as a credible expert in your field……
  4. Build Natural Links
  5. Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website
  6. ……….Build Relationships

Why Most Bloggers Outreach Fail?

There are many reasons Why your Blogger Outreach Fail.

………But these are some of the major factors contributing to its Failure-

1) Using Email Templates- Email design is a crucial part of your email marketing campaign’s success.

Never Send Out Copy/Paste Emails…….

This is probably the first and the most Important Step when it comes to Blogger Outreach Strategy

You will be surprised that even the little customizations you made will have a huge Impact.

…….Templates are to be used for Inspiration and examples. Don’t rely fully on templates, even the good ones.

What’s gonna Separate your email with the other is that your email needs to be an authentic conversations

There are also some Pros of Using Ready-Made Email Template but The cons outweigh when it comes to email marketing………

Today, the influencers are becoming smarter and  will spot an email template from a mile away

…….Be more authentic, you are sending an email to a person, not a Robot and this leads to our next point.

2) No personalization- When we hear our name we turn towards the speaker to see what the fuss is all about

The same applies here, it helps to grab the person’s attention and……

Never Start Your Email With Dear Sir Or Madam, Be more Personal.

Mention their First Name Instead

…..Example: Hey John or Hi Jessica, etc

Most of the Bloggers and the influencers are busy people.

They are not gonna waste their time on some random emails from someone who hasn’t taken the time to even learn their first name……

3) Asking too early- If you haven’t made a name for yourself, do that first and after that contact, the influencers

……Because Normally no Big influencer will be interested in allowing you to Guest Post in their site if they haven’t heard about you, your brand or your work.

So, your success really depends on your approach

Remember, Blogger Outreach is not only about Building Links, its also about……

  • ……Building relationships
  • Boosting credibility and authority
  • Connecting with new audiences……

You will be rejected sometimes or most of the times if you are pitching it wrong but that’s okay.

………..It’s all part of the process

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Step 1: Build Your Portfolio

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Before you even start finding Blogs to pitch your ideas, Build up your Credibility

…….Make a list of your best writing work so far.

For each pitch, you need around three articles to showcase your work

Step 2: Figure Out What You Want

Blogger Outreach Strategy

This step is very Simple…

You just need to figure out what you want out of your outreach Campaign

Maybe is it a link? A share? Product Promotion?

…..Whatever the case that maybe, you need to have a clear Goal of your Campaign

Step 3: Find Blogs to Pitch To

Blogger Outreach Strategy

As I have said before, you need to have a clear Goal, because depending on your goal, you’ll have to carefully choose the bloggers you want to pitch

If your Campaign is to build links, go for sites which have a good PR or Domain Authority……

And If your goal is to get as many shares for your post, you’ll want to find influencers who have a huge social following

Or you can even set your goals to build relationships.

……..In this case, simply find bloggers who are either on the rise, or bloggers who are already on the top

Start by finding blogs that are in your niche or industry

You can use tools to find Blogs for you, But for me personally, I like these methods…….

  • Click around through the links on blog articles, Resource page, etc

Blogger Outreach Strategy

  • …….You can also Check out the comments, and click through to the blogs of the commenters

Blogger Outreach Strategy

You can also type on Google search to find Blogs. Here are some few search terms you can use:

  • …..top “industry/niche” bloggers
  • top “industry/niche” experts
  • top “industry/niche” blogs…..
  • top “industry/niche” influencers
  • top “industry/niche” bloggers to follow
  • ………top “industry/niche” blogs to follow

Blogger Outreach Strategy

You can also find by leveraging BuzzSumo

Just head over to their homepage and enter a topic or keyword

Blogger Outreach Strategy

…….Next, Click “amplification” and you can filter it to “bloggers” and “influencers”

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Then, Buzzsumo will give you a bunch of list of bloggers and influencers from which you can Pitch to

How To Find Emails Addresses

Sometimes, the email address of an influencer isn’t displayed publicly.

However, there are some tools to help you with that Problem………

Hunter, being the most common out of them and used by many People

……This tool basically just pulls the name and email addresses of everyone associated with a website

Blogger Outreach Strategy

They will pull out a bunch of Information for the specific name and email of the person you’re looking for

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Reseach Blogs Based On Your Goal

1) Links

…….If your Goal for this Outreach Programme is to Build Links

You wanna make sure you target only Sites with Good DA

To Find out a site Domain Authority

Just Head Over to Moz’s Open Site Explorer

For this Example let’s use NeilPatel.com

………Enter The URL you wanna see the DA in the Box and Hit Search

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Moz Link Explorer will show you the Site DA and its Links, along with many other Data

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Another Way to Find a site DA without the hassle to go to Moz Link Explorer everytime is to simply install the MozBar browser extension

Blogger Outreach Strategy

2) Social Shares

If your goal of This Blogger Outreach is to get more social shares,

Then you’ll want your content to be shared by bloggers who have a pretty decent number of engaged followers……..

Just Visit their Profiles and Look for bloggers and influencers with a good social following.

Blogger Outreach Strategy

……..And also Check How Engaged the followers are to his/her tweet or content

Blogger Outreach Strategy

3) Guest Posting

Let’s say If your goal is to guest post, then you’ll wanna find bloggers who have accepted guests in the past.

…..Just Head over to their Blog Page and see if their contributors are different or are written by the same person

If they are written by many contributors, chances are they will accept another Guest post…….

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Or Check Whether they have a “Guest Post”, “Write for Us” or “Contribute” Page

If they have any one of those Page, they’re in the market for guest posts…….

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Read their Rules and guidelines to be able to contribute in their Blog

4) Relationship

Blogger Outreach Strategy

……Maybe If your Goal is to build Relationship with Other Bloggers

Since there is no filtering you can basically find these guys everywhere

  • ………Google with the terms like “Top [industry] bloggers” 
  • Browse around Social Media and online marketing communities like Triberr, Inbound.org, Growth Hackers, and Warrior Forum

Step 4: Research Your Chosen Blogs

Blogger Outreach Strategy

After you have chosen the blogs where you’ll wanna pitch to……

Start, doing some insight research of that Blog to get a feel of it

………There’s a simple way to do this. Just browse through the blog for their 5-10 most popular posts.

This will gives you an idea of what type of articles the editor is most likely to accept………..

Read their Content, to get a feel about their Writing style, How depth the articles are, etc

When you’re gonna pitch in the future, you can say, “I noticed that the article about [topic] is very helpful and its the most popular with your readers.”

…….This also gives another perk where it makes the blog editor feel that you are actually a regular reader and keeping up with the Blog

Also, read their About Us page as this will basically just help you to get to know the blogger or the editor more

Step 5: Pre-Outreach

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Most of the people often left out this part as this is not very much necessary but also necessary at the same time. If that makes sense

……This will make your “cold” emails slightly warmer, and thereby increase your chances of succeeding.

Be on their Radar and try to get some sort of attention from them

There are many ways to get on their radar………

Here are 3 methods to get their attention

Method 1: Comment on their Latest Blog Posts

Blogger Outreach Strategy

……..For Example, Comment on their latest Blog Post and Instead of Commenting like “Nice article” “Good Post” and stuff like that.

You won’t stand out that way

Comment something which will actually provide value to the readers……

No article is gonna be so perfect that they are gonna include everything on the post.

There must be some points where they miss out or didn’t explain well.

…………Figure out the area and write a comment about that topic or points and add value to your comment

Or you could also ask them some in-depth question to make them wanna answer to your comment

Method 2: Subscribe To Their Newsletter

Blogger Outreach Strategy

……Just subscribe to their newsletter, Respond to the newsletter and ask them questions or queries

In that way, they will see you as a more loyal reader and a valuable customer

Method 3: Follow Them And Share their Content On Social Media

This is one of the best ways to get their attention…….

Just Share one of their Latest Blog posts and tag them

Blogger Outreach Strategy

That’s pretty much it

Method 4: Link out to them

Blogger Outreach Strategy

…………Obviously, the Blogger or the Influencer you wanna reach out may have content which is somewhat relevant and similar to your Content, as both of you are together in the same niche

For Example: You may have a Blog post about the “Benefits of Affiliate marketing” and at the same time the other blog which you wanna pitch has also an article on “Top 10 Best affiliate Programmes”

In this type of case where it’s relevant and linkable, just Link out to them and let them know about it………
Now, we have done what we can to get some sort of attention from them.
…….Let’s have a quick recap of  what you’ve achieved so far:

  • You know the Goal of your Outreach
  • ………You already have compiled a list of bloggers and influencers.
  • You have been in their radar.

Now its time to move in for the kill

Step 6: Write the Email

Blogger Outreach Strategy

This is not just some random email

You need to follow certain procedures to get the maximum benefit from this Campaign…..

1. Write a Tempting Headline

Blogger Outreach Strategy

…….Chances are these big bloggers and editors are receiving tons and tons of email per day asking for various types of Queries

So Your headline is gonna be the key to hook the blogger or the editor into reading your email. 

Spend as much time as possible in perfecting your headline…….
However, there are some Blogs which provide their own Headings for specific inquiries.

…….If so they provide, then use the one they ask but if not you should use your headline in the subject line of your pitch email.

2. Outline Your Post

Blogger Outreach Strategy

…..Create at least 3-6 main points you plan to cover in your article

This is the most crucial part of this Campaign, So your pitch needs to be good

Make sure you are approaching the topic with new ideas or from a different original angle.

Here is a Format of a simple outline…….

  • …….Cite the Common problem faced by the blog readers
  • Provide a new solution to the problem
  • How practical it is to solve the problem……..

3. DO NOT Use Email Templates

Blogger Outreach Strategy

…….Nowadays, bloggers and influencers can spot a template from a mile away.

Make each and every email personalized for that particular subject

And Please don’t use “Dear Sir/Madam”, Instead use their first name instead…….

This little tweak will help you get better results

Most of the bloggers and influencers are busy people and they don’t have time to read your 50-60 word email

 ………..Keep your email short, simple and sweet

If you are Planning to promote your Content, Use the 2-Step Content Marketing Strategy

I recently came across a Blog where they Publish about “How to grow your business through Instagram” and coincidentally I also have a blog post on “How to get more Instagram Followers

So I email the Blogger…..

Blogger Outreach Strategy

There’s nothing fancy about this email, just keeping it as simple as possible

……Then, I received a reply within 24 hours

Blogger Outreach Strategy

So, I basically send the article

Blogger Outreach Strategy

If they give you the green Sign, send them the link and you’re done

It’s that Simple….

Step 7: Staying Connected

Blogger Outreach Strategy

Don’t be that Person who only cares and talk to them only when he/she is need of something

…….If someone treated you as disposable, They’re going to feel like they are being exploited and that is a big NO NO

Instead, Create and maintain a relationship with them. Keep building that relationship and Help each other.

Don’t treat blogger outreach as a one-off activity, if so then you’re wasting your time…….

Long-term relationships will deliver you much better results, and in the long run, the efforts you put will be much reduced

So let’s wrap things up with a quick overview…

  • …….Figure Out Whats you want out of this Campaign
  • Research and Make a list of Blogs to reach out to
  • Be in their Radar and try to get attention from them………..
  • Connect with them ( Social Shares, Linking out, Responding to newsletter email, etc)
  • ……….Reach out

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Failing to get to know the blog you’re pitching to…..
  • Not reading the blog’s pitching guidelines
  • ……..Making Spelling and grammar Errors in your mail
  • Not Using the name of the blog editor you’re pitching.
  • Your Idea is Not Unique and Original
  • ……Fake and insincere compliment.


Blogger outreach isn’t really the fun part of online marketing, but it’s effective

…..The extra time and care you put into your outreach efforts will really pay off if done right

Blogger Outreach is somewhat a number game, the more quality influencers you target and pitch, the more responses you’ll get considering you pitch them following the methods mentioned above……

…….Are you currently doing Outreach for your Blog?

If so Would you mind sharing your Secrets to help others?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below RIGHT NOW…….

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  1. Outstanding, I found this post absolutely effective. Iam currently doing some Blogger outreach for my Blog and its cool meeting new People.I’m working on an infographic right now. Anyway Thanks for sharing with us

  2. Outstanding, I found this post absolutely effective. Iam currently doing some Blogger outreach for my Blog and its cool meeting new People.I’m working on an infographic right now. Anyway Thanks for sharing with us

    1. Akash Thanks for the comment
      Infographic really do well cause people will favour to look at an infographic which describes the 3000 word long article instead of reading it.

  3. Perfect article. It really helps me as a newbie. I do not outreach much but gonna really work on that from now on

  4. Thanks for the article. Like you mention, I use Buzzsumo and Ninja Outreach for finding blogs and influencers. In my experiences Infographic Works well

  5. Iam currently Using Guest Posting as my main source to build links and it works great. I think what you said is totally right. There needs to be a strategy when pitching for guest posting especially for the big websites.Getting close to them is a first must step to be taken. Thanks for all the actionable tips

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