3 Steps To Rank For Any Keyword

In this article we’re gonna talk about three different niches that you probably shouldn’t go after

But if you’ve got competitive in the streak in you and you’re gonna go for it anyway then this is how you do it.

Follow These 3 Steps To Rank For Any Keyword :

Below niches are competitive but you can rank for any keywords if you follow this 3 steps.

So the first one is fitness. It is just not the niche to go after Okay it’s just overly competitive and that’s the case for all three of these.

Second is personal finance, it’s really competitive

I wouldn’t say it’s as competitive as fitness but it’s still a really competitive niche to be in because a lot of the keywords are taken.

And the last is recipes, recipes and cooking sites are really competitive.

So first I want to show you why that is.

I am gonna do some searches up on the web and just show you why I am saying it’s so hard to break into these and then gonna talk about three ways to get after it anyway.

If you want to go for a competitive niche exactly and even if you’re in a niche that’s not competitive this article is really important for you because you’ll go against competitive keywords within your niche and this is how you would approach those specific keywords.

Okay so let’s do a couple of searches that seem like they should be fairly specific and that you should be able to rank for these types of things.

So the first one for fitness is  how to lift weights for people with back pain”

That’s pretty specific, it’s not just how to lift weights but people that have back pain.

steps to rank for any keyword

As we can see from the results, we get some really competitive results.

We get websites like spineuniverse, verywellfit, webmd, bodybuilding, spine-health which are all super authoritative by the way.

By the way, bodybuilding which is headquartered in Boise has an army of writers.

I mean these are their newer articles and they’re all exactly on point and from very authoritative websites the chances of ranking for this are basically zero.

Everyone in the health and fitness space, you’ve got WebMD, Maya Mayo Clinic, etc

They’re all gonna have an article about it and they’re all gonna be edited, sometimes their peer-reviewed with like legit medical journal type articles.

It’s just gonna be tough to compete there.

All right let’s try another one,  how about this time we get more specific

we’re gonna do “weightlifting tips for people with lower back pain” Now instead of going super specific and have designed a specific spot on the rack and we still have pretty competitive results

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steps to rank for any keyword

We still have WebMD, we still have LIVESTRONG and we still have spine-health.com all with specific results about exactly

So it’s not just that WebMD shows up here it’s that WebMD shows up and has an article about lower back pain.

So they’re specifically answering that question and that keyword There’s just no way that you’re gonna show up anywhere near at the top.

All right, now let’s take another one in personal finance.

And this time let’s do something like “how to start a small business online” and we see big sites like entrepreneur, thebalancesmb, inc, bigcommerce

steps to rank for any keyword

These are really competitive results and whenever I see that it’s just difficult to do.

We can go on and on with different examples of this but it’s of no use.

The one I found in recipes is just too funny.

Anybody who thinks that their space is in recipes, they just need to spend three minutes googling a recipe for anything to find out that they’re wrong.

So “taco recipe with avocado” and look they’re like 400 results of taco recipes with avocado

steps to rank for any keyword

So let’s try to get more specific “taco recipe with avocado and chicken” and we still have pages and results from the previous keyword which is “taco recipe with avocado”

steps to rank for any keyword

Everything is taken in recipes.

So just because an article has been written on it doesn’t mean that you can’t also make an article on that topic.

Just that when you’re starting a new website, it’s gonna be really hard to crack that glass ceiling because you are new and so Google’s always gonna give preference to WebMD especially if it’s something about health or fitness or something scientific like that.

It’s always gonna give preference to them rather than to Bob’s blog that’s brand new because Google has no idea how to trust you even if you write a really good and helpful article.

So how do you do it and how could you pass it?

Okay, let’s imagine you’re just nuts and the only thing that you care about in your entire life is fitness or day trading, entrepreneur, etc. It could be anything and whatever you want.

That’s the only thing that you’re interested in writing about and you want to make this work how are we gonna make it happen!

And there are probably other examples that are too competitive

So what do you do?

There’s are mainly three approaches that I have come up with and that can work and honestly a combination of these is probably a good option.

1) First one is go with pure SEO. We’re talking about content or writing articles based on specific keywords.

So you are going to try to find the least competitive keywords.

You are going to write a lot of content even probably hire writers to be able to just to put our article after article and then be super patient.

Because it’s just gonna take forever, in simple words it’s gonna take a really long time.

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So I mean by that SEO is that you’re not doing any link building.

What we’re talking about is you’re doing search after search until you’re doing for example “taco recipe with avocado and chicken and Ham” and as you know we’re getting really specific.

By the way, there’s not a recipe that actually has all of those keywords.

See that is really, unfortunately, a great opening

So you’re doing these searches until you find something like “Hey! there’s kind of a crack here” and we didn’t get a great result

There wasn’t anything exactly on point and you can say “hmm I

think I could write this article “ and that’s what you’re doing.

But you’re gonna have to go after these numbers of tiny search results that are getting tiny search volume and do it hundreds of times with hundreds of articles and then Google says okay Bob’s blog I’ll give you a shot in the big leagues.

Now we can go after one step higher of a little bit bigger keyword and it will take years before you’re gonna compete with a site like  WebMD, LIVESTRONG, with bodybuilding.com.

Those sites are successful because they started years ago with teams of writers and that’s how you would have to do it.


2) From a purely SEO standpoint, probably what I would consider a better more likely strategy is YouTube.

YouTube is like a secret weapon right now

It’s crazy unbelievable the opportunity. I mean there is all of the keywords that have ever been written for decades online and now just have openings because really just in the last few years has online video really taken off.

Now you know YouTube is everywhere and so every text keyword you can now make on YouTube and if you’re going after that strong, you can convert that traffic into your website traffic.

The tactic we would absolutely recommend for really any website and any niche website but it’s just about the only way that the only way you’re going to be able to break through on one of these big niches maybe you know in your lifetime.

So get after the YouTube now.

The keyword “how to weight lift with back pain” it may be taken on Google but what if we do it in a YouTube video.

steps to rank for any keyword

Alright we have the top video has a 453K views on it

So this is a very big keyword and a lot of people are interested in this but it’s a Six-year-old video the next one is Four years old and the next is a seven-year-old video.

So there can be openings and when we scroll down to around 10 and we start getting into just different kind of stuff.

So that tells me is that, yes it’s still competitive but you could do it if you just produce a killer video.

You could break into this one.

The thing about youtube is that it’s a video content so people are more likely to hook in rather than blog content.

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If you don’t want to show your face and put out your voice out there, there are many tools and software to do that too.

Unlike blog content, it’s also easier to monetize too for more passive income.


3) Third way is break big topics and dedicate your site to one aspect of the topic.

So instead of making a website that’s like Fitness in the green because that topic is gonna be covered a lot of websites, what if you did garage fitness for ju-jitsu.

How to train in your garage to be better at ju-jitsu and if that’s your thing and if you love jiu-jitsu and you love training and fitness then go down that path because that’s gonna be a lot less competitive and then when somebody with a fitness website wants to write something about ju-jitsu, they’re gonna be like I can’t compete with this little site because their whole site is dedicated to this one specific aspect.

This with back pain example that we’ve given will be nearly impossible to succeed in just by writing one article.

But if you made a website about weightlifting with back pain and you had YouTube videos pouring in traffic, you’ve started with the really small articles and when you combine all these three essences and we’re putting it together and we’re taking this one keyword could you steal it from bodybuilding.com?

Yes and as we see from the YouTube there are millions and millions of people searching this even though it’s a pretty specific keyword

Everybody’s got a body and so a lot of people are gonna be interested in cooking and a lot of people are gonna be interested in fitness and everybody has finances and so everybody’s gonna be interested in personal finance to some degree.

So no matter what niche you’re in, there is always gonna be competition

When you’re writing about that Canon 5d mark 3 review, you’re gonna get crushed by sites like dpreview.com, you’re gonna get crushed by photographylife.com or other imaging resources whatever the site is.

The point is that there are lots of big websites and they’re gonna crush you if you just write for “Canon 5d Mark for review”

It’s a major camera that millions of people will buy so if you want to go after those big keywords you might have to take all three of these strategies and work them together and then you can beat any keyword out there.

It’ll just take time and Patience.

Patience is very much essential and needed and it is a key to success.


Final Words

So, now that you know some of the secrets to beat a big site to secure that spot for that magic and money Keyword.

I wanna know what your thoughts are in the comments section and share this if you think will help your friends and colleagues in growing their site.

Feel free to leave your comments via below comment box about this article or about which SEO strategy worked for you.

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