73 Awesome Blog Ideas For When Brainstorming Doesn’t Work

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It takes a lot of Brainstorming to deliver a Blog post on a consistent basis.

Sometimes it can be really hard to come up with a good Blog ideas.

It’s really frustrating, isn’t?

I have experienced it too, so I know how that feels

But not to worry anymore because today I am gonna show you a list of 73 Blog Post Ideas

These Blog Topics are fun but also at the same time, it has the potential to actually make money!

By the way, You can also use tools to help you generate Blog Topics Or Content Ideas.

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73 Blog Ideas

1) Trends – Yes, Trends, you heard it right!

Just Go to Google Trends and see what topics are being popular or getting traction.

That is the reason why you need to stay alert of what’s trending so that you can flow along with it.

2) Review Products/Services:

Whether it may be a service or a product, Review something which you have already used and give your honest opinion about it.

If they offer Affiliate service, you can monetize from it too.

3) A Pros And Cons Post:

Pick a topic or a product and list down its pros and its cons.

Make sure that you research it the best you can.

4) How To..:

If you are an expert in something, just guide down through your article on how to become that person.

For Example, if you are already a famous Instagram influencer, Write a post on how to become one.

5) Series:

This is also somewhat similar to Idea Number 4. You can write On How to become Instagram famous in a single Blog post.

But how about you break that down into a detailed article and turn it into a series.

One Blog Post will be about Camera angle, another one about Posting Frequency, etc

6) Curation:

This one is pretty simple. For example, you can compile a Top ten favorite/best SEO tools for Bloggers and what not.

You can also curate a list of Popular blog posts from other people’s blogs.

7) Common Mistakes:

Make a list of all the common Errors and mistakes people make in your space or industry

8) Hacks for Being a Successful _:

If you know some insights about something, make a blog post about it.

For example; Hacks for Being a Successful Gamer.

9) Interview Someone:

You can also interview someone from your industry.

This is also a great way for building connections with other people in your space.

Another cool thing about this is that you don’t have to write it yourself.

The interviewee creates the content for you by giving their opinion.

10) Infographics:

You can create a beautiful infographic on Canva or Snappa, etc.

But you also hire a professional graphic designer form Freelance sites like Fiverr, Dribble, and UpWork to create an awesome infographic.

These days they’re very popular as blog content ideas. Infographic also encourages others to share.

11) A List Post:

Create a list of all your favorite Blogs to read or tools you use, etc.

One example is that this Post which you are currently reading is also a List Post.

12) A Giveaway Or Contest:

Do you wanna know, what is the word which most people like to hear the most. It’s FREE!

As a human being, naturally, a lot of people love the opportunity to win something.

It is also a great way to get new traffic to your blog.

13) Create an in-depth guide:

Let’s say that you are a professional in a field or know about some topics super well, how about creating a blog post covering everything from A-Z.

For example, I wrote a fully comprehensive guide on 33 Super Actionable Ways On How To Promote Your Blog

I mean it’s doesn’t include all the Ways to promote a Blog, but still, it includes some actionable tips

14) Comparision:

Take two or even Three Products/Services/Topics and create a comparison Blog post out of them.

List down each of their key features side-by-side.

It will also help your reader to clear their thoughts on which one to choose between them.

15) Case Study:

Most people love Case Study because case study simplifies complex concepts

So, why not do a case study on one of the topics from your industry.

Normally Case study get a lot of traction as people are curious about it. It takes time but in the end, it’s worth it

16) Quiz:

This is not exactly a blog post but you can create a quiz to help your readers understand a topic more than they already have and also at the same time entertain them.

17) Prediction:

If you know something which is likely to happen or even if don’t know that much.

Write a prediction article about it.

For Example, Neil Patel recently wrote an article on Future Of SEO

18) Facts:

List some of the facts in your industry or you could do it just for fun

19) A Survey:

You can create a survey to find out your readers opinion and what sort of content did they enjoy

Just get their feedback and create a blog post about it.

20) Q & A:

Have you seen all those YouTubers doing Q&A for their vlog?

Replicate the same as them. The only difference is that you are using a text version of it.

If you want, you can also create a video version of it and embed into your Blog post

21) Share Your Story Behind Your Blog’s Success:

If you are somewhat successful, why not create a blog post on how you started your Blog, the problems you faced, how you get to this point, etc

22) Social Media:

Create a Blog Post on how you leverage your social media to aid in your Blog along with all the social networking related stuff.

23) Favorites:

List down your favorite singers, places to visit, food, tools to use, cars and much more.

Be more personal.

24) Show off your personal things:

I am not saying here to brag about what you own.

Especially if you are a famous or big blogger chances are most of your fans wanna see your Personal things too.

It is also a friendly reminder to your reader to keep hustling and never give up so that they can also achieve what you have achieved.

25) Monthly Stats:

Publish your monthly income, traffic, expenses, sources, etc. Just like Pat Flynn from Smartpassiveincome did.

26) Feature your most popular posts:

Curate and list your most popular blog post for a resource.

Who knows some of the ones from last time will probably return again as well.

27) Audio Post (PodCast):

Instead of writing a long blog post, how about you just recite it down and discuss about it.

Some people may find this interesting more than reading it.

28) Trending News:

Gather Tweets, blog post, etc which are related to your industry.

29) Teach to Secure their blogs from hacker:

Security is more important than ever.

Just create an article on how to secure their Blog from attacks and malware.

If it is helpful, people will share it, comment on it and it can get a lot of traction

30) Summarize other people’s posts:

Normally People like to read a short article instead of a long 3000+ word blog post.

So, Instead of recreating the wheel, how about you summarize and pin out the important parts from other people long blog post.

My recommendation is to use bulletin points as that will make things simpler to understand

By the way, don’t forget to give credit to its original source.

31) Create your own bucket list:

How about you list down what’s on your Bucket list?

Maybe Go to Paris, Hike Mount Everest, whatever it may be.

32) List your Most shared post:

Show off your most shared post and share some insight tricks on how was that made possible.

33) Respond to another blogger’s post:

If you agree or disagree with someone article, give your opinion about it.

34) Create A Glossary:

Add all your most useful resources page and post into your glossary.

This will also help your reader to navigate easily.

35) Back To Basics:

As their blog grows, most people tend to forget the basics and focus only on those fancy and sexy topics.

Do all of them a favor and remind them of the basics.

37) People To Follow On Social Media:

List down influencers in your industry on Social Media and why

38) Your Goal

Share your one goal and outline on how you plan to achieve it.

39) Approach High Profile Bloggers:

Mention some of your Methods on how to approach high-profile bloggers and actually make them reply to you.

40) Keyword Research:

A step-by-step guide on how to Do effective Keyword research.

Must read: 11 Actionable Keyword Research Tips

41) Your Experience

Describe your worst mistakes and what you learned from them and how to avoid them

42) Blogger Round-Up Post:

Write a Blog post in which every section is done by a different author/Blogger

43) Make money online:

This niche is literally the most popular niche in Blogging. If you have something to share go for it.

44) Recipes:

You could write a blog on recipes, heat temperature, etc

45) FAQ:

Putting Answers in One Place will Saves Your Customer Time.

It also Helps You Build Trust with Your Audience.

46) Other People Story:

You can contact certain people such as professionals, survivor, experts, etc and allow them to share their story on your Platform

47) Memes and Gifs:

Do you know why Buzzfeed is so popular?

There are many reasons, but one mostly, It’s because they use Gifs and Memes which capture the emotions in a concise way that words and pictures alone cannot.

48) Productivity tips:

Who doesn’t want to increase their growth or revenue?

That is where Productivity comes in.

Share some of your Productivity tips.

50) Get Interviewed By Your Readers:

Do the reverse of you being interviewed instead of you interviewing and that too by your reader

51) E-book:

Simply create an e-book and promote it on your Blog

52) Life Hacks:

Even the term Lifehacks is appealing enough to get a click.

All you need to do is Compile a list of the best life hacks within your niche and Publish it.

53) Thank your audience:

Give gratitude to your audience for following you.

No matter how big you are, you got there with your followers.

So write a blog post thanking them.

54) Portfolio:

If you have been working on some other project, you could showcase them and let your audience know about it.

55) Funny stories:

A sense of humor always finds a way in everywhere in every niche.

Share your funny stories and experiences if you had one and hopefully for someone, it can make their day.

56) Screenshot:

Instead of writing a blog post in text, how about you screenshot the articles and post it instead.

57) Read Competitor Blogs:

This one is pretty simple.

Just visit one of your competitor sites and see what they are up to.

I am not saying you to directly copy them, but get the ideas from them and add to your personal spin.

You can also check on how they are doing their content marketing and much more.

58) Upcoming events:

Talk about an upcoming event in your industry and get the hype up.

Who knows if you are the loudest, they may even sponsor you

60) Quora:

Search Quora for Questions for your next Blog post.

Literally, Quora is like the Goldmine for Questions which are waiting there needed to be answered.

61) Influencers:

You can also partner up with influencers in your space and it can help you to get more traction and spotlight

62) Offer relationship advice:

If you are in the health and relationship niche, create content on a relationship.

Reasons why they are not working out, how to make it work, etc

63) Gift ideas:

People by instinct really love to gift people.

What do they do when they do not have any idea about what to gift.

They look up online. You can also earn affiliate income from this.

64) Write in a Different Format:

Sometimes tweak your writing style.

By this, I don’t necessarily mean only the text format but you can turn your Blog post into a graphic or an infographic

65) Pull from Blog Comments:

Check if there are any questions on your Blog post Comments which are worth converting into a blog idea.

66) Guest Posts:

Simply ask what topic you should write about for their Blog.

I know this is dumb because you are the one to come up with an idea and pitch to them.

But hey! Why not try it out?

67) Related Searches:

After you search for something on Google, scroll down to the bottom and you will see something like this

Blog ideas
Google Search Result

You can also curate blog ideas from these too.

68) Lurk Around Forum Sites:

You will find all the craziest ideas in forum sites.

By lurking around Blackhat Forums, You can learn how to use the Blackhat SEO in a whitehat way and that makes you more a genius

69) Keyword Tool:

Any keyword tool works but I personally use UberSuggest and KWFinder.

So, Go to any one of them and type in a keyword, it will show all the related terms and see if there are some topics that can be picked up.

70) The Best Advice:

Obviously, you had been given some advice along the way. Why not share it with the world.

Whether it may be business, personal, etc

71) Quotes:

Post a blog post only about quotes and explains how they are inspiring

72) Ask Elon Musk To write for you:

Just kidding!

But the point is to invite someone authority in your niche to write a post for you.

That is the best shot for your article to go viral if that actually happens.

73) Millionaire Before 30:

This type of topics tends to get the most traction.

If you are already a millionaire or somewhere near the range, share your tips and methods.

Example: How to grow a small business to an annual revenue of a million dollar in a year span.

You can even sell a course on how to become one. But you need to add a disclaimer.


Ideas and topics come and go

One idea doesn’t become a popular topic all the time

But that’s all part of the journey

Hopefully, you find at least a single blog ideas, that will make the light bulb in your brain switched up.

Is this all the Blog Ideas?

Heck No!!

Since the list is nowhere near complete – That is why I am so excited to hear your ideas

Fill up the comments section with your Amazing ideas Guys, Go…start commenting your ideas RIGHT NOW!!!

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