14 Handpicked Actionable Blogging Tips Specifically For Newbie Bloggers


…Blogging is Popular nowadays

Everyone is doing it

It’s over saturated

When compared to 10 years ago, Blogging is so common that people don’t read most of the Blog Post

If you think You publish a blog post and boom! people are gonna come to your site and start reading your stuff

That’s not how it works…

These blogging tips which we are gonna discussed below are gonna be timeless, even if you are reading this post 2 years or 3 years from now on, it will still be effective as today.

10 Blogging Tips To Grow Your Blog Quickly

1) Create Problem Solving Amazing Content

Remember that when it comes to blogging, content is king.

Wherever you visit or ask for Blogging Tips, be prepared to be told to create amazing content

Blogging means writing content

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Unless your Content stands out, you are not gonna get much traction

So, create Unique, Original, helpful Content

Make sure your content is actionable and helps your readers solve their problems or kinda get some sort of benefits by reading your article

In simple terms just add value to your content and help them solve a problem.

2) Use The Word “You” And “I”

Try to be as personal as you can with your Content to make them feel like you are actually narrating it to them, instead of they reading it

To do that, there is one easy tweak.

Just include and use the word “You” and “I”.

In that way, your content will be more personal and feels like it’s a conversation and is written just written just for him/her.

When you are more conversational with them, they are more likely to engage and respond

3) Paragraphs Should Be No More Than 5-6 Lines

Internet People normally tend  to have a shorter Attention span

There are dozens of sites covering on that same topic which you cover

So if your content has not good readability, they are gonna leave unless you are the only site writing on that topic, which is totally rare.

Try to keep your paragraphs as short as you can

If your paragraph is more than 5 or 6 line, you are gonna overwhelm them

4) No Grammatical Errors

There are no direct ranking effects on Grammatical Error.

However, most of the Web pages ranking on top tends to have no grammatical errors.

It also affects user experience

So, make sure to create grammatical errorless content.

5) Include Graphics

As they say “Images speak a Thousand Words”

Try to add at least 1 images or graphics to your Blog Post.

It Encourages social media Interest and Sharing.

But just don’t add a random image, use the right image relevant to convey and backup your message.

6) Subheadings

If your article has a  huge amount of text to read but with no sub-headings

Chances are people are just gonna exit your site and not read it

It’s that important

Subheadings allow your visitor to skim through your Blog Post

Subheadings provide an easy and quick guide of what your article is gonna be about, what topics are covered, etc

If you haven’t use subheading in the past, just try using them and analyze the difference with your readers dwell time, engagements, etc.

You will be surprised.

7) Optimized Your Headlines For CTR

Headlines are Super Important!

Have you ever google search something and you click the third or the fourth-ranking webpage instead of the first or the second because the headline is so appealing that you literally can’t help clicking it

That’s the power of optimizing your headline.

According to Copyblogger, 80% of your visitors will read the headline – but only 20% will read on to finish the article.

Even if your content is amazing and is the best, but if your headline is appealing enough, not many will click through it.

That means the time, money and energy you put on creating that awesome piece of content hasn’t produced the best ROI

So, Don’t be that person who just publishes the Blog post just after the content part is done

Take extra steps to optimize your headline to get more Click through rate (CTR)

You should spend your time on headline as much as you spend on creating the content.

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8) Keyword Research

Keyword research is basically your weapons in SEO war.

Proper keyword research lies at the heart of a successful Internet marketing campaign

Web users type in a keyword or a keyword phrase for that term which they wanna see the result

So, unless you optimize your content around a keyword, it’s gonna be hard for you to rank and bagged Organic traffic to your site

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9) Promote Your Content

No matter how amazing your content is, if you did not promote it no one’s gonna read it

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Just follow The 80/20 Rule

Basically, The 80/20 Rule means that you should spend 20% of your time creating the content and Spend the other 80% of the time promoting it.

By proper promotion, you will drive traffic to your Blog

Promote it on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc

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10) Do Some SEO

Just learn some basic SEO and implement it on your site

As a matter of fact, what I have been talking in the above, all of them are On-Page SEO tips

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11) Website Load Speed

Google has recently announced that Website Speed is gonna be finally incorporated as a ranking signal

So, that means unless your website loads very fast, It’s gonna be tough to reach the top

It’s not that hard to make your website faster, You just gotta do some tweaks

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12) Optimize For Mobile

I cannot stress this more

It’s a must.

If your site is not mobile friendly, you are gonna be left out of many opportunities

According to Statcounter mobile searches is clearly dominating it, which is followed by Desktop and then Tablet.

Blogging Tips
Image Credits: Statcounter

If your site is not mobile friendly, mobile searches users are probably gonna leave

Use this handy Google tool to check if your site is responsive or not.

13) Engage

When someone leaves a comment, don’t be a jerk by not replying

They took their time to spend writing comments on your Blog post and you straight up ignore by not replying their Questions

Chances are they aren’t gonna bother to leave a comment the next time they read your Article

So make sure to engage with them

14) Themes

Use a more professional theme which is simple and minimalistic

Some themes are more optimized for mobile and SEO

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Blogging is a Journey

You cannot succeed overnight and it takes time to grow

Follow the above methods and if done correctly, you will see your Improvement over time

Obviously, these are not all the Blogging Tips, If I was to write all of them, it would probably never end

But these are some of my handpicked methods

What has been your biggest hurdle in starting your blog? Would you Like to share your best blogging tips?

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