Backlinks Indexer Review [2019] : Is It Worth Of Buying The Tool?

Backlinks Indexer Review

Are you looking for Backlinks Indexer Review?

….I Know you are here because your Backlinks aren’t indexing?

And you are looking for a way to index your Backlink…..

Here is the deal,

If you are looking to index a few numbers of links, you can just use Google Search Console

….But on the flip side

If you are trying to index a bunch of links, maybe you bought from a link seller

Disclosure: I don’t recommend buying links

Then, that’s gonna be a problem for you 

But not to worry…

Because we have just the right solution for you 

But Before we get into Backlinks Indexer Review let us first look at why backlinks are important and how it affects your site?

Every day billions of search queries are made across different devices on different topics and keywords.

…..The most popular being Google Search with a market share of 84%

Your goal is to rank for that particular topic/keyword of your article because

  • The first ranking position in the search results gets all the 42.25% of all the traffic
  • While the second-ranking page receives 11.94%
  • The third position on gets around 8.47%
  • The fourth page receives the traffic of 6.05%
  • And others on the first page receives less than 5% of click-through traffic

……While Very few people check the second or third page of the search.

So that means unless you rank on the Front page, your content will remain obscure and not gonna get traffic

You may get traffic through advertising, content outreach and promotion but it’s not long-term……

Google has stated that Backlinks is one of the important factors in determining the ranking of a page among other such as Domain Age, Content-Length, Keyword Density, Page Loading Speed, Outbound Link, etc

……Backlinks are crucial for a successful link building campaign in order to improve your site in the SERP. 

Google considers that a link to a web page shows a vote of trust for that page by the linking website.

So that means you have to actively attract new links from other websites to your site in order to increase the  SERP ranking of your page……

Let’s say that you’re producing tons of content with constant page production.

And you have added your backlinks to your site and you feel so relaxed that your post/site is gonna shoot up in the SERP.

……Well, you are WRONG!!

Google Needs To crawl your links and index them Depending on whether Your Links Are Valuable Or Not.

Here is the thing……

 It takes time for Google to index and naturally crawl the site or at worst they may even fail to index properly

…..And sometimes they might not even get picked up by Google if it doesn’t meet their requirements

Backlinks that are non-indexed has no point of creating and are a complete waste of time and money and energy…..

Over 75 percent of the links that you made are actually worthless, You have to make Google recognize that your links exist

Let’s say you go out and buy backlinks on Fiverr or Seoclerks, etc.

…….Do you really think all the links will get indexed? 

Most of the time the links they provided are not quality links, Majority of them will not get indexed and your money and time just go to waste.

But not anymore, WHY?…..

Because finally, there is a solution for all of this and the solutions to this problem is called the BackLinks Indexer.


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Table of Contents

Backlinks Indexer Review:

Backlinks indexer review

Backlinks Indexer is a Cloud-Based System which allows you to index your links powerfully and boost your SERP rankings

Backlinks indexer review

….There is Nothing to download or figure out complicated technical stuff.

The process is very simple and its user interface is so friendly that even beginners will easily be able to navigate and not get lost.

Backlinks indexer review

How Backlinks Indexer Works?

First of all log-in to your account to access the Backlinks Indexer’s dashboard.

Backlinks indexer review

Backlinks indexer review

Go to Sumit URLs and then Enter all the URLs or upload in a *txt format a list of the URLs you wanted to get Indexed & Boosted,

Then click on “Submit.” and that is where your part ends and Backlinks Indexer starts its job in indexing according to the daily limits of your plan,

These links will be then, connected to the unique IP blogs or sites, where they will be paired with the content of favorite sites for crawling in.

Here Basic plan – 1,500 URLs per month. Normally it will suffice for your website unless you are doing client projects.

Let’s say if the 1500 URL/ month is not enough, you can always upgrade your plan.according to your needs…..

The links are not only indexed they actually do more than creating quality backlinks they also power up the backlinks which help in building backlinks…..

….It powers up your links by performing the following actions-

  • Pinged Each Link Individually To Ensure that It is Crawled across 350 plus servers, XML sitemaps.
  • …..Submitting your links to Authority Blogs
  • Provide Social Signals
  • Web 2.0 Links..
  • Permanent Backlinks…..
  • RSS Aggregators
  • Automatic Drip Pinging
  • ….Wiki Links
  • Social book marketing

There will be some backlinks which will fail to Index in the first phase of indexing since backlinks from wiki backlinks, forum profiles, and links of similar types are normally hard-to-index.

…….But not to worry Backlinks Indexer will index those Stubborn links in the second phase

They guarantee that Google will at least crawl every single link you submit to them.

It Doubles your Backlinks

Here is the cool part about Backlinks Indexer Review……

Let’s say you have the Basic plan which allows you to submit 1500 URLs, and in turn, you will receive 20,000 backlinks to your submitted URLs

……..You do need to worry about creating any tiers for your backlinks as Backlinks Indexer will take care of that part

Since it Power up Your URLs by creating links from the High Domain Authority Blogs, Web 2.0 Blogs, Micro Blogs, Social Bookmarking Sites, and RSS Aggregators

And these backlinks will pass link juice to your money site making your site move your SERP Position.


  1. The links indexed rate is high with 97.40% Index rate…..
  2. Systems are fully automated
  3. …..Your links are not only indexed but boosted and powered up to make it more powerful
  4. Receive backlinks to your backlinks.
  5. It Tweets Out Your URLs to Get Them Social Link Juice…..
  6. The service is also integrated with the best software available for online marketers, bloggers, etc
  7. …..It Boosts the indexing by Pinging each of the links individually to make sure that it is actually crawled.
  8. It is Connected with High domain authority blogs and Web 2.0 blogs, microblogs, social bookmarking sites and RSS aggregators as well.
  9. Now that your links are indexed it will gradually increase your rankings according to the keyword of your post which will lead to substantial traffic for your website giving your site much exposure and provide you, potential customers……

Backlinks indexer review

They provide a 30-day money back guarantee so in case you are not satisfied they will issue a full refund……


  1. Somewhat expensive than the other indexing service

……..But it worth the price.

You can try out with $0.01 for 7 days and if you don’t like you can just cancel anytime before the 7 days expired trial expired.


Hope you enjoyed reading about this Backlinks Indexer Review article.

In my opinion Backlinks Indexer is doing a good job of providing you with very high-quality indexing services. If you are looking for indexing service

I would totally recommend using Backlinks Indexer……

…We hope this article helped you in understanding the usefulness of Backlinks Indexer 

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Backlinks Indexer- Is it worth it?
  • Ease of Use
  • Index Rate
  • Support
  • Quality


Backlinks Indexer is a tool you should go for to index all your links especially the stubborn, hard to index links. You need not worry about any of those. I recommend you to grab a copy and try it out for only $0.01. You can always change your mind later if it doesnt meet your requirements but i guarantee you that you will be pleased by their services.

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18 Comments on “Backlinks Indexer Review [2019] : Is It Worth Of Buying The Tool?”

  1. I use instantlinkindexer in the past and it works great but One downside of it is that the index rate is not 100% guaranteed . Looking for other alternatives Will try BacklinksIndexer and see how it works

  2. Been using this tool for some months now.The feature wher you can check your links progress seems quite useful.Recommend it

  3. I use this tool to index all the links i bought from Seo Clerks. its working pretty well till now.Index rate is higher compared to Onehourindexing

  4. Like Jack said , i also used instantlinkinder in the past. But recently found out about Backlinks Indexer . Its pretty amazing ,i would say. I used this for clients and still no complain from them. Definitely Recommend it

    1. They did Promise that it will index. I also have used in the past and i would say it works well. By the way Give it a try and see how it works for you. I mean they charge a trial of only $0.01 for 7 days, That’s not so costly. Let me know

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the detailed review of BLI.


    Can you directly submit your blog posts / pages urls to BLI in a hope that you’ll get some good backlinks?



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