Make Money Via Affiliate Marketing Through Instagram

Today we are gonna discuss about how to earn money via affiliate marketing through instagram or how to make money on Instagram in 2019 with your own following even if you don’t have an Instagram following at all.

We will explain in very simple easy specific steps that you can implement right now in order for you to have results right away.

Make Money Online By Affiliate Marketing Through Instagram

Just follow these 3 steps so that you able to make money via affiliate marketing through Instagram.

1) Pick A Niche

The first step that you take is probably one of the most important ones and it’s also probably also the most trivial one that you always see and hear all the time.

It’s called picking a niche and if have no knowledge of it, I’m gonna tell you exactly how to pick one and all the frameworks that I use.

I like to use a method what I called three levels down and basically what this means is that you when you decide to pick a niche or topic you go three levels deep.

So for example let’s say I’m going for the fitness and instead of saying I’m going for the fitness niche which is super broad, turn it into something like I am going for the fitness niche targeting men who want to work out at home and that allows me to talk to a specific demographic when I’m doing the marketing trying to sell to them because then I can talk to their specific pain points, desires and things that they actually want to achieve.

So whatever niche that you pick make sure you go two or three levels down with your own niche specific research.

If you’re one of those people who have no idea what niche to pick or knows what they are passionate about,

I would highly suggest for you to go after female products and pages and sell to females or women in general.

Specifically more in the female fitness side of things and also in the beauty and makeup and the reason being is because women are the typical basis buyer compared to men by a lot more and besides Instagram is also tailored for more to women

The demographics on Instagram are mainly women themselves and that’s why if you have no idea what to choose I would recommend and go for either of those two.

I’m not saying that if you pick basketball or soccer or something like that you cannot make it happen but I’m just saying that if you have no idea and have nothing to choose from and you just want to make money, then those are the ones that will go for now.

Let’s get into the second point


2) Attract Followers to Your Page

Now you need to start attracting followers to your page because at the end of the day in order to make sales and make money on Instagram, somebody else has to give it to you AKA you have to sell something to somebody so they give money to you and this means just growing your pacing getting more followers who are specifically targeted and followers who are more likely to contact and engage in your page content and you actually can sell them something later on.

In order to get the followers, you need to create content and like I said but the question becomes “do I have to create all my original content?” and the answer to that is “NO”

You necessarily don’t need to buy or have to be a super amazing camera or become a  photographer, either way, you also don’t have to be a super professional videographer

I would say those things helped but you do not have to be one.

You can simply share content that’s proven to go viral by crediting the original creator.

Of course, this is not stealing somebody else’s content and the reason is that you’re literally giving and promoting somebody else for free.

Let’s say for example you are Fitness celebrity and  you only post original fitness content yourself and when a big Fitness page let’s say with a million followers shares your content

How do you feel? You feel pretty good.


Because the million follower page is saying your content is so good and so worthy to be shared for free and you get free promotion which means that their followers are going to visit to your page and they may even follow you.

Obviously, you feel good and flattered and the more important thing is that your pace is growing so why can’t you be the owner of the big team page that shares other people’s content.

There’s a couple of benefits for this specific strategy

  1. a) first of all you don’t have to create any of your own order content
  2. b) you can start posting more which helps you grow your page even faster
  3. c) build a really loyal community and also relationships with big influencers around your niche because you’re literally sharing their content and videos and photos for free by promoting them and then in turn that obviously will promote you back and also your audience will love you for sharing amazing content with them and your page is gonna literally just blow up.

Again this is just one of many strategy to grow your page, you also can do it with your own personal only original content.

The thing I would say is always a model success.

Posting a viral posts on your page is just modeling successes, we’ve seen what post went viral and you try to replicate it yourself in your own way

Let’s go back to that Fitness example thing or the beauty, let’s assume you saw a guy doing some type of  backflip or a woman doing some type of makeup tutorial and you can do that as well why wouldn’t you recreate the exact same video or photo with your own style and post it on your own page.

The thing is that it already has proven to work on your niche, and people love it, so why wouldn’t you?

Again it all comes down to modeling viral content and success.

it is very crucial and powerful in order to make sure that your account grows very fast.


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3)  Make Money

Now on to Phase number three and this is probably the one that you actually want to learn which is how to make money on Instagram after you have implemented the two previous phases

There are many ways to monetize through Instagram but I’m going to show you two different ways that you can actually do

The first one is actually doing with your own following in your own accounts and the second one is actually doing even without any Instagram following yourself

So let’s dive into and break down exactly step by step how to actually implement these two strategies.

The first strategy is called the Instagram story webinar also in combination with direct messages.

For the sake of this example let’s say you have 3000 followers, it’s not that many but it’s definitely something you can definitely use to make a good amount of money regardless of what other people tell you

People say you cannot make money with a small following but I’m gonna show you and prove that thing wrong right now.

So let’s say you have 3000 followers and you get about 100 to 300 views on every single Instagram story, that’s pretty average.

You should be able to get between 5 to 10 percent of your total followers watching your stories

Let’s assume you provide some type of value

For example, let’s say if you are in the fitness you show them your fitness workout and if you are in the makeup niche, you show them your beauty makeup routine or whatever it is.

Let’s assume your provide some type of value and you then decide to Direct message to provide something for free to just half of them

That’s around 50- 150 people and let’s just say you show them a $19 affiliate offer or product or maybe your own product or service whatever it is

You sell them something that’s only 19 bucks through direct messages.

For the sake of this example, let’s say you’re really pretty bad at sales and don’t have much marketing skills and things like that and only about 10% of them buy after you make a pull.

So for this example let’s assume you’re providing some type of gym or fitness advice and you show them your fitness diet and routine on the gym and you’re like “hey who wants to find out my secret method to get ripped in 3 weeks?”

You put a poll in the actual Instagram story and people vote yes or no and then let’s say only 10% of those you direct message buy.

That’s 285$ right then and there

You just made 285$ in a 24-hour time period with only 3000 followers, think about that!

Let’s take it up a notch, let’s say you decide to upsell those 15 people

They have bought before and a customer who have bought in the past  is willing to buy it again

So let’s say you show them at $197 affiliate product or offer or service whatever it is and let’s assume only two people buy.

Only two people buy of those 15 people, that’s 600$ total of both sales.

We have made with only 3000 followers in just one single post or just one story in 24 hours and over six hundred and seventy-nine dollars in sales were made. This is how you make money via affiliate marketing through Instagram.

affiliate marketing through instagram

As you can already tell by now, this thing is extremely powerful.

It is literally a goldmine that not many people are taking advantage of it.

If you do not want to be on Instagram stories or want have your face behind the brand on the Instagram account or don’t know how to be on camera.

Don’t worry because I know what you’re thinking and a super simple solution for that

How about just get somebody else to do it for you.

For example beautify.basics is one of my friends accounts

It was just started last year and now has over 764K followers

affiliate marketing through instagram

The owner of this page is Alex, so he’s a dude and you might be wondering okay who’s the actual person doing the Instagram stories

Well it says right here Maddie Kennedy

affiliate marketing through instagram

It also provided free traffic for Madddy

affiliate marketing through instagram

He cannot do Instagram stories and teach women how to do makeup because he doesn’t know how to do makeup himself.

So he found somebody else to actually go on the page and actually do that kind of work in that kind of content for him.

And the best part about all of this is that you can leverage your own following that you build in order to get somebody else.

So for example let’s say you build a fitness page or a car page or whatever the type of page you start building that following and then you can get another micro or medium influencer to do all the stories and content for you.

Maybe you can also get them for free by leveraging your own following and they’re also getting free promotion and free exposure from you because of that which means everybody wins.

You’re getting stories done, you get pushing traffic, you are making sales (which means money via affiliate marketing through instagram) and the person doing the content itself is also getting a promotion because of your own big following.

The second way of making money on Instagram and this is probably for you if you are wondering I do not have a following right now but I wanted to make money right now.

What we will do here is to combine the influencer marketing, pushing traffic from influencers with exactly the same strategy.

For example, let’s assume we’re in the Travel niche, we just type in Travel and search through among the many pages with big engagement and following.

Let’s take this page as an example for now

affiliate marketing through instagram

And what we can do here is use their own following and Instagram page by just paying a few hundred dollars depending on the page size to push traffic to affiliate products or even your own services and Products.

So we go here…

affiliate marketing through instagram

We just email them, ask them how much is a promotion or price for promo or direct messages on Instagram directly and they will reply you with their Pricing rate and then from here we can actually just simply take their own traffic and push it through our own opt-in pages for example or even our Products

Again you do not need your own product or service, you do not need anything you literally just find an affiliate offer for example like Clickbank, JVZoo, etc

There are many different websites with amazing affiliate products and programs that you can push with Instagram and you do not even need a following just by using Instagram influences but make sure that you actually build a bridge page before you actually show them the offer to make sure you collect the leads and be able to follow up with that lead later on because that’s where the actual money is made

It’s made in the backend. Implement these strategies and enjoy making money via affiliate marketing through instagram.


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Final Words

Hope you have learned by this time about how to make money online via affiliate marketing through instagram.

Obviously I highly suggest and recommend to having your own instagram following and implementing both of these strategies at the same time to have obviously the best results but obviously like I just share with you, you necessarily don’t need it in order to get started even though I do recommend it.

This is how you can make money via affiliate marketing through instagram in 2019 even if you have a really small following or don’t have an Instagram following itself.

You may be also interested to read on how to get more instagram followers

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below about this article.

How much money you are making with this method?

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