11 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Benefits of long tail Keywords


Keywords are topics or ideas that define what your content is about.

But, You know that there are two types of keywords:

A) Head keywords and
B) Long-Tail Keywords

To help you understand more, here is an example that distinguishes the two categories:

Head keyword = Chocolate Milkshake
Long-tail keyword = How to make a chocolate milkshake

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

A long-tail keyword can be defined as any phrase longer than 3 Words.

They are also very specific.

In fact, over 70% of searches on Google are long tail keyword Phrases.

If a user searches “Chocolate Milkshake”, it could be anything.

They could be wanting to see pictures of a Chocolate Milkshake, They could want recipes on how to make it or see a video about it. You really don’t know their true intention behind it.

But with something like this, “How to make a vanilla chocolate milkshake”, it’s very specific and you know that the user wants to know how to make that Chocolate milkshake.

Here are the Benefits of Long Tail Keywords:

1. Long Tail Keyword Are Less Competitive

One of the main benefits of long-tail search terms is that they have less competition

For example, attaining organic rankings for a general keyword is gonna be hard especially if you are new and targetting a competitive market

Let’s say the keyword “Dog Food” gets approximately 2100 searches per month

Benefits of long tail keywords

How about you go for related terms with low searches such as all natural dog food, adult dog food, all meat dry dog food, etc

Most of them have low searches compared to the seed keyword, which means less competition and thus, you are more likely to rank faster and much easier

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2. Long-tail keywords Generate More High-Quality Traffic

A long-tail keyword is a boon for website or businesses who want to rank their content in organic searches

Long-Tail keyword may generate small traffic compared to the general keyword because they are specific hence getting less traffic

But they tend to generate more high-quality traffic.

If hooked correctly, they can be converted into customers and even study states that Long-Tail keyword converts better.

Let’s say you run a mobile repair shop in Ohio and you target the local area, then you will get more leads than if you target the whole country or state because your net isn’t spread too wide.

They are more likely to engage with your content and convert.

The more specific the better

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3. Style Of Queries

Long-tail keywords are how people actually search the Internet

Benefits of long tail keywords
Credits: Neilpatel

Nowadays People are asking questions in a more natural way: where a few years ago they would look for “Laptop” now questions are more like “Where can I buy Cheap laptop”

So, if you have an article on that, chances are you may rank higher than the other big brands as they don’t have time for them.

4. Less Expensive For PPC

A long-tail keyword is more beneficial for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns.

The pay per click for long tail keywords tend to be quite cheaper compared to Broad keywords where there is a huge number of people bidding on them.

It is not only cheaper but also profitable at the same time,

Since most people visiting your website have the intention to execute something, they are most likely to buy your service or products.

5. Long-tail keywords Help Multiple Top Rankings

Let’s say you have not much competition for specific keywords.

You have a higher chance to gain multiple rankings in your space

You can literally rank for thousands of long-tail keywords with just a single page

One of my recommendations is to sprinkle LSI Keywords within your content.

Since Google’s algorithm uses them to determine the quality of the content and relevance to the search term

When you add up all the long tail keywords which are easier to dominate in the search engine results, it might result in more ranking and more traffic than you might get if you simply go for the main term

So, it is much easier and faster to rank for many terms at once.

6. Long-tail keywords Help To Rank For Single Keywords

Long-tail keywords actually help in ranking high in the SERPs for short keywords.

Stoney deGeyter says;

You can build your authority for competitive keyword terms, over time by focusing on the long tail

The key here is not to exclusively focus on the seed keyword or short tail, but rather use long tail terms to build up relevance for the main keyword or short Phrases.

But don’t expect that you are gonna start ranking for the short keyword immediately since you have already Optimized a dozen long-tail phrases

It takes time, so you need to have patience

7. Optimize Long-Tail keywords For Voice Searches

How to Hack Voice Search?

Just include Long-Tail Keywords in your content, they play an important part in it.

You need to focus on long-tail keywords to answer the voice assistant searches

Long-tail keywords help you train these voice assistants to provide your information.

Using voice assistants to search for their queries is increasing day by day.

So, if you want to dominate the voice search, you need to use Longtail keywords, because people are gonna be asking their questions in various ways and not just by the main keyword.

8. Long-Tail Keywords Provide Context Of Your Content

Now, Since keyword stuffing doesn’t work, how do you tell Google what your content is about?

Yes, by adding Related long-tail keywords within your content

With the 2017 Hummingbird Update, it has deepened their understanding of context and focused on long-tail keywords to provide the best search results.

9. Long-Tail Keywords Helps Keep Things Natural

If you stuff in the keywords, that may raise a red flag and Google may consider you a spammer and even Penalize you

But on the other hand, if you use different long tail keywords related to the main phrase, it enhances the natural flow of your post and helps to keep things natural.

10. Lower Bounce Rate

This is also the same as referral traffic.

If they are coming to your webpage through the keyword “How to make an omelet”, Chances are they are more likely to stick around and engage with your content compared to traffic from just “Omelet”

That means the more time they spend on your site, the less bounce rate it is.

So, overall it reduces your site bounce rate and according to Ranbrain, site dwell time is one of the ranking signals in Google.

11. Helps You Connect With Your Audience

By using a long-tail keyword, it helps in connecting with your audience.

Writing a useful and high-quality content is a must but by sprinkling related long-tail keyword, it gives a better clue as to the type of content you offer.

Just go to your Google search console to see what keywords are driving clicks and traffic.

Incorporate them in your content when relevant. It’s that simple


There you go, 11 Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

It’s very easy to get caught up in the race of ranking for highly competitive and fancy number of search volume Keywords

Now you know that it’s not only the big fancy keywords that matter

Focus on a long-tail keyword to capitalize on highly targeted traffic and gives you a clear advantage in your industry.

Are you already optimizing your content for Long-tail? let me know in the comments RIGHT NOW!

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