What Are The Mandatory Tools For Website Growth?

best tools for website growth


Any business requires commitment and dedication.

Also, Search engine optimization requires a lot of research and playing with different tools.

If you go on the internet to search for SEO tools, you will find thousands of results about the tools are resources.

Some of them are true gems like Ahrefs, Moz Pro, etc.

But not all of us can actually afford them.

So to work around this, we have compiled a list of best tools for website growth which can help you get started with SEO and you can also learn a lot of things in the process.

Have a look-

1 – Google Analytics

It is the best free tool provided by Google.

You can check all the essential analytics with this free tool. You can check what are your top performing pages, how much traffic you are getting?

There geolocation, the source of the traffic.

Not only that, you can also create conversion tracking, which is a great tool when you want to test if something is working for you or not.

Every online marketer and business should have the google analytics setup on his website.

2 – Google Search Console

Google search console is another great tool from Google.

You can track your overall  SEO performance on the google search engine.

You can see which position you are ranking on, how much impressions you are getting? How many people are actually coming to the site?

By adding your website to the google search console you can actually get Google to index your pages fast.

All the marketers and online business use Google search console to find those amazing opportunities and get ahead of the competition.

3 – Bing/Yahoo Webmaster tools

Just like Google Search console, its rivals also provide the same tool.

Thinking that you are better off without Bing is the biggest mistake any online business can make.

Since it is a free tool and you can also get a chance to actually rank better on the second most famous search engine is something very compelling. 

4 – Open Link Profiler

It is a freemium tool, but you are short on a budget this will do.

You can track the performance of your backlinks and also of your competition.

It is not as detailed and data-rich as Ahrefs but since it is free you really can’t complain.

Signup for a free account and start tracking the backlinks progress of your own business and of your competition.

5 – Grammarly

Google is now more about user experience and there overall feel on your website.

Google will punish you if you don’t have representation even if you have good content.

Grammarly comes in handy to make sure that you don’t make those silly mistakes.

Besides that, it can also make your content more presentable.

6 – Google PageSpeed Insight

Yet another great tool from Google.

Like we mentioned earlier, Google is more invested in a user experience.

When you are surfing the internet, what is the biggest turn-off?

If a website is working slow even if you have a good internet connection.

Have a fast site results in better ranking and a nice user experience and overall positive feedback.

7 – Google Keyword Planner

For all your keyword research needs this should be your #1 resource.

You can check a ton of information about a particular keyword and see how much competition is there.

Keyword planner along with some free keyword tools makes for the best tools for any online business.

8 – Keyword.io

This is another great freemium tool to find LSI keywords and finding the best opportunities to actually rank for some keywords.

You can check the performance of a keyword from multiple sources like Youtube, Bing, Wikipedia, Yandex and much more.

9 – Keyword Shitter

Another great resource to do the in-depth and thorough keyword analysis.

Keyword shitter generates keyword suggestion according to the seed keyword.

You can also add negative /positive keywords to actually refine your search and get much more precise results.

10 – Screaming Frog

It is a freemium tool which checks a domain for broken links, SEO related problem and other technical stuff. It is a must-have tool and is recommended by the industry leaders.

You can find the low performing pages and see the problems with those pages and actually optimize to work best.

You can only index up to 500 URLs, so here is your silver lining.

11 – SEO By Yoast

This is another great SEO tool for businesses and blogs.

Not only it will help you with the on-page optimization but also make sure that it is compliant with the latest Google algorithm update.

Additionally, with the help of a readability score, you can present a user-friendly, easy to understand the content.

This can result in reduced bounce rate and better rankings.

13 – MOZ Toolbar

I know toolbars are the last thing you wanna add to your browser. However, this is the one toolbar which you should definitely consider.

It will show you all the essential information like DA, PA, Backlinks among other things.

Great resource when you want to keep a close tab on your competition and your clients.

14 – Copyscape

Great tool to make sure that your content is not plagiarized.

If you receive lots of guest post submission, you can check the quality.

15 – Pingdom

Just like google page speed insight, this tool will help you optimize the site for speed and performance.

Great tool to actually check the performance.

16 – Cloudflare

It is a great tool which not only makes your website fast but also protects it from any security-related concerns.

It is a freemium tool and if you have enough to invest, this is the best bet.

17 – SimilarWeb

It is an analytics tool which comes as both free and at a premium.

You can easily track the performance of a particular website, see the traffic flow and also find the related website in the same niche.

If you are planning to start PPC, it is a great tool to actually check how much your competition is paying and what kind of ads they are running.

18 – Trell

Trello is an amazing app.

If you want to increase the productivity of your team and want to effectively manage them, look no further.

A great resource for planning and executing the things down the line.


These are some of the tools you can Play around and implement to take your Business or Site to the Next Level

Leverage these tools, It’s that simple!

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  1. Awesome article. I wasn’t using most of these tools. I think I am gonna give trello a try. Seems like a great tool to manage and keep track of your work

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