11 Highly Actionable Tips For Creating A Successful Blog

Do you wanna create a successful blog that will generate a decent income monthly?

……Here is the deal

In Blogging, it’s not about how you monetize

..Monetizing is how you make money

It’s actually about how you generate traffic to your blog

Without traffic, your site is not functioning……

And without people, how are you gonna generate any income?

…..So, let’s first discuss how to grow more traffic?

1)Create Long-Form Content

create a successful blog

Make sure your article is thorough and actionable…..

If someone reads your article and they are like

“Oh Cool! Now I can go do something after reading this article”

….They are gonna be like Great, I should keep reading their content

Long-form content with more than 2000+ Words tends to outrank and outperform others with lower word count

Long form content alone won’t help you secure number the No.1 spot for all of your target keywords…..

But it’s definitely a step to be taken for your content strategy……

Recently Backlinko did a case study of analyzing over 1 Million Google search results

…..And what they find is that pages with longer content ranked significantly better than short content.

create a successful blog

But by saying this, it does not mean you should crank out irrelevant and repetitive words.

Make it useful and highly actionable…..

Creating Long-form content not only helps in higher ranking in Google but also delivers several marketing benefits such as:

  • ….It increases your online visibility
  • Encourage People to Share
  • Provides Better link building…..
  • ….Makes your site a reliable authority website

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2. Blog On Topics You Are Familiar About

create a successful blog

Here is the thing…..

What most people don’t realize in Blogging

When it comes to finding a niche is not about finding a niche that you are interested in or passionate about in the short term

……But it’s also about what you are passionate about in the long run

Blog on something you are passionate about

If you don’t know what to blog about…..

Choose something you are interested in and get familiar with the topic area first before blogging.

If you are not passionate and love about what you are blogging…..

Chances are you will eventually quit

…..So, Blog about something you love

If you love what you blog, you will be consistent with it

A lot of people enter the blogging world with the idea of blogging on some sexy topics and make some money

…..It doesn’t work that way

But if you are passionate about the topic…

You will keep blogging day after day

3) Use BuzzSumo

Next, Go to BuzzSumo…..

Type in keywords related to the topic you wanna blog about

…..Once you type in the keywords

You will see a list of all the popular post based on social shares

It’s sorting the content in your niche based on popularity

For example…..

You are writing an article based on “increasing your website traffic”

You can find all the articles popular on that topic….

create a successful blog

…..Take those article and see their word count, writing style, etc

I am not asking you to entirely copy them

But by getting insights of them….

It helps you in creating a better version of it

…..If someone is writing an article on “20 ways to boost your traffic”

You can go more super in-depth and write about 30, 40, 50 heck you can even go for 100 ways to boost your traffic

Brian Dean from Backlinko founded the Skyscraper Technique 

Here is how it works:

Step 1: …..Find link-worthy content

Step 2: Make something even better than the reigning page

Step 3: Reach out to the right people and let them know about it…….

When you go so above and beyond,

Chances of people copying you or trying to beat you down are less

…..You wanna position yourself in such a way that people don’t wanna copy you

So, in that way, you become an authority in your industry or niche

Going Super in depth is what cost you to be the best………

4) Make It Appealing

create a successful blog

Write your article in such as way that even you yourself wanna read

If you even don’t wanna read your own article……

Then, chances are people aren’t even gonna read it either

….Ask People, Survey them and ask for their opinion

Just ask them “Hey! would you like this article on blah…blah”

If they like it, Great…

But if they didn’t

…..Ask for their opinion on how to make it better and rewrite it

5) Optimize Your Headline

create a successful blog

Your headline has to be appealing…..

8 Out of 10 will read your Headline and

….2 out of 10 will Click on the Article

So make sure you optimize your Title Tag and Meta Description for the most CTR

You can go to CopyBlogger where they have this headline formula

…..They will teach you how to write really persuasive headlines

6) Outline Your Post

Think about all those high school days…..

Where you write the Introduction at the top, the Body and the conclusion at the Bottom

…..Make sure to use Sub-headings in the Body because it describes the section more clearly

Have you ever opened a blank document and wondered where the article started and where are the main points and how to even begin reading?

Subheadings take away that problem…..

Subheading break down within your Blog post that it makes it easier to skim

And Subheadings also increase your page’s SEO

…..And when you are writing your Blog post

Make sure each paragraph is not more than 4-5 Lines

What’s gonna happen when you have more than 4-5 lines in a single paragraph is that it will be too overwhelming for people

Do you wanna read this?…..

create a successful blog

……Or do you prefer reading this more

create a successful blog

Obviously the second one……

7) Make Your Post Conversational

Use the word “you” and “I” in your blog post

……Instead of saying “the Blog post” change it into “your Blog post”

That way, it makes it more personal and feels like you are having a conversation and feels like the  article is just written for him/her

If they don’t feel that as a conversation

They are gonna think of it as a College Lecture and leave……

When you talk to them in a personal tone and more conversational

They are more likely to read, engage and leave comments.

…….Heck they may even share it

8) Summarize Your Post Conclusion

create a successful blog

Write a conclusion every time you write a Blog Post

And Label that Conclusion as ” CONCLUSION”……

A lot of people go down

….Read the conclusion and go back up

By Wrapping up with a conclusion

It also gives them a summary of what they should have learned

And in that conclusion, end it with a Question…..

The reason you end it with a conclusion creates engagement

It encourages and causes other people to leave a comment

….And when they comment, respond to them

When someone engages to you and you respond to them

You are building that connection

When you build that relationship or connection to the people…..

What do you think they are likely to do?

They will way likely to turn into a customer

…….Ideally, you should blog about at least 2 times a week

or if you are super busy one a week may do too

9) Use Visuals

Use Photos, infographics, charts, etc……

As they say ” A picture says a thousand words”

….If you use graphics and images to explain the message that you are trying to convey

People are much more likely to read and stick around

10) Use Tools

Over around six months you will build up a big reader base…..

As you build up a big base of readers

….Use tools like Hellobar.com or Subscribers.com

Hellobar offers an email subscription where someone can subscribe just by entering their email and they get notified whenever you released a new blog post

Subscriber lets people know when they are browsing in their browser like” There is a new blog post from Your site”

In that way, they will keep coming back to your site…..

This is also another way to increase your referral traffic too

From those people, you can finally start monetizing

11) Monetize Your Blog

Now comes the final part …..

Which you all wanna hear and waiting for it curiously

….Let’s start off with the easiest one

A) Adsense

create a successful blog

It’s something that Google owns and provides

It allows you to put Ads on your website…..

Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them

Earning depends on the following

  • ….(CTR) Your ad Click-Through Rate
  • (CPC) Cost Per Click
  • (CPM) Cost Per 1000 Impressions…..

B) Affiliate Programmes

create a successful blog

In a nutshell…

Affiliate programmes are where you promote someone else product or a service

And you get paid every time somebody buys through your affiliate link

….There is a lot of networks out there that have affiliates offer such as

  • Click Bank
  • ShareASale…..
  • JVZoo
  • ….Rakuten Linkshare, etc

You can go and Sign up for offers

Promote it on your blog…..

You can also write a helpful review about it

Different Affiliate Programmes have different terms of payment such as:

  • ………Pay Per Click (PPC) – You make money online depending on the number of visitors redirected by you to the website of the Merchant from your site, whether you make a sale or not……
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) – It pays you a certain percentage of the price of sales made after a purchase is completed.
  • …….Pay Per Lead  (PPL) – You make money when a visitor provides their contact info on the merchant site

C) Sell Digital Products

create a successful blog

There is an indefinite amount of possibilities with digital products

You can sell your Courses, Ebooks, Guide etc….

Some sites where you can sell your Digital Products:

  • ….SendOwl
  • FastSpring
  • E-junkie
  • Kajabi, etc…

These services will help you deliver your products to the people who buy it

The best way to sell a digital product is to host a webinar

Have people go to your website……

Ask them to register for it

On average, most Webinars keep 40% of their listeners attention from start-to-finish.

…..Here are some of my recommendation on How to pitch your Audience to actually Buy

  • Before you begin take around five to 10 minutes to tell your story.
  • Deliver useful, unique, practical, actionable and relevant content…..
  • Stop apologizing for selling
  • ….Add scarcity to your offer
  • Send potential buyers directly to a checkout page. Your conversion rate is likely to decrease if you send webinar participants to a long-form sales letter…….

In the end, some of them will end up becoming customers and leads for your digital Products

D) Sell Your AdSpace

create a successful blog

Adsense or Media.net which is own by Google, Yahoo and Bing respectively

…….They act as the middleman

You can go directly to the advertiser that should be advertising and get them to buy AdSpace on your site directly

Sure, Most of them will say No

But that’s Ok…

It’s all part of the process

But if you hit up enough people using the right strategy of pitching

Someone may end up buying…..

In that way, since there is no middleman

……You can keep that fee and make more money

Here are some of my recommendation your site must fulfill before pitching to the Advertisers:

  • ….First, make sure your site has high, genuine quality traffic
  • Even though it’s not that important but good Alexa Rank will help you in adding value to your site
  • Your website must have good branding…..
  • High-Quality Content
  • ….Your website has one Theme of Content ( Eg. Marketing, Social Media, etc) Because advertisers favor more for specific niches sites

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E) Sell Physical Products

create a successful blog

A good example of this is Legion Athletics

Their blog is all about fitness…..

And they sell physical products such as Vitamins, Protein Powder, Supplements

Most of the sales are coming from their Blog traffic

……Creating Amazing Content + Amazing Product

What you will find is that your business will grow eventually


You don’t need any special qualifications to become a successful Blogger

Just write with your heart and passion …..

Eventually, over time, your reader base will grow

…..Be Patient

Just give it a good 6 months to at least 1 year for your Blog to actually grow

As they say “Just like anything worthwhile, it takes time”

…..From the Ads to the Affiliate marketing, to selling your own products

You will notice that over time your income will gradually go up…..

If you follow these steps mentioned above

…..There is no guarantee but chances are your Blog will grow over time

Just remember that you are writing blog posts to express your worldview……

Which of these methods have you used? Are there any others that you’d like to share here?


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